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When Brian Sack S Mother Passed Away, He Was Left With A Letter And A Pink Cardigan The Cardigan Was Promptly Placed In A Drawer, But The Letter Was Pure Gold In Just A Few Pages Of Fancy Cursive, Her Posthumous Dispatch Offered The Kind Of Guidance You Would Expect From A Mother To Her Young Son And While He Didn T Necessarily Follow All The Advice, He Never Forgot How Very Important Those Words And That Letter Were To Him Decades Later, On The Verge Of Parenthood Himself, Brian Decided To Write Something For His Own Child, Wanting A Legacy, And Not Just A Pink Cardigan, To Leave To His Son But Far From The Usual Collection Of Advice, Brian Has Written A Sharp, Sage, Warts And All Survival Guide To LifeWith Quick Wit And Self Deprecating Honesty, Sack Draws From His Experiences, Tapping Them For The Humor Within Holding Nothing Back, He Gives The Skinny On Relationships Don T Let The Woman You Love Wander Alone In FranceCommiserates About The Death Of The Meritocracy Wanting To Sing Doesn T Mean You CanRecounts His Awkward Entry Into Fatherhood You Ll Overcome Your Aversion To PooOffers Firsthand Advice Avoid Any Bipolar Lady With A Drug Sniffing Wonder CatAnd Argues That The Empire State Building Is Not A Phallic Symbol No Matter What The Professor SaidEvery Chapter Takes On Subjects Ranging From The Universal And Mundane To The Life Changing And Inevitable With Its Funny And Heartfelt Musings From A Father To A Son, In The Event Of My Untimely Demise Is A Delightful Life Primer For All Of Us It was a good book There were fantastic parts, where I was thinking, YES And then, there were other parts where I was thinking along the lines of, huh Overall, it was fun and interesting and got me thinkig about what I want to teach and leave for my own children. The author s most prized possession is a letter received from his mother after she died when he was 12 This book is a letter written to his own son giving his advice on everything from love to career and life goals He relates his own life experiences and how he feels about his son I loved this book Lots of humor mixed with good advice. As much as this topic is overdone, Brian Sack still pulls together some interesting bits of advice A few passages here and there are truly worth the time it takes to get through this short book of accumulated wisdom as passed down to one s offspring. So far, so good I like the author s dry humor. Solid advice, hilariously told. This seems like it will be a fun read, I m hoping to find it at the library. This book was just silly I was pleasantly surprised at the absurd and yet loving advice Definitely a fun read and it only took me a few hours. I m still reading this book, but so far it s been a disappointment The humor seems forced, and the funny, telling stories has been simply sad or predictable so far More to come as I read At least it looks like a quick read.Update I ve finished the book now Although it did get better, I cannot say it s anything I would recommend I think this topic has so much opportunity What s funnier that the things you tell your kids, and the stories associated Again, the humor seemed forced, although it did seem to flow better as I read of the book Get this one from the library, which is where mine is going. this book is rather funny, and is a man s perspective on child rearing, and has some good insights, so far, it s a good read.