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When I learned that D.S Wrights was writing a sci fi erotica novel inspired by Ultron I was likeAnd I wasn t disappointed 5 starsOf course, the first thing I expected, was something like and honestly, there were moments, when Adrian came pretty close to this.Once again D.S Wrights manages to create another, credible world setting in just a few pages and introduces us to a vulnerable, anxious heroine Karissa Kara Larke, who has lost her brother to a failed kidnapping and her mother shortly after to suicide Her billionaire scientist father, terrified by the idea to loose his daughter as well, replaces her human bodyguard with an inhuman one Adrian, a one of a kind android For several years, he has learned from his charge what being human is about, with unexpected side effects, emotions Plus there is this tiny problem that Adrian isn t regarded as human but as property Things start to become uncomfortable and complicated as Connor arrives, whose plans seem to be clear reaping the fruits of Kara s work.Even though I love all D.S Wrights book equally, I must say that this one is second after the Beast and Me if not first Again, we have a seemingly weak heroine, who decides to step up, fight her demons and become a strong woman she never thought she could be And of course there is this invincible android absolutely irrationally and inexplicably in love with her sigh This book poses an interesting question that will one day affect the human race What part will androids play in the lives of future generations, and will the ultimate android replace the sex toy as the human races favourite entertainment Never, did I hear you say Bet you once thought that about sex toys, never you said back then perhaps, until your friends told you what you were missing out on Now many wouldnt be without them, so can an android become the sex toy of the future Most probably, after all they would certainly become the per4fec t companion would they not But what of the ethical concerns The realisation that an android could rival or overtake the human race, become a dominant species maybe, for all sentient beings and even plant life has but one overriding function in life, reproduction.D.S Wrights book however raises other questions Can an android develop feelings, and can a human being reciprocate those feelings, sexually or otherwise This look at that prognosis is a well thought out piece of fiction that takes us into that situation and onward to its conclusion Its written with true feeling and explores facets of the unnatural relationship which are somewhat revolutionary but also most intriguing Only with the advent of written Erotica in recent years can such a story be written and I applaud the writer for tackling this subject with such true empathy.If you re looking for something new and different than give this book a try Its ground breaking in its subject matter and a glimpse of a world which some of the youngest among us may one day take for granted. Ever since I discovered D.S Wrights and her first published novel The Beast In Me, she has quickly become one of my favorite erotic authors to read So when I learned she was writing a sexy science fiction tale I wasn t worried if I was going to enjoy the contents If fact, I couldn t wait to see how she tackled the science fiction world I was not disappointed Circuit Heart is gripping tale of Karissa aka Kara, the virginal, lonely, and insecure 21 year old who falls in love with a machine By the tender age of 11, Kara experiences the loss of her twin brother view spoiler murder hide spoiler No one can take me away from you You don t need to be afraid of that Circuit Heart is likeArtificial IntelligenceAn android developed coded to protect and imitate human behavior and ending like human, the lines and distinction blurring except for the fact that it was made of chrome It is also close to my favorite animChobitsThe human falling for her android and the android developing emotions and irrational thinking that are eerily like a human.I guess it is one of the main reasons why I am drawn to this book But aside from that, I ve also come to like the characters in this story.Karissa is too human for her own good with emotional outbursts at time and making irrational decisions often Experienced a traumatic event at a young age, she has mood swings and anxiety triggers.Adrian is one fascinating android I guess I get him because of Chi Chobits , there is so much innocence in him even though there is so much information on him Although I don t really understand the intricacies of his coding or the materials that was used to make him a reality, it still somehow draws me to him But, the hurt that he had to go through It broke my heart no matter the irrationality of it As long as I am what I am, I will be afraid that one day there will be someone who comes along that reminds of the fact that I m nothing than an object, built to serve and protect you, unworthy of any feelings you might have for me now I m still jealous of Connor I m jealous of everyone with skin, because I cannot make you feel my touch like you should And I m mad at you for making me human, because it hurts like hell What I enjoyed the most, well aside from sex Adrian s curiosity for all that is human, is how they often rationalize everything And well, Connor is such a surprise, you know Easiest way to solve problems is to state the situation Adrian taught me that If you want honesty, the best way is to be honest yourself even if it hurts I will fuck you until you faint, he promises me You ll never think of touching yourself again, when you can have me fucking you, Kara I still don t know where Adrian s cock goes LOL I received this book as a prize in GE Anniversary Event and I am so happy that I ve chosen this book I wasn t actually expecting anything because I was new to the author It s a bonus that I ve come to love this book I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewWow This was a fantastic book, i mean completely amazing Once again, author D.S Wrights has done a superbilicious job yeah i know that s not even a word in dictionary LOL and has proved her outstanding writing skills.This book touched me in do many ways i can t express in words, it was such a page turner I couldn t put it down.I had so many emotions gripping me throughout the read Oh it s magnificent.I liked the story line, I have read this concept for the first time, A Robot, An Android, ohh I loved it I strongly believe that author D.S.Wrights has this quality of versatile writing, all her books are very different from what we usually read.The story is about Karissa Larke who has lost her twin brother in an attempt of kidnapping and her mother who attempts suicide, when Karissa was only 11 years old She is the only daughter of a billionaire, owner of Larke Robotics He designs a Robot as a bodyguard for Karissa, named Adrian I LOVED him Her life is tough, she is too lonely, too scared to form relationship with anyoneExcept HIM Except AdrianAs the story progresses their relationship builds up into something than they were meant to be It was impossible to have a relation they had, in a world they lived in.Even though we know that the odds are against us, even though we know that the risks are too high, we go for it anyway, because we want it, because we need it We need to believe that the good thing will happenI liked the chemistry between the characters The way Adrian cares for her, protects her, understands her, the pain they feel for each other, it touched my heartNo one can take me away from you,and no one can take you away from me I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review but let me begin by saying I m buying the print version just as soon as it becomes available Yes, I m old school like that, what can I say When I find a book I know I want to read again, I like to have it in good ol paperback This is absolutely my favorite book from D.S Wrights so far I admit, I m a sucker for robots androids and I ve been looking forward to this story since it was announced but I really fell in love with Adrian This is Kara s story but it s Adrian s circuit heart that powers it as he explores what makes us human When is love an emotion and not just a programmed response But, as I said, this is Kara s story and, from her p.o.v., we follow her on her own journey as she attempts to overcome the nearly crippling fears and anxieties that grew from a pair of tragedies in her past It was very easy to relate to her and her stress and insecurities felt natural and understandable, never melodramatic or overdone.The supporting characters were also enjoyable I honestly thought I had Connor pegged from the moment he waltzed in and was prepared to thoroughly dislike him and then ended up loving him As I ve said before, I really enjoy this author s unique and interesting voice and I would love to see this universe expanded up in future stories as other androids make their way into the world And I certainly wouldn t mind spending time with Kara and Adrian I received a ARC of this book for an honest review This is the story of Karissa Larke who has lost her brother to a failed kidnapping and mother to suicide, both in a short amount of time The book takes place in 2051 and Karissa is 21 and has an issue with social anxiety she was kept in home schooling till she was 15 She was given a personal security android for protection, she finds that she only feels safe with him which doesn t help with breaking out of her shell This is the story of a young woman and her robot Adrian and the bonds and life that they have with the other.I give this a four star rating That was not an easy choice for me for the fact that this was not a topic I would choose to read everyday I was very unsure when I started to read if I was even going to like it D.S did it again she told a story that you can feel yourself falling in love with the characters It shocked me in a way I wasn t sure how to react to, but yet I go back to what I just said about loving the characters and that made any shocking moments ok I really like the way that D.S opens your eyes to a new world with every book, and his is no exception Her writing style is something that I enjoy I feel like a lot of books that I read are basically the same maybe different place and name but I find myself really into D.S books because they have that little something extra I hope that you will give this book a chance, it will definitely take you on a very interesting ride. Wow, I mean WOW I love this book I seem to love most anything DS Wrights writes All of her books are full of fresh ideas, fresh outlooks, immensely entertaining and so hard to put down Set in the future, our Leading man is a robot of sorts Adrian is Karissa s bodyguard Dee writes her characters with love, intensity and detail I am in awe I was only disappointed it wasn t longer, but nothing was missing I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I also bought it. Billionaire S Daughter Karissa Larke Can Buy Everything Her Heart Desires, But Not What She Needs Having Lost Her Brother In A Failed Kidnapping And Her Mother By Suicide, Karissa Turns To Her Only Friend Adrian, Her Father S Prototype Personal Security AndroidAs They Start To Explore Their Feelings For Each Other, Both Have Forgotten An Essential Fact Adrian Belongs To The NAME Corporation And Their Executives Have Decided To Cash In On Their Property Four stars for a great read Lovely prose, wonderful characters Kept me interested to the end.Just one teeeeny tiny quibble and this is my OCD coming out hereHis response to that was coding the prototype of his Artificial Intelligence Division for Risk Assessment and Natural Behaviourism to protect me yes, like anyone really wanted it to spell ADRIANimplying that the acronym was used to name the android But it doesn t It spells AIDRAN I can ignore the B at the end Sorry OCD back in its box now Promise.