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Workin Up A Hot, Sticky Sweat Is Pure Pleasure With A Hard Ridin Cowboy Or Two Struggling Stock Contractor Gemma Jansen Swallows Her Pride And Tracks Down Circuit Rider Cash Big Crow To Offer Him A Job Managing Her Ranch Cash Agrees On One Condition Theirs Won T Be Strictly A Working Relationship She S The Boss During The Day, But Once She S Corralled In The Bedroom, Cash Calls The Shots Despite Concerns About Their Age Difference, Gemma Consents Cash Suspects The Sexy Widow Hides An Untapped Wild Streak He Intends To Loosen Her Tightly Held Reins Of Control Even If He Has To Break Out His Horsewhip To Do It But Cash Is In For A Surprise Gemma Proves A Rough And Ready Participant In Any Leather N Lace Game Cash Dreams Up Between Riding Herd On His Wayward Daughter, Macie, And Rowdy Cowboy Carter McKay Doggin Macie S Every Boot Step, Cash Struggles To Hide His True Feelings For Gemma Except This Time, Gemma S Grabbed The Bull By The Horns And She S Playing For Keeps Summer S Going To Be A Hot One At The Bar Rough Riders Book

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    morning, sunny i am probably going to spoil huge chunks of plot in this review and i am okay with that there is no way anyone is reading this book for the articles this is just about the frequent and inexplicable intercourse between some bipolar couples and their friends.oh, bodice ripper club, the things i read for you people seem to love this book series and i don t want to rip on a beloved series, so let me just say right here that i am completely the wrong market for erotica i don t get hot and bothered by it, i tend to approach it too analytically, and attempt to find reasons for the characters actions, and that is just completely not in the right spirit but i can t help it writing is very important to me.and carter just might be the stupidest male lead i have ever read wait, so it s not okay that i painted all these naked pictures of you for my show without your permission wait, so you don t think it is an appropriate surprise that i bring you my best friend to fuck it s okay if i call you mine, though, right mine mine mine girl mine and now i can go to your place of employ, stalk you against the wall, and then throw you over my shoulder and carry you off in front of everyone like you are my captive squaw and ima stick my gigantic cock up your bum we re cool, right it is okay if i shoot whipped cream all up in your hot pussy, right there s no sort of medical reason that this would be a bad idea, right is sexy gross.there is a lot of gross here the threesome as surprise gift is squicky gross and then it is mirrored in the other couple fool me onceit is not a good valentine s day present, if your thoughts were headed that way sex is sex it can be fun and meaningless, but if you have been in love with someone for two years, and you have finally talked yourself into her bed as a business arrangement which entire scene made me upchuck a little , and after two weeks or god even less i think you are already bringing in a pinch hitter because you think it is what she wants well, that is some weird definition of love, buddy.next time, just try flowers NO DON T PUT THE FLOWERS THERE a vase will be fine.erotica just always makes me laugh good, girl i ve got plenty of lube, but no guarantee i can fuck you slow once i m buried balls deep in this sweet, untried ass, understand i mean erotica s purpose is to make the reader aroused, and to transport themselves into the action of the story, right to make them want to be the, not heroine what s the right word for this character umm sex toilet but it is just not working, for me.i am untransported cunt clit hot suck lick balls fuck fuck fuck blah blah blah bring all the ropes you want, shove all the dildos into all the butts, have a dream about gay cowboys i just can t become aroused by this i am too busy laughing sex is so weird do people really say christ on a crutch in the middle of first time anal how can you take a lover seriously who says get me wet with that hot fuckin mouth i would be giggling about that the next morning over eggs florentine or something heh heh that hot fuckin mouth you tool i am a shitty lover.oh, god, and the weird bossiness actual quote followed by what would be a reasonable response, in this scenario lift up he tapped her butt in the split second she raised her hips, he grabbed her thighs to slide her closer to his torso and draped her knees over his shoulders carter raised her ass high in his hands at an angle as he buried his face in her pussy omigod the only parts of her still touching the ground were her shoulder blades and the back of her head hold still jesus, let me have than a taste before i drop you he licked up her slit alternating the flat of his tongue with just the flickering tip then he fastened his mouth to her clit and began to suck when her whole body shook, he slapped her ass and growled, hold still goddammit i ve been dyin to get my mouth on you WELL, THEN YOU SHOULDN T HAVE PUT ME IN THIS FUCKING POSITION, YOU MORON DIDN T YOU READ THAT THE ONLY PARTS OF ME STILL TOUCHING THE GROUND AND THANK YOU FOR THAT THE FUCKING GROUND REAL FUCKING CLASSY ARE MY FUCKING SHOULDER BLADES AND THE BACK OF MY HEAD CAN WE NOT GET SOME PILLOWS UP IN HERE seriously someone props me up like that, they better be strong enough to follow through and not complain like a bitch that i am moving you got a problem with motion go fuck a corpse, asshole.i don t know what else i can really add to this if you like erotica, you will probably like it, because there are many many many scenes of hot kinky sex but the plot that ties it all together is threadbare and nonsensical and the characters are just terrible humans who deserve a passel of STDs.come to my blog

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    Rode Hard, Put Up Wet is book two in the Rough Riders series by Lorelei James In this book you will get not one but two couples stories, Cash Big Crow and the woman he has dreamed of for years, Gemma Jansen, and Cash s daughter Macie and Carter McKay I didn t completely fall in love with this book as much as I did the first one but it was still a sexy, steamy good book that I couldn t put down.Gemma Jansen is finally ready to move on from the death of her husband She needs help badly on her ranch, the Bar 9 She and Cash have shared a kiss or two but she hasn t seen him in a full year Is he still interested or did he get tired of waiting for her So she seeks him out and offers him the position of ranch foreman.Cash doesn t hesitate to accept Gemma s offer as long as she agrees to one stipulation, she is the boss during the day, but he will sleep in her bed at night, and he is the boss then It s all or nothing for Cash He won t give up this chance to finally have Gemma right where he wants her, in his bed.There is one small problem, though Cash has a twenty two year old daughter no one knows about, Macie Macie s mother has died and Cash is trying to make up for years of being a bad father He and Macie were supposed to spend the summer together traveling So Macie would have to be part of the package, coming along to stay on Gemma s ranch.Carter McKay is the quiet one of the wild McKay brothers He is the brother that didn t want to make his living ranching, but instead as an artist He s living on Gemma s ranch, helping her with chores and working on his art For the last couple of months he has been dreaming of a woman, a woman he has never seen before in real life He has tried time and time again to capture the image on canvas but it escapes him The first time he sets eyes on Macie he can t believe it She is the woman of his dreams, the exact woman that has been haunting him.Cash knows the McKay family well and knows how the McKay brothers are He is not happy at all with Carter s interest in Macie But they are both adults and if he wants his daughter to stick around so they can work on their relationship, he has to keep his opinions to himself about Carter.Both Cash and Carter have a dark side, both sexually and emotionally This book does not disappoint with plenty of steamy, sexy times Both men often frustrated me with their emotional distance And Carter at times he made some not so smart decisions He is probably typical for an artist He would get wrapped up in his projects and ignore Macie And towards the end he really made me mad But of course, all works out in the end with the help of the strong women they have chosen We also get a little glimpse of Channing and Colby from the first book which I enjoyed And a little visit from Trevor I can t wait to get of his story I am loving this series It most definitely keeps the pages steaming and keeps my addiction to sexy cowboys fulfilled I look forward to the next book, which will be AJ and Cord s story.

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    Giddyup western themed romance lovers yeah, I never knew there was a market for it either This book has something for almost everyone if you re looking for a book containing tons of sex and you don t mind that most of the characters are assholes In alphabetical orderAnal CheckBig strong man protecting little woman from thunderstorms CheckBlindfolds CheckBondage CheckBoss employee sex CheckCougar CheckCowboys CheckCowgirl position CheckDaddy issues CheckDildos CheckLube CheckM M and a third male thrown in for good measure CheckMultiple orgasms Check, checkNative Americans CheckReverse cowgirl CheckSex in a barn CheckSex in a bed Check yawn Sex in a Ford Escape CheckSex in the mud CheckSex involving paint CheckSex toys CheckSpanking CheckThreesome Check M M F in case you re interested Tossing salads CheckWranglers Check I hope I didn t leave anything out.

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    I understand the need to cut slack to authors whose viewpoints are racist or bigoted in light of today s values This is particularly important when an author s views were progressive in their day For instance, Thomas Jefferson can hardly be called a racist when his views were downright radical in his time Yes he owned slaves during a time when this was the norm for men of his stature , but had he been around today his views on equality would likely put most of today s liberal minded folk to shame.So what do we do with authors whose views today, right now, in our context, are flat out bigoted or racist What is their excuse Can they have an excuse I don t think they can have an excuse.Nothing can excuse Lorelei James Even though it is clear that this woman sees herself as caring and open minded, even though she writes about minorities in a way that she probably thinks is fair and balanced, even though she potrays interracial relationships, even though she offers graphic same sex lust scenes, even though she empowers her female characters by putting them in charge sort of in the work place she can t overcome her bigotry, her outdated adherence to gender roles and her downright racism.She gives us an Indian Princess who considers herself entitled because she is half white see what James does there She doesn t call her a half breed she calls her half white It s so much better that way isn t it She gives us gay men who are written off as sissies, but at least she offers some graphic man on man on man dream sex see what she does there She gives us the big taboo made okay by the dream sequence, and she refrains from calling her sissies faggots It is so much better than way isn t it She gives us an artist who wants to make the Indian Princess his subject, and he wants to put her in beaded buckskins, riding a horse, wild and free, through the Wyoming plains see what she does there She honours the Indian spirit, not Native or Aboriginal never that, and makes the modern savage noble again It is so much better than putting her characters in residential schools isn t it She gives us a strong woman who runs a ranch, but willingly gives over all control in the bedroom at least she s strong somewhere so that s good she gives us a responsible, sober strong, Indian man at least he s not the drunken stereotype as he himself points out so that s good it just goes on and on Yep she sure gives us a progressive view of race and gender Seriously Who thinks like Lorelei James Who walks around, now, today, thinking that it is okay to see the world the way she sees it A whole hell of a lot of people, unfortunately The Republican base in the U.S., the Conservative base in Canada, and a great deal of the folks who see themselves in the centre or as having moderate political views Too many I can cut Thomas Jefferson slack, as I can with the countless great writers who made strides in their time but fall short of our morals today.I can t cut Ms James and her peers slack With any luck their work will not last long in anyone s memory.

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    Wonderful read Hot, explicit, erotic and ultimately romantic book In this one you get a two fer the May December romance of 38 yr old Cash Big Crow and 48 yr old Gemma Jansen, and the story of Cash s long lost daughter, 22 year old Macie Honeycutt and 26 yr old struggling artist Carter McKay.This book is all about second chances Widowed Gemma gets a second chance at love, Cash gets a second chance with the daughter he barely knows and neglected all her life Carter gets a second chance with Macie, after he does something incredibly insensitive and selfish to nearly destroy their growing love And Macie is the woman who unselfishly gives the second chances to her father and her boyfriend, and in the process, gives herself a chance to have something she s yearned for all her life a family to love and a place to belong and establish roots.This was one hot, easy read I finished it in one day The dialogue was sexy, explicit and snappy the stories were interesting and hot, the characters were lovable, although sometimes stubborn The sex scenes were smokin hot, however, not for the faint of heart There was a fantasy m m m threesome, a m f m menage, some light bondage and spanking, and some anal sex so be warned something for everyone We also get to see the return of some characters from the previous book, Long Hard Ride , including Colby and Channing McKay, Trevor Glanzer, and appearances by members of the McKay family brothers Cord and Colt and sister Keely, and an intro to Keely s friend Amy Jo, who will be featured in the next Rough Riders adventure, Cowgirl Up and Ride.This book is a winner if you like your heroes hot and your heroines sassy and love two big fat HEAs I do and I loved it

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    My Carter McKay

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    HOLY COW I LOVED THIS BOOK Not only do we get to read about Gemma and Cash getting into one HOT relationship, we get a two fer with Cash s daughter Macie and her smokin hot relationship with Carter McKay I literally read this book in one setting Cash is trying to establish a relationship with his daughter Macie Having her at a VERY young age 16 he hasn t been around much Guilt ridden and hoping to change their relationship to the better, he asks her to spend the summer with him on the rodeo circut Feeling old and just tired of the rodeo scene he is pleased and surprised when Gemma enlists his help with her ranch Gemma is in love with Cash Being a widow, it took her a while to come to terms with her loss, but now she has set her heart on the handsome cowboy Cash Afraid she is too old for him he s 37 and she is late 40 s she is happy to see that Cash is as attracted to her as she is him.Cash is a cowboy we ALL can stand behind He is a loyal, handsome, hardworkin , gentle and not too rough around the edges hero He has doubts on developing his relationship with his daughter, and starting one with the woman of his dreams Gemma.I think Ms James can really write relationships She definately gets to the heart of every situtation between the heroes and heroines and with their other family members and friends There is a M M M scene in it not with heroes and a M F M scene with Cash, Gemma and a friend The love scenes are SO HOT Believe me when I say, the air condition in my house was turned WAY down while I read this bookwhew

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    5 stars Contemporary Western Romance Erotica BDSM M nageH O T, HOT, hotI LOVED this book I enjoyed this second installment in James potently erotic, fun Rough Riders series as much as, if not than, Long Hard Ride, which is saying a whole hell of a lot considering how much I loved that one While Rode Hard, Put Up Wet still has lots of yummy, kinky sex in a delicious variety of ways and positions, including some light bondage and spanking, a dream m m m nekkid cowboy threesome, a m f m m nage, and plenty of anal play, the emotional aspect of the story runs much deeper than in the previous book.This time around there are two main romances second chance lovers 48 year old widow Gemma Jansen and 38 year old retired rodeo er Cash Big Crow and young lovers 26 year old struggling artist Carter McKay and 22 year old spitfire Indian princess Macie Honeycutt which sounds like a Bond girl name to me, but whatever All the relationships in this story, including Cash and his long lost estranged daughter Macie and the McKay siblings, are about regrets, second chances and fresh starts, emotional healing, forgiveness, and understanding, and James does a wonderful job of balancing the romantic and relationship development with smokin hot, explicit sex I ve heard this series just gets better and better, so I guess there s a lot to look forward to If you love yummy cowboy heroes, feisty cowgirl heroines, great romance, wickedly erotic sex, and sweet HEAs, then do yourself a favor and read this book Big 5 stars

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    From back of book Warning this book contains explicit sex nine ways til Sunday including menage a trois, inventive use of ropes, naughty girls getting spanked, stubborn men getting hog tied, graphic language and whoo wee hot nekkid cowboy action.You have been warned.Good for you if you re still here because this book is so so HOT This is my first read by Lorelei James seeing as her books are fairly unattainable in the UK unless you have about 50 to blow on Ebay If you keep on the lookout, though, eventually you might find a good deal like I did and you had better snag these sexy novels right away But, seriously, they are not for the faint of heart and if you re generally opposed to graphic sex in books or sex that is a little than ordinary they are not for you Otherwise, step right in to the world of Ms James and hot cowboys getting it on all the time, in every place imaginable.By the way, any of you not particularly consider a cowboy your definition of mr sex on a stick Hey, that was me too before I read this book But Lorelei James knows only too well what gets our heart racing and if you think you can escape the sexual pull of these alpha males think again On that note, I was reading an interesting blog post by Ms James on her website about alpha males, sexism and feminism and she made an important point that I think I love the most about her novels That is that she may create alpha males but she always creates equally strong alpha females There s no big strong cowboy and weak, whimpering cowgirl Damn no, all her characters have strong, dominating personalities I may be falling in love with the author and potentially the series too.But did you think this was just a book about sex Well, sure, there s an awful lot of sex, but there s also some very touching emotional tales going on here as well There are two love stories, Gemma and Cash, and Macie and Carter Gemma is a lonely widow who hasn t been able to get Cash Big Crow out of her mind since the last time he came to town, but Cash wonders if he is simply a poor substitute for her dead husband and seeks to make a mark that her husband never did physically and emotionally.Macie is Cash s daughter and grew up travelling with her mother and rarely seeing her father They have finally come together in an attempt to build a relationship but they soon find their own insecurities get in the way As for Carter, he is a horny artist who discovers his muse the day Macie struts into town, and he is determined to make her far than that Note there s some seriously hot goings on with rope and whipped cream Stories in erotica are often sketchy and just poorly executed fillers between the sex But not here It s quite sad at times and, when I reached the end, I was shocked at just how important it was to me to know what happened to these characters I won t say I was surprised because the ratings and reviews speak for themselves, but this is so so much than an erotic novel though it s damn good at being that There s a chance I might increase my rating has this series progresses but I m always hesitant to give 5 stars We ll see how I m feeling after I ve read the next book I ve ordered from ebay Tied Up, Tied Down.

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    Opening line That horse nearly throwed you clean into the funeral parlour, boy Giddy up Cowgirls, Welcome to another deliciously hot read from Lorelei James s addictive Roughriders This is book 2 in the series although for some reason I missed it the first time through So now even though I m up to book 9, I had a super fun time going back to the beginning and revisiting the delicious McKay boys before they all grew up, got married and started acting responsible and repopulating most of Wyoming With Rode Hard Put Up Wet we of course get all kinds of ways hot and steamy cowboy lovin but here we also get the added bonus of a two four As in 2 couples finding love and passion in 1 sexy story and how great is that We met our first couple Gemma and Big Cash Crow in Long Hard Rideand although they re older in the traditional sense 30 s 40 s both still very much have the it factor when it comes to spice in the bedroom I loved their story and definitely preferred it out of the two Cash even gave me a couple of sigh moments when he finally turned the lights on and opened his eyes Their romance is about second chances, no matter what stage of life you re in Explosive, impulsive, selfish, jealous, unsure, intense and at times downright annoying Cash s daughter Macie and self centered artist Carter McKay as our second couple personified young love This pair was all over the place with their emotions and a ton of fun to watch as I never knew what they were going to do next I had a seriously tough time liking Carter though as Macie often says He s a dumbass Finding him immature and for the most part just an idiot Cash on the other hand is all MANWidow Gemma Jansen is looking for someone to help manage her ranch, luckily she knows just the sweet cowboy for the job Cash Big Crow has just retired from the rodeo circuit and is looking to reconnect with his grown daughter Macie Going to work for Gemma might be just the answer everyone s looking for Giving Cash and Macie the opportunity to settle in one place and get to know each other and Gemma the hired hand she needs Of course before Cash agrees he has a few non negotiable conditions theres won t be a strictly working relationship, Gemma might be the boss lady during the day but once in the bedroom Cash is going to be in charge, no questions asked.To complete our foursome we re also introduced to ranch hand and I m too sexy for my boots tortured artist Carter McKay He takes one look at Macie and realizes he s found his perfect muse The artist in him begging to paint her, sculpt her and just plain have her This doesn t sit well with Cash, he knows all to well the reputations of those hard living, womanizing McKay boys and there ain t no way one of them is getting near his daughter Oh theres sure to be fun and games and even a few dust ups at the Bar 9 this summer As much as I enjoyed this it certainly wasn t my favourite in the series and it took me a while to figure out why I was having a harder time connecting with this story But with 2 couples and 4 POV s it just wasn t as tight And with all the switching back and forth neither couple ever felt complete Anyways, a very small gripe for another great instalment.