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Cute little story and a very fast read I m trying to get my 10 year old to read it, but she started it and lost interest after the first chapter I will try her on it again later This is a historical fiction story about 14 yr old Ida who wants to be a teacher than anything in the world, yet her schooling is interrupted by the town s teacher leaving and no replacement coming Ida decides to take the matter into her own hands and with her friend s encouragement, decides to become the new teacher herselfthus the beginning of the secret school The challenges and joys she feels in her new job are genuine Having to continue all her chores and responsibilities on her family s farm, along with keeping up on her own studies proves to be exhausting and overwhelming At times, my life felt so lazy compared to Ida s schedule Although a fictitious character, the reader feels her frustration, her deepest wishes, and can appreciate her tenacity and dedication A must read for anyone who wanted to be a teacher when she grew up and those of us that got the privilege of doing just that in real life. I really loved this book, and I plan on reading it to my students this year Avi is a wonderful author and he really makes you feel like it is 1925 and you are a student in the classroom of The Secret School The book was a quick read and it made me think about how lucky we are to be able to attend school and give it our main focus Imagine having to go to school and work on a farm every other spare minute I m hoping this book will make my students think about how lucky they are to have the opportunity to be educated and inspire them to do their best this school year. The Secret School by Avi is a book that should be read by younger students I am in 7th grade and I thought that I should be reading a challenging book It was a short book that didn t have much going on I felt throughout the whole book everything was being rushed It seemed as if in every chapter there was something new going on.I request this book to 4 6 grade students It seems too challenging for 3rd graders and below because there are some bigger words that they might not understand But, for 6th grade students it seems like a perfect book for that age 7th grade and older I feel is too easy Despite all the little imperfections this book was very good In summary, there a small classroom with deferent aged students in one room, with one teacher One day the teacher announces that her mother is very ill She will have to go take care if her and leave the school Since it is too far into the year, the school board is just going to close down the school for the year because they don t want to get a replacement this far in the year Although 8th graders, Tom and Ida still haven t done their final to move onto high school and they won t get the chance Ida wants to be a teacher and she has to do her final this year to become a teacher Ida is really desperate to become a teacher and complete her final, so the whole class votes that they have a secret school that way Ida and Tom can complete their finals Everyone votes yes and they do it They sneak into an open window that Ida left open as soon as the teacher leaves to go take care of her mother The school goes great until Ida started to realize that being a teacher, helping on the farm, and doing her own school work is a tough job, but she must complete her final to become a teacher no matter what it takes Will anyone find out about the secret school And will Ida and Tom be able to complete their finals You ll have to read this book to find out. The Secret School by Avi is a fun and easy historical fiction book in which a one room schoolhouse in a poor farming town in the year 1925 is faced with a big problem they are about to lose their only teacher, with no hope of a replacement Ida Bidson, a fourteen year old eighth grader who aspires to be a teacher, realizes that when the schoolteacher leaves she won t be able to take the exit exam and get to high school She and the other students hatch the plan to reopen the schoolhouse but secretly Ida, who desperately needs the exit exam, volunteers to be the impromptu teacher With a great plot about coming of age, personal struggles, and a determined farm girl The Secret School leaves an impact on the reader in many ways The book brings to light that the education system we have now is a big privilege and an advancement compared to what was in place in 1925 This book also accurately portrays some of the struggles woman in particular faced when they wanted to continue their education but were advised against because of their gender And despite the time period that The Secret School is set in, it makes a relatable and understandable plot and story, and makes the reader feel as if they are truly there I would most definitely recommend the book to a classmate as a good historical fiction read The surreal feeling makes you realize how different times were then and how far we ve come today. I liked this book because you can learn a poem or two and you can learn a lot of things like how back then the schools were all in one room.Imagine in one room about 16 20 kids in all grades.poor teacher My favrite part was when the kids played a joke on the teacher and threw her in the pond.In conclusion, I thought this was a great book. I really liked this books message to the readers That people could do anything they wanted to do, if they were up for the task, that is Ida is a young girl who wants to be a teacher, and faces discrimination on women s education, and she just goes to school anyway I really enjoyed how the setting was somewhat modern, but still took you back to when it really happened. I loved this story about a 14 year old girl who secretly becomes teacher of a rural school in 1925 Colorado in order to keep studying and to graduate so that she can go on to high school Now there s dedication to an education More Than Anything, Ida Bidson Wants To Become A Teacher To Do That, She Must Finish Eighth Grade, Then Go On To High School But Her Dream Falters When The One Room School In Her Remote Colorado Town Shuts Down Her Only Hope Is To Keep The School Open Without Anyone Finding Out Yet Even A Secret School Needs A Teacher Ida Can T Be It Or Can She In The Spirit Of The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle, Newbery Medal Winner Avi Creates An Inspiring Story Of A Headstrong Girl Determined To Control Her Own Destiny Sweet book about the power of determination I love how Ida is so young no so determined and strong. This book I thought was really good I really liked the part of the book when Ida got to teach the class because there teacher was out sick She always wanted to be a teacher so this was good practice for her It said that Ida was very nervous and I would be to if I had to teach kids that were the same age as me and younger Ida like one of the kids that she teaches his name is Tom Tom and Ida have been good friends for a long time and have flirted quite a bit One day a lady came into make sure that the class was getting ready for there exams The lady asked why Ida was not studying and she said that it was because she is a teacher The lady didn t know that she was a teacher and she is not supposed to be Ida explained there problem very well and the lady said that she would not tell, because of she told her would get in trouble.