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This ending came up and smacked me in the face Describing this in any aspect as a romance or related genre is similar to classifying Julius Caesar as the old balding guy who got stabbed but had something to do with some former governmental group in Italy It s NOT a romance It s also not bewitching as in the T.V program of decades ago Two words used to describe this are not The last narrator of Section 4 is a mute disabled servant And she is the closest to understanding the core of the 5 or 6 main characters interactions that came before her All timing and progression is in chronological order and there are 4 narrators None of which are Jassy.This story seats in the English culture and countryside as much as it seats itself in the past female role and expectations to manipulate It is a stunning psychological study but even than that a societal fabric of belief and custom supreme.How could Dickens have become so glorified and Norah Lofts been trampled by the feet of oblivion.This is why I am a Anglophile My copy was from 1945, is yellow the binding is cracked so badly that 3 pages in the middle and 3 in the front are loose I m going to have my home library decree this is fixed and never weeded There are only two in the entire 4 state system.If there are any other Norah Lofts I have not read out there, I will find them. She Was The Daughter Of A Preacher And A Gypsy A Strange And Elusive Child With Powers Of Prophecy, She Grew Into An Even Stranger Woman From Those Around Her She Inspired Love And Admiration Or Furious Hatred Nothing In Between And Somehow Jassy Could Transform Even Those Who Loved Her Into Her Enemies Barney Hatton, The Disposessed Heir Of Mortiboys, Loved Her But Not Enough Lindy, A Servant Girl Who Worked There, Loved Her Too Much Elizabeth Twysdale, Who Taught Jassy Her Lessons, Hated Her With Every Passing Day And Because Of The People Around Her, The People Who Loved Or Loathed Her, Jassy S Life Was Destined To Be One Of Passion And Anguish This book was Amazing I never thought it could be possible to hate and love almost all the characters in a story Jassy is narrated by the most important characters who get to know the heroine in their own way They either hate her or love her I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HEAR THE STORY FROM JASSY S PERSPECTIVE THOUGH.This plot has everything love, friendship, jealousy, etc I couldn t put it down, not even to see what time it was This book is all about learning the ups and downs of human nature How a person can sacrifice herself so much for others but still received only hatred and mistreatment in return There are some factors such as poverty and marriage that made this book even interesting for me to read.All I have to say left is that I thought the ending was one of the saddest endings I have ever read, but at the same time it was memorable and thought provoking I can t say it enough, this author manages to bring up the good and bad sides of the characters without making you detest them or totally love them.Este fue un gran libro lleno de personajes inolvidables que siempre viviran en mi memoria Me pude conectar con la historia desde que empece a leer el libro y me hizo recordar mis propias virtudes y defectos Aparte, la autora lidio con factores muy comunes que existen en el planeta como pobreza, trabajo y matrimonio Los personajes eran tridimensionales y siempre despues de cambiar de pagina me sorprendian con un lado nuevo de su personalidad. After having picked up several disappointing frustrating books recently finally a novel with interesting characters and a well told story. Another good readYou can depend on it Nora Lofts wrote so many good books She doesn t,like many novelists, provide a happy ending and tie everything up with a pretty pink ribbon Her characters have flaws and are therefore realistic I read Jassy years ago and found it just as enjoyable the second time Enjoy When it comes to period pieces and historical fiction, Norah Lofts is as good as anyone Jassy s story is told in 3 volumes, each by a different person, and links the periods in her life together Loft s wonderful writing style, great plot and character development., and very descriptive imagery gives Jassy the feel of reading Bronte or Thomas Hardy. Jassy is one of those Norah Lofts novels set in East Anglia around the fictional town of Baildon, patterned on the real one of Bury St Edmunds So the landscape is bleak, flat and stark, and those of us who ve lived in those parts remember that biting East wind in winter that seems to come straight from Siberia.The landscape is a fitting backdrop for this story, which is at once stark, haunted, beautiful, noble and sordid.Jassy is an outsider To make matters worse she is female, and as everyone is well aware, strong, intelligent women often seem to be the lightning rods for society s frustrations.And so it is here Jassy is unusually intelligent and perceptive, and she carries herself well She impresses people But she has some qualities that put people s backs up She has trouble governing her temper She is the kind of person that things happen to And she has powers of prophecy Jassy is not bland, neutral or easy to ignore People either love her or hate her That is what makes her such a wonderful protagonist It is also what leads to her downfall.What is so striking about this book from a craft perspective is that none of it is in Jassy s voice, breaking the conventional rule that one gets from agents, that the best way of making a character vivid is to use first person.In spite of the fact that throughout this novel we are NOT privy to Jassy s own thoughts via interior monologue and the like, the reader will come away from this knowing Jassy thoroughly.How does Ms Lofts do it The novel is written in four books, and each one is narrated by a different person, so that we get a collage of opinions and impressions of the protagonist What I found really helpful was at the beginning of each book, Ms Lofts has included a quote about Jassy from the person narrating the book, as well as an introductory sentence about that person So Book One opens GENESIS IN EXILE She was a local girl , of rather peculiar parentage So this story is told by BARNEY HATTON, who lived next door and took an interest in his neighbours Barney Hatton is a young man of around Jassy s age Wonderful It was a brilliant way to orient the reader to the narration that followed.Book Two is narrated by Elizabeth Twysdale, who ran a school for Young Ladies.Book Three is narrated by Dilys Helmar, a young lady of around Jassy s age, who escaped with Jassy from school and brought her home to Mortiboys.Lastly, Book Four is narrated by Belinda Wicks, who is subject to Visitations.All four of these people have strong reactions to Jassy, and it is through THEIR interior monologs as they try to puzzle her out that we learn so much about her What a novel, and interesting way of writing about a protagonist.If you have never read this book before, and you love absorbing characters, you should read it now Five stars. This is a QUICK REVIEW of my thoughts on the book I thought Jassy was supposed to be very good book so I borrowed it from the library It turned out to be a lot older than I had thought it was and the language was the formal and ponderous kind you find in old books But it was the tone that really didn t sit well with me I started to suspect from fairly early on that things might not turn out idyllically and after reading 37 pages I decided to jump forward to a few different spots and see if it was worth the trouble of reading the whole thing It didn t seem to be so I relegated it to the back to the library pile The main trouble is I think it s supposed to be one of those literary fiction books which are generally very introspective and depressing, and usually don t have happy endings In other words, the complete opposite of what I like to read Is there a Happy Ending view spoiler I skipped to the end, and although I wasn t sure of what had happened up until that point, or in fact, who the characters I was reading about were, I don t classify a book where two women end up getting hanged as having a happy ending hide spoiler This story is well crafted Lofts uses a unique device telling the life story of the title character from the first person POV of those who who interact with Jassy, but never from Jassy s POV I highly recommend this book.What I like so well about Lofts s style is how the reader is immersed in the time and place in the first page and the story moves right along clippety clop so that by the time you reach the last page you feel almost breathless. Still one of my favorite authors It never fails when I pick up one of her dusty old books in a used book store, I know I m going to be up until 3am many nights in a row Her characterization and ability to capture a time in history is exquisite.