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Twenty Four Year Old Charmaine Bainbridge Appears To Have It All Beauty, Fame, And Tremendous Wealth Yet Behind All The Glitz And Glamor Hides A Sad Little Girl Who Has Been Abandoned By Every Man She S Ever LovedWhen Firefighter Hunter Baldwin Saves Charmaine From A Fire In Her Penthouse Apartment A Blaze Started By Her Own Carelessness He S Appalled By Her Nonchalant Attitude Forced To Carry Her To Safety, He Throws Her Over His Shoulder, But Not Before Correcting Her Behavior With A Well Deserved Spanking Something About Charmaine Arouses Him Deeply, And It Isn T Just Her Gorgeous Looks This Girl Needs To Be Firmly Corrected And Thoroughly Dominated, And A Part Of Hunter Demands That He Be The One To Take Her In HandThough He S Used To Charging Into Burning Buildings On A Daily Basis, Hunter Knows Taming Charmaine S Wild Ways May Prove To Be His Greatest Challenge Yet Undeterred, He Takes On The Role Of Charmaine S Daddy Dom In Hopes Of Breaking Down Her Defenses And Healing Her Wounds But Can She Bring Herself To Open Her Heart To Him, Or Will She Remain The Lonely Little Rich Girl Forever This is my favorite of the Daddy s Girls books Charmaine is as naughty as they come, and Hunter is a real everyday hero plus he s incredibly sexy When these two come together the fireworks are off the chain I received a copy from the author, as a member of the BDSM Group, in exchange for an honest review.This book is difficult for me to review but I will try my best.NB I have not read any of the prior books in this series.Firstly, the story was well written and followed a clear plot line The characters were well developed and stayed true to their personalities throughout the story Charmaine was spoiled, rich, and apparently shallow Thankfully we got glimpses of who she really was quite early on, so she was likable, even with the bratty, rich girl persona Naive, inexperienced, unaware, would sum up her behavioural patterns She hid her true self well for a while Hunter is a firefighter is there really anything else we need to know His personality fit what I would expect from a firefighter Responsible, smart, reliable, and a little bit wicked I really liked him, and thought he was a perfect fit for Charmaine Someone to teach her that there is to life than parties, and shopping.The issues I had with this story I was expecting age play and there was none Sure, Hunter liked being called Daddy and Charmaine liked calling him Daddy a lot , but that is the extent of the DD lg experience he called her Kitten With how Charmaine behaved there was HEAPS of material that could have been used in a role play situation even non sexual role play , or even expanded on her discipline but there wasn t So I was disappointed I don t know if I was expecting too much from the title and the blurb I mean there wasn t a specific warning that this would have age play, but given the use of terms Daddy Dom and little girl , and my prior experience with this sub genre, I didn t think it was an unreasonable expectation.Nevertheless, the story was sexy, sweet, and enjoyable If you are not looking for age play but think the term Daddy is sexy in the bedroom, and you enjoy bdsm lite play, this is a great gateway story. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review Until reading this book, I completely forgot about Charmaine and Carmen burning Natrons things I thought is was awesome to see parts of the other books in this one Um, to say that Hunter was hot would be an understatement The man was smoking, on fire and yes, those puns are intended There s something about a fireman that drives me wild I found it adorable how opposite of each other Hunter and Charmaine were But I felt they complimented each other well Charmaine truly does need a Daddy She s out of control and her life is falling apart Can Hunter get her in line Mmm, you ll have to read to find out, but let s just say, make sure you have something ice cold to drink nearby This is one sexy story. Charmaine is a typical spoiled little rich girl, or so it appears on the outside On the inside Charmaine is a lost little girl how needs a firm hand and lots of love to guide her towards being her best self Hunter Baldwin is a hard working and honest fireman, who also happens to be a closeted Dom At one point he dated a rich girl who chose money over him Charmaine and Hunter meet when Charmaine sets her penthouse on fire after a night of partying As Hunter attempts to lead Charmaine to safety she has a tempter tantrum that leads Hunter to toss Charmaine over his shoulder and carry her to safety, with a few well placed swats to Charmaine s backside.Charmaine has trouble trusting men and love in general, covering her insecurities with drugs, alcohol, and sarcasm.Hunter has his own issues of accepting his dominate nature and trusting a spoiled rich girl These two butt heads, run from each other and yet are pulled back together time and again Can they work out their issues and build a relationship that will last Normandie Alleman does a wonderful job giving the reader a full story that shows not all relationships have to be normal to work While there is some light BDSM play and Charmaine calls Hunter Daddy this story alludes to age play than actually showing it A fun read that will warm you all the right places. Gosh Can I just say this book is a major turn on Doesn t help that it s dd lg, such a sinful pleasure If you are into the whole being punished kink, then this book is definitely right for you The sexy factor and dirty talking in this book is off the charts You re nice and wet That s a good girl, he said stroking her waist with his other hand.His praise warmed her insides and she shivered with pleasure at his words And do you know what good girls get A good fucking I enjoyed that first half of the book immensely but it kinda went downhill towards the second half I enjoyed how they met and how Hunter spanked her the very first meeting but view spoiler I didn t like how Hunter just upped and left Charmaine all because he couldn t deal with her being rich and he had a bad experience dating a rich girl, and decided he doesn t want to get involved with her any further when he already was involved with her hide spoiler Charmaine is a spoiled rotten princess that thinks only of herself Hunter is a firefighter that has had a bad experience with a spoiled rotten princess When Charmaine sets her penthouse apartment on fire, it is up to Hunter to rescue her After Hunter spanks her on the way down, Charmaine thinks he would make the perfect Daddy Dom for her I waivered between 3 and 3.5 stars, before finally settling on 3.5 stars The story was fairly well written and well edited I just found both character to be somewhat unlikeable Charmaine was over the top spoiled and Hunter could be a real jerk at times In some stories unlikeable characters make the story, in a light hearted story like this I felt it took away from the story I received this story from the author through the BDSM group on Goodreads. charmain Bainbridge is a stuck up brat who thought only of her money and not those around her she was so drunk she cause her pent house to catch fire while she fell asleep Hunter is a a firefighter who responds to the fire at charmains pent house fire he sees a rich party girl who didn t care for anyone else s safety he asks her to walk down the stairs she throws a fit so what dose this dom do he spanks her and puts her in her place a few weeks later they run into each other at a bar where their adventure begins will he see past her fats to the women she is Will charmain stop being selfish Will hunter see that he is the right daddy dom for her to find out I strongly suggest you read this book it is awesome 5 gold stars Right where do I begin apart from saying THANK YOU NORMANDIE she kindly provided this ARC for a good honest review and she know s she will always get the truth from my mouth D So let me begin my review of this deliciously hot addictive read and I mean bloody hell this shit is smoking hot that even I felt like fanning myself heheI ve always said that Daddy s Game by Normandie was my go to for a naughty read and that it was my favourite but Natron and Carmenyou gotta go Because there is a new couple in town and they are taking over everything In this book we have the very oh god lord sexy Hunter, he is a firefighter we met in Daddy s game and he is also the big sexy hero who saved Charmaine after she was a very careless naughty girl I will continue about Hunter but first can I just put in here that I love a smoking hot dirty talking alpha and when I read You want to be a little whore Then you be Daddy s little whore No one else s that just made me feel this book had me at start to finish and it s my favourite one now because these two made me laugh and made me blush and the toys they used were freaking amaze balls.Here is my Hunter he is the firefighter with a taste for dominance in the bedroom, but never found someone who he could be his true self with but he is also kind and funny, he is someone you can trust and he would never lead you down the wrong path Along with all of that is his mouth is like a sailor at sea hehe he is a very crude talking dirty man Here is my Charmaine she is a rich spoilt party girl who mainly loves to drink and do all the wrong things for herself but her love for her close friends is lovely to read, she cares so deeply for them and that is enough to call family but she is missing out on one thing and that is companionship I wasn t a big fan of her in Daddy Morebucks but in this one I loved her, now I know what s happened and reading her thoughts and feelings, I ve seen her in a different light and I think she should get all the happiness in the world.All in all, this is a great read for anyone who has all different kinks up their alley, Normandie done it again and wrote a brilliant book and one that will be my go to I can t wait to read by her. I was looking forward to reading this book I don t mind a bit of kink and BDSM but this wasn t terribly well done kink I found the motives of the characters confusing and it just didn t sit right with me..I also didn t particularly like the characters Charmaine was awful I didn t find anything redeeming in her character at all Hunter was a bit likeable but he was a flat one dimensional character as well By about half way through the book I really didn t care about either of them On the positive side Ms Alleman s writing style is easy to read although there were a few little grammatical errors All in all a fairly forgettable read for me Complementary copy provided by the author publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.