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Honor is everything even to a ghost cadetBenjy Stark isn't at all happy about spending his spring vacation with his grandmother in Virginia She probably won't like him; no one else seems to So the last thing Benjy expects to do is make a friend especially one who's a ghostCadet William Hugh McDowell was killed at the Civil War battle of New Market than one hundred years ago He's doomed to haunt the battlefield until he finds his grandfather's gold watch the watch he'd hidden from the Yankees just before he diedIf Hugh's spirit is ever to rest in peace Benjy must help him find the watch and get it back to its rightful place in history Benjy is scared After all no one has ever depended on him for anything Now Benjy's new best friend is betting all eternity that he will succeed

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    My biggest issue with this children's story was that interspersed was a large amount of pro Southern viewpoints that are often espoused by apologists Miss Leota the matriarch of the story talked about topics such as the aggression of the North the greatness of Southern leader Stonewall Jackson and how Southerners were in the war mainly to defend their homes and possessions This may all be true to an extent but the story does not talk about other pressing issues such as the brutality of slavery or the vast differences in economic systems between the North and South In this way I feel the Confederate cause is somewhat glorified in a false manner Indeed both sides had selfish intent but I don't think that children should be taught that the South was an innocent participant as this book seems to imply at many junctures

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    Good historcal fiction book It had a lot a intersting and weird stuff within the book but it was still okay I wish it had a better ending it felt like it was rush

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    Probably would have liked this pretty well as a young person It has a decent enough mystery with a satisfying conclusion But reading it as an adult I was uncomfortable with how Alphin seems to be an apologist for the South during the Civil War I'm not a Civil War expert but here's my basic understanding the South wanted to break off from the Union because they didn't want anyone meddling with their property aka slaves I mean that's the long and short of it right? You can throw in all the political and social nuances you want but that was the big issue at stake And anyone who tries to defend the South's position It's our history comes across as racist I also didn't agree with the characterization of the Union soldiers as bloodthirsty scavengers They were completely portrayed as the bad guys here which again skeeves me out The Confederate soldiers on the other hand were portrayed as brave heroes Sorry but I'm always going to side with the people who recognize that IT'S NOT OKAY TO OWN OTHER HUMAN BEINGSI was about to write how it's surprising that the author trotted out these archaic beliefs in a book published in the early 90's but then I realized that there are still tons of people who view the South's position during the Civil War nope not gonna call it The War Between the States as history and not something we should run away from screamingGlad that I only paid 35 for this and glad to see that there aren't any copies in my library system

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    Reference information Title “The Ghost Cadet”Author Elaine Marie AlphinPublisher Scholastic Paperbacks Year May 1992# of pages 192 Genre Historical FictionReading level Ages 9 12 Interest level Very interestingPotential hot lava Nothing out of the ordinaryGeneral responsereaction I first read this book back when I was in the fourth grade because we were learning about Virginia history and being from Shenandoah County Civil War is a big part of our heritage I really liked this book because it had suspense and talked of the history of the Civil War near where I am from It had really great morals and the main character opens up and is not as fearful as he once was in the beginningSubjects Themes and Big Ideas The theme throughout of this book talks of the importance of being yourself and not letting anyone tell you otherwise of how to be or act The main character keeps to himself and when a Civil War ghost appears Benjy finally finds a friend that doesn’t pick on him The moral to this story is that you have to face things in life that you never thought you once would or that you really would want to do and help out a friend in need CharactersBenjamin “Benjy” Stark main character bookish keeps to selfFran Stark older sister to Benjy typical mean older sisterCadet William Hugh McDowell ghost who fought and died in the Civil War back to find what a family heirloomMiss Leota Benjy and Fran’s paternal grandmother they have never metPlot summaryThis book is about a “ghost cadet” coming back to present day whose spirit will not go to rest because he has been waiting far too long to find a personal possession he had hidden before he died at the battle of New Market Benjy the main character in present day goes to New Market on a vacation to see his paternal grandmother who he has never met Benjy has always been picked on but when the ghost cadet asks for his help he has to act brave and man up to the challenge Strengths including reviews and awardsVirginia State Reading Association Young Readers Award for Best BookDrawbacks or other cautions If you are not very interested in history this book is probably not for you It deals mostly with a cadet’s triumph to find a family heirloom and tales of the Civil WarTeaching ideas This book is very popular among the elementarymiddle school aged group This would be a great book to read aloud in class Give the students a chance to learn history and learn a little bit about developing friendships This book would be a very good “Book Project” instead of writing a book report have the students make up a scene from any part of the book in a diorama type project Doing something fun to get their imaginations thinking picturing the battle and the golden watch

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    Loved this book when I was a kid

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    After learning about Civil War history from his teacher Benji is visited by a ghost named Cadet Willima Hugh McDowell Thie encountering happens because before the cadet's death he lost an old family watch at which he needs in order to be able to stop haunting the battle field where he died The cadet was originally killed at the battle of New Market over one hundred years prior which makes it even harder for Benji to help his new friend Benji has not been depended on for anything and he is scared to take such risks Benji has to figure out if he will help and if he does than how he will do itMy reactionI think this book was good but fairly predictable I liked the history backing the story and the setting of the book I would recommend it to a reluctant reader or a younger reader who likes historical fictionNumber of pages 182Copyright 1991

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    I am in complete astonished how well written this book was considering it geared towards young teens I am in my late 20's already and wished that I read of her books when I was in my teens This book is about a young outcast boy Benjy being forced to visit his grandmother not knowing that he is in for a crazy ride Along his visit he learns so much about the Civil War battle of New Market which brings him about his ghost friend Hugh From there Benjy is on a uest to find a missing watch in order to keep his friendship I would definitely give this book 2 thumbs up I highly enjoyed it and highly recommend it

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    This book is probably THE reason why I love historical fiction as much as I do It is one of the only books I have read than once and I would pick it up again as an adult in an instant It just started my interest in all things history and got me addicted to buying bargain books with my money as a child

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    I’m finishing up this year with another childhood favorite of mine Reading it now I can see the aspects of the book that are super problematic with the subject it touches on However I can’t help but have a soft spot for this book This book is what got me interested in my own family history a hobby that I continue to enjoy 14 years later

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    This was an engaging read It forced me to look at a difficult time in history from a new perspective and left me with the realization that our country is much complex than I had ever imagined