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When your neighbor is loony and your best friend is a ghost who knows what adventures you might haveEleven year old Ollie Sparks is tired of moving from town to town Every time his mom—an actress—gets a new job Ollie and his drama ueen sister have to pack up and he never seems to make any friends His life has always been a little strange but it’s about to get weirdFirst of all the new house is PINK His mom’s friends are some kind of pirate and a loony psychic And the town bully seems to have it out for Ollie So when he meets Teddy—a great kid who just happens to be a ghost—Ollie figures that he’s seen it allBut when Teddy mentions buried treasure Ollie and his new friends—the ghost and the psychic—set off on an adventure that is sure to change everyone’s lives

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    My Partner The Ghost is a fun filled read that also provides a few valuable lessons as well Eleven year old Oliver Ollie Sparks has moved times than he cares to count When his mom gets a job back in her home town well things get a little weird First of all they are going to live in a pink house and her boss just happens to dress as a pirate and the school bully who happens to be a girl has it in for him All these things pale in comparison though when he meets Teddy who happens to be a ghost Teddy talks Ollie into running for class president thing is he will be running against Mary Kay the bully which is sure to create than a few problems My Partner The Ghost will certainly appeal to young and old alike Lisa Schmid creates a wonderful yet uirky cast of characters that are easy to likebut than that they are easy to connect with because they face the same issues that the readers might face Ms Schmid deals with issues such as trying to fit in bullying fear moving living in a single parent home where there are money issues and of course there is also the annoying sister that Ollie has to deal with as well I loved the character of Ollie his wisecracking often had me laughing and the banter between him and Teddy was top notch Speaking of Teddy the author describes him in such detail that I had no problems imagining him and the pranks that he sometimes liked to pull Even though Mary Kay and her two side kicks were bullies it always seemed that things backfired on them I thought it was great that Ms Schmid allowed us to understand why Mary Kay bullied people The only negative thing I can say about this book is that I hated to see it end although the author wrapped up the ending in such a way that I was left me hopeful that we might get another adventure with Ollie and TeddyReviewed for Readersfavoritecom

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    Moving from town to town with barely enough time to unpack his clothes much less make new friends eleven year old Ollie doesn’t expect this time to be any different until he meets Teddy who just happens to be a ghostLisa Schmid’s new book “My Partner the Ghost” is the tale of young Ollie and has odd group of new friends Together they embark on a wild adventure full of bullies dramatic younger sisters buried treasure pirates and “My Partner the Ghost” is a fun filled and uick witted adventure full of all that is weird and wonderful