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Anissa Toma fled war torn Syria after narrowly escaping the massacre of her Christian family by Islamists Fortunate enough to rebuild her shattered life in New York City the young refugee gained admission to an elite college where she excelled Her beauty brains and purity soon captured the interest of two powerful men Michael an activist working to establish Antioch the first Mideast Christian state and Julien her professor and one of the city’s wealthiest bachelorsAs Anissa's saga continues the refugee turned rising star must navigate between Michael and Julien while trying to help her surviving relatives and other vulnerable Christians in Syria As she gets closer to both men in a complex and evolving love triangle can she unlock Julien's traumatic childhood to open up his heart? Or will Julien find greater solace from his nightmares and other demons in the sessions with his intriguing therapist? What will Michael do for Antioch and for Anissa and what will Julien's role be? How far will each person go to help Anissa's remaining family and other persecuted Christians at risk in Syria? Find out in this stunning seuel to The Syrian Virgin

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    This book is the conclusion to The Syrian Virgin Series and though it has a thorough summary of book one included in book two PLEASE do yourself a favor and read The Syrian Virgin first You won't get the brilliance of the entire series without doing so I'm an avid reader averaging 1 book every 1 2 days and I can say without a doubt that this is one of the BEST written series and least predictable in a good way that I've ever read Not only is this a love story this is a story about how a Syrian Christian Refugee was able to deal with the demons of her past and transform into a beautiful woman through healing the love of those around her and her journal entries through which she communicates with the reader But if that wasn't enough to draw you in this series includes real life current events of what is going on in the Middle East right now with Isis and their persecution of religious minorities It brings together current events and weaves them flawlessly into this fictional love story bringing together romance and educating us on what is going on with so many people in the world today It has to be nearly impossible to come up with an HEA love story when it includes the many horrors and rising threat of ISIS in the book and yet author Zack has done exactly that This is not a Christian book and it's not an anti Muslim book yet it details what is going on around us currently and gives a voice to those who are persecuted I think this is one of those Must Read books that EVERYONE should read and I feel it will forever change you for the better Don't miss this Masterpiece

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    Beta reader ARC provided by the Author of an honest reviewAfter a first thrilling book Zack Love succeeded to gave us an EPIC story that leave you stuck to your seatWe follow Anissa’s journey through the heal of her traumatizing past as a Syrian refugee and the discovery of herself but also finding love and torn between two menYeah Zack Love didn’t chose the easy way to tell us her story and it was very challengingThe writing about Anissa’s situation was well researched so effectively translated into realityReading her diary how excruciating and demanding her life was totally ripped my heartEach day her diary was a testimony of her healing through a bright future helping her to embrace her past The way things were exposed was powerful her words were poignant as a reminder that she escaped a life of hell for a new one when she had to discover herself as well without her relatives on her ownFor her young age she went through a lotHer beauty classy behavior brains attracted two different men Michael a man who risk daily his life for what he believed passionate and Julien the opposite wealthy bachelor having issues from past that kept haunting himThe romance part was developed on this one with Anissa’s struggling between the future leader of Antioch and a man who can completely understand her alike the he seemed to be Michael continued his fight for the creation of Antioch This guy was definitely a hero here risking his life everyday for his convictions He was passionate and his connection with Anissa was obviously natural but things were blurred between friendship and loveJulien was definitely a wonderful surprise His character was so interesting and reading his journals with his honesty pragmatism and with no filter was mesmerizingThe part of psychology was also great to read like we were into their minds and experience their feelings Through his relationship with Anissa we could sense his evolution to a darkness place to a brighter one when he could see a future He was really opened up and Anissa’s was the trigger to his salvation but also to this downfall Besides the romance part the reminder of the safety of Anissa’s family and the horrible situation in the Middle East was gut wrenching Reading how she felt about being helpless and how things went there was moving and described in a realistic way It was tough sometimes even bearableBut you were facing the reality of the word where minorities were tortured and innocent people diedIt was relevant and insightful The author showed us how to see things in a bigger pictureThis story was such a whirlwind of emotions melting love passion lust with the atrocities and trauma from war On their path for recovery and grieving Anissa and Julien bared their souls into their diary and journals and the threat of revealing their true colors was maintained until the end And again it was brilliant absolutely suspenseful and a hell of shock for the big revelationTrust was a huge issue and their relationship was strained so many times that I was so relieved that this story ended with HEA because after all these characters put up with they deserved itI highly recommend this series which is for me a beautiful masterpiece written in a very very smart way It was just OUTSTANDINGFor the record for those who don’t read the first book and even if there is a summary in the beginning of Anissa’s Redemption you should read The Syrian Virgin before to get the full experienceSo take a time for one click and read it you won’t regret it A MUST READ

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    The story takes over from where The Syrian Virgin left off Anissa is dealing with her feelings about Julien and Michael while also dealing with moving forward with her college education as well as worrying about the fate of her family who are in Raa Some of the issues? Julien's past which he does not wish to speak to anyone about including his therapist specifically after Anissa finally reveals the truth of her past to him While he knows that the relationship he has with Anissa is special Julien's past is one that he wants to open up to Anissa about slowly The two of them work on ways that Julien can show that he trusts Anissa while not opening up completely at first but their effort backfires and causes even turmoil between the two of themFurther Anissa's sister ends up in a very dangerous situation and Anissa needs the help of both Julien and Michael in order to assist MariaIt is hard for me to express how much I enjoyed these two books Not only are you getting the love story but you are also being educated about the turmoil in the Middle East and the atrocities that are happening there What some people have to endure there in their home towns is frightening You cannot help but want to be like the characters in the book and find a way to educate people about what is happening Without wanting to find ways yourself to help in any way possibleOnce again I found it hard to put the book down I was drawn into the story which had a few twists I really did not see coming I enjoy the characters and like them and I am totally #teamJulien There I said it I picked a side Really I picked that side while reading the first bookI recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good entertaining interesting story I recommend it for those who simply want to learn about our world as well

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    The seuel to The Syrian Virgin is as excellent and well written as the first book Continuing with Anissa’s story we are once again thrown into the midst of her religious conflict as well as her feelings for Michael and JulienThere is a very detailed summary of The Syrian Virgin at the beginning of this book but I would suggest reading Book One to get the full effect of this magnificent story It will take you deeper into Anissa’s ordeal and make this second book enjoyable The subject is still difficult but you will understand it betterZack Love throws us once again into Anissa’s life where she continues to work towards the completion of her college studies while keeping her involvement with the MCA to help her family in Syria She finds herself getting closer to Julien as they each struggle to keep their demons at bay fighting to overcome those nightmares When Michael returns from Syria complications and trust issues arise intensifying the love triangleTwists and turns which I definitely didn’t see coming kept me glued to my chair as I read to figure out what was happening When Julien finally decides to reveal his sordid past to Anissa that was one very intense moment where I found myself holding my breath That was one unexpected shockerAnissa’s Redemption is beautifully written with so much passion and emotion The insight into the current terrors in Syria is done so well weaving itself into the story so as to avoid being a documentary Although so much history is put into this book it is ultimately a love story where characters help each other overcome their fears It shows how love can help us see the world with different eyes and still be able to see the horrors of the world and work at finding ways to fix themDo yourself a favor and pick up this book and if you haven’t yet read The Syrian Virgin as well It is definitely one of my favorites of 2015

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    Anissa’s Redemption is the second and concluding part of Zack Love’s Syrian Virgin series In the first book we were introduced to 16 year old Anissa living with her family in the Syrian city of Homs at the start of the civil war Being Christians they became targets for the Islamist extremists and Anissa was forced to flee from her home She must now build a new life for herself in New York as she comes to terms with the tragic loss of her familyIn this seuel Anissa must make some difficult decisions about her relationships and finally come to terms with the secrets of her past she kept hidden from everyone including herselfBut she is not the only one hiding deep and troubling secretsThrough her letters we see Anissa’s struggle with her feelings for the two men in her life fellow student Michael who leads the Mideast Christian Association working to help fellow Christians in war torn Syria; and Julien her wealthy and charismatic college lecturer whose own secrets threaten their growing relationshipAnissa’s Redemption told through letters and journal entries takes the reader on a roller coaster journey Written with a sympathetic understanding of the realities of the situation in the Middle East and its affect on the people involved this book presents both a touching and romantic story combined with stark reality and a glimpse of the darker side of the human soulIn Anissa Zack Love has created a strong but vulnerable character who I found myself wishing was real It is much common these days to find strong female characters both in books and in film As she fights her demons and builds a better life for herself Anissa is one of the most captivating of this new breed of leading ladiesAn excellent conclusion to a moving and well written story

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    How do I put into words how much a story affected me that it left me speechless I got this as a ARC Needless to say I couldn't put it down Some wise person compared this as a roller coaster ride and I really have to agree It had me holding on at moments and raising my hands feeling the wind in othersMr Love has taken present day news of the Middle East and educated readers with terrifying actions and mix in a love story He keeps you interested with historical events while keeping in tune with the lives of his characters To me this is not only about suffering but it is also about love and trust How far would anyone go to lay it all on the line knowing it could all be taken away? Could we trust someone with the knowledge that could destroy your life? And could you live with yourself knowing something so terrifying that you uestion who that person really was? Well this is what these characters faced And Mr Love wrote with such feeling that you lived each moment along the wayIn the first book I didn't like the character Michael but at the end of AR I really learned to like and respect him Thank you very much Mr LoveAt the beginning I told you this book left me speechless and here I have run my mouth But I had to share how this book touched me It is the best so far This series will remain with me And i highly recommend it to you

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    This is a book most Americans should read We often complain of our country taking care of foreign countries but after you read this book you won't feel the same Anissa is able to escape the horror of war that her country is currently battling How would you find your strength to escape while your very own family is being tortured while you are alone but free? Most have no clue what foreign countries go through daily just to survive Anissa is free to go to college and help spread the word of the horror that takes place in her country but the costs are high and whom to trust with her secrets are higher Annissa finds it hard to trust but has found two men who want to help her one is a very good friend with foreign connections and the other is a billionaire but also her college professor Secrets must be told in order to gain trust but which man should she trust and which one does she need the most to help her in freeing her country from death and destruction This book touches a lot of topics and a lot of emotions The topics are real life for many This author has done an amazing job in researching the accuracy of the information within this book

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    There is a connection that happens when reading a particular novel where you can literally feel the dedication that the author has put into the book The story is layered with information that is revealed in a thoughtful way rather than simply being included for the edification of the reader Who wants to read a lecture? Not me That being said I do get a great amount of satisfaction from reading a novel and actually learning something new I also love it when the characters feel like real people and I start to forget that this book is a work of fiction It does help that Anissa's Redemption is set within an actual current event That is without uestion What truly brought it to life however was the love that Zack Love has for this story You see what I just did therelove Love This is after all a glorious love story Let the Love Love Fest continue This author is knowledgeable and concerned with the real life situation in the Middle Eastvastly knowledgeable and greatly concerned When I first read The Syrian Virgin which is the first installment in Anissa's story I was moved to the point of Restless Leg Syndrome I could not sit down I learned so much from the astounding writing of an author who had done amazing research Let's just say that Zack Love knows a little something something about psychology economics and politics He also has a bottomless well of compassion and a fierce determination to shed light in a dark place I was profoundly changed in both my perception of the events and my willingness to be continually aware of the crisis in the Middle East A true Ah Ha Moment for me was when while reading that book I came across a passage that explained my aversion to watching the Syrian Civil War stories on the news Old dogs new tricksso not true I still haven't sat down on that topic Zack is officially on my list of 7 People I Dream of Joining for DinnerSo if you're wondering what I thought of The Syrian Virgin in a nutshellI loved it For a detailed explanation see my review of that masterpiece You do need to read that novel before reading Anissa's RedemptionAnissa's Redemptionbrilliant The story didn't jump forward and the pace didn't suddenly take off or suffer hiccups that often happen when there is a break within the storytwo separate books While The Syrian Virgin was predominately set in the past Anissa's Redemption is following Anissa as she is currently navigating life at Columbia University So we haven't changed venue We also have the same cast of characters The Big Dilemma Team Michael or Team Julien? Anissa must discover an intrinsic truth about herself She needs to decide what is her destiny and how does that destiny fit with her actual desires Does she really want to hook her star to one of these Man Wagons? It is as promised a Stunning SeuelMy thoughts and feelingsI am completely unsurprised by the strength of my reaction to Anissa's Redemption Color me Not Surprised Zack Love has written another marvelously beautiful and complex novel There are certainly romantic and happy moments in the tale But in my mind the most beautiful moments are those that once again cause the reader to go deep into what brings these two individuals to the point in their lives where they have met and are now building a relationship no I'm not telling Actually building than a relationshipbuilding themselves as strong self aware people who are able to connect on an intimate level; whereas they never had before experienced true intimacy That awareness was wrought with the horrendous experiences from their individual pasts and the fear and isolation that resulted from their shame It was uite the journey from heartache to reach heart happiness Can I just say my heart broke for both of them? My heart broke and I might have availed myself of some Kleenex As the victims of unimaginable trauma they had both somehow attached blame to themselves This is sadly often true Victims find it easier to find fault with themselves It is safer to put blame on self rather than finding fault in a person or situation we have previously considered safea place or a person that has symbolized love and comfort Anissa and her lover still not telling truly had a Phoenix like experienceout of the ashes of despair they rose The story felt real I believed it I appreciated that both Anissa and her love he who shall not be named walked the steps rather than skipjumping to the pinnacle of their story Their struggles were tangible and believable This kind of attention to detail caused me to greatly anticipate the outcome I caredIt was another emotional roller coaster ride with this installment in Anissa's story There was a wealth of meaningful information chronicling the continuing violence in the Middle East This author has done a wonderful job in balancing that information within a fictional story There were just the right amount of angsty moments and just the right amount of uiet moments It was Mama Bear just right Here are a couple of my highlighted uotes from Anissa's RedemptionDeep uoteIt's funny how life happens sometimes Reality is always so much messier than the neat fantasies of life that we nurture in our minds Wow That is SO trueClever uoteI guess you should be paid extra just for the patience involved in that thankless process It's almost as hard as the job of a dentist trying to perform a root canal on a cat surrounded by moving mice Very funny analogy I have to share this with my dentist friendI can't really reveal my Very Most Favorite Passages because that would be a travesty a crime AlsoTHERE ARE TOO MANY AMAZING PASSAGES You have to read the story to truly appreciate the lyrical uality to the beautiful words Zack Love has used to relay this love story They are SO lovely I can tell you that much Also the ending? Just beautiful It might be my own Dream Come True Ending sighsTo ZackAll kidding aside when I read both of these books it was like one of those evenings when you're eating the most amazing meal You ask your mother Mom what did you put in that wonderful bread tonight? And she says with a knowing smile Ah I put love in it sweetheart I really could tell that writing Anissa's story was a labor of love for you I will be recommending it to everyone Thank you again Zack Love for being awesome and for taking the time to write an awesome storyThe End of the Love Love Fest

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    I was asked by the author Zack Love to Beta Read this book in exchange for an honest opinion This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of his MASTER PIECE OF CREATIVITY OMG I DO MEAN THAT THIS IS A PURE WORK GENIUS AND VERY DETAILED AND SO WELL DESCRIBED Anissa’s Redemption takes up right where his first book leaves off However it can be read as a stand aloneMr Love has such a creative way with his writing skills – he can take something that would come out of todays head lines of the paper and turn it into something extraordinary Anissa Redemption The story in this book is truly a remarkable one One that is filled with tragedy and love for her family What Anissa went through to get from Syrian to America What she witness that last night her parents were alive – an what the terrorists put her through that nightWe have our same 3 loveable characters that we had in our first book Julien Anissa and Michael In Anissa Redemption we add a few favorite characters to our group Maria who is Anissa’s big sister then we have Juliens shrink and several little minor charactersAnissa is torn between Julien and Michael although she is seeing Julien Michael it seems had taken back up with his former girlfriend Now as far as Anissa was concerned she considered Julien her professor and did not want to over step the boundariesAs for Julian he has a horrible secrete that he is hiding and has been since he was a young child He hasn’t even told his shrink its that bad As for Anissa she also is hiding something A secrete that only her shrink knows will she be able to finally tell someone?? And what about Julian will be able to come clean with his??What happens to Maria and the rest of the family overseas?? Are they able to reach safety?? This story has so many twist and turns in it You never know which way to turn It keeps you on the edge of your seat reading it Or rather it keeps you on the edge of the page reading it I would not doubt that Mr Love’s book Anissa’s Redemption makes the top 10 Best Seller List this Year That is how amaZing terrific fantastic eagerly awaited this book is I recommend this book for readers over the age of 16 due to the graphic scenes in it Mis mousey also gives it a rating of rating of 50 out 5 stars NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?? RUN AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY THIS IS THE NEXT BEST SELLER BY ZACK LOVE AND YOU HAVE TO READ IT

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    As a follow up to The Syrian Virgin this book is a powerful statement of the struggles people from other countries experience while we live our lives ignorant or distanced from their plight I found myself feeling woefully inadeuate as a human being We take the freedoms we enjoy as just how folks live when in fact many do not have these luxuries Anissa's journey from hell to happiness is a formidable distance to travel yet she does so with a loving heart and a zeal we could all strive for For any christian I think it can be said that this tale shows what real faith is Being so secure in your beliefs that you would pay the ultimate price instead of bowing to pressure from outside What we see of the Syrian's plight and so Anissa's family's fight to be safe is awe inspiring This book doesn't focus on debating one religion over another Instead it focuses on the fight for right vs wrong No one should be murdered because they don't share the same views And harming another person because you think your view is the only right view needs to be stopped This is a must read for anyone who loves human interest centered stories While the political economic and religious fight is going on this book follows Anissa as she struggles to find herself and fall in love while she fights to support saving her family and her people She is just one young refugee who makes a huge difference while losing so much than one person should She is also just a college student studying to fulfill a promise to her father The love triangle between Anissa Michael and Julien is really well done There is no way you could even have predicted how it turns out That is my favorite part of a well done seuel There are so many oh my gosh moments as we get to know about the characters I think there are many things to be learned from this book that anyone could find something gained from reading this Bravo Zack You did the story proud I will definitely be looking forward to what this author writes next