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In A Dark Horror Novella For Fans Of Stephen King, Joe Hill, And Dean Koontz, One Unsuspecting Man Faces A Mass Murderer Who S Turned The Afterlife Into His Own Terrifying Playground Some Men Fear Their Own Deaths Others Dream Of Peace And Heaven But Albert Knows Exactly What He Wants To Be The Lord Of His Own Private Hell, Where His Eternal Reward Will Be Torturing The Souls Of His Victims And He Knows How To Get It While Chuck S Dream Of A Promotion May Be Ordinary, His Career Is Anything But As A Recon And Enforcement Technician, Level II, At A Mysterious Organization Known Only As The Institute, Chuck Spends His Days Rescuing Souls That Get Trapped Between This Life And The Next, Caught In Mini Hells Known As Crossfades Lydia Has No Dreams Only Nightmares There Will Be No Awakening From The Impossible Realm Of Terror And Pain Where She S Trapped Unless Chuck Tracks Her Down But This Rescue Will Not Be Easy, Not For A Mere Level II Technician Because, In This Place, Albert Is God And He S Determined That None Shall Escape His Wrath Praise For William Todd Rose S Apocalyptic Organ Grinder With Strong Echoes Of Richard Matheson S I Am Legend, William Todd Rose S Apocalyptic Organ Grinder Delivers On All Fronts The Action Is Brutal And The Blurring Of Man And Monster Intelligently And Inventively Handled Rose Has Written A Smart Thriller With A Ton Of Heart Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Of The Savage Dead AndInheritance The Book Just Took Me Away The Prose Is Beautiful Purple Sunrises Dark, And Definitely Not Fluffy A No Holds Barred Look At What May Happen In The Future Mrs Condit Friends Read Books

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    This is by far one of my stand out reads What a trip this was This one really blew my socks off To be honest I went in not really knowing what I was going to get but what I did get I devoured and absolutely loved This is something really different, speculative horror A bit of sci fi sort of thrown in It just worked, a mash up that worked It s called a Dystopian Novella however, and that bit I think is misleading and in some ways may drive potential readers away if they don t like Dystopian fiction, I disagree as I don t feel it was.It s one of those books that if I write a long review and babble on too much I will give too much away, so here is the brief synopsis, then lets get to my babble While Chuck s dream of a promotion may be ordinary, his career is anything but As a Recon and Enforcement Technician, Level II, at a mysterious organization known only as the Institute, Chuck spends his days rescuing souls that get trapped between this life and the next, caught in mini hells known as crossfades.Lydia has no dreams only nightmares There will be no awakening from the impossible realm of terror and pain where she s trapped unless Chuck tracks her down But this rescue will not be easy, not for a mere Level II technician Because, in this place, Albert is god And he s determined that none shall escape his wrath.So Chuck, basically astral travels for want of a better description from his body all fully trained up in amazing ways to the place where lost souls are kind of floating around stuck He s not the only one, he s part of a crack team His job is to help the stuck souls move on Sounds simple right Nope Not when Chuck hit s a major glitch on what should be an easy mission You see, really EVIL and BAD souls get stuck there too and can create havoc and pain and misery for other poor souls that are in the wrong place at the wrong time in this other realm and Chuck hits one of these scenarios big time And Lydia Well sweetheart The plot is fantastic, I have not read anything like this that I can recall to be honest, it s a novella but it s long enough that you feel sated at the end of the book I loved the descriptiveness of the landscapes, the emotions, the graphic horror scenes oh yes, not for the faint of heart it was crackling on the pages Movie Yes, yes yes It gets darker as you travel on with Chuck here in your earthly body, darker, evil, dangerous, risky, terrifying, scaryyou get the picture right It s an awesome ride I could not put this down Even better, there is a follow on from this that I am about to get my teeth stuck into not literally Loved it, five stars fans of darker fiction, slightly offbeat horror will enjoy this, those that get queasy even reading a psychological thriller may want to avoid But if like me, you like a good scare, a creepy scene that has you freaking out, creatures that make your skin crawl and chase scenes that have you nearly wetting yourself Then grab this You won t look back For of my reviews, book chat, giveaways and come to so much to the publisher for my ARC of this novella via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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    Review copy The official description of Crossfades described them as being like that moment in movies where Acts One and Two briefly coexist they meld into a composite for a moment both scenes visible, yet semitransparent but eventually one asserts its dominion over the other and the plot moves on Chuck Grainger has a job that is at the same time both a dream and a nightmare His official title was Recon and Enforcement Technician, Level II, he thought he d be some kind of cosmic cop, but now he just feels like a glorified janitor.This story is out there, way out there Much like Chuck when he s on assignment, trying to guide a soul who s passed on and for whatever reason can t quite cross The Divide At times, surreal, Crossfades is definitely creepy, and there is also an anomaly that has come up, leading to things getting out of control Although above his pay grade, Chuck goes in to try and sort things out, and that s when the trouble really starts.I really struggled to find the point of the story and it was really only my desire to always finish the books I start to read that kept me going In the end, I was glad I did as there was a nice payoff for the reader.Crossfades is published by Hydra, a Random House imprint and is available only as an ebook.Recommended if you re feeling adventurous I liked it enough to request the sequel Bleedovers which will be released on September 1, 2015.

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    I received a free copy from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, Random House Publishing Group Hydra Crossfades actually gave me nightmares If you hide behind the sofa while watching scary movies, this is not the book for you If, like me, you love the horror genre, you may want to pick it up immediately Chuck is just another cog in the machine that is The Institute A shady organization that uses patients in coma to reach lost souls and help them move on When he finds the one in the space between a Crossfade , he will do anything to help her cross over And what happens in the Crossfade is literally the stuff of nightmares It made me cringe, some passages were unbearable to read and I enjoyed every second It reminded me of Clive Baker, Hieronymus Bosch and the Robin Williams movie What Dreams May Come Amongst all of this, there is a love story so beautiful, I didn t expect it at all A treat for horror fans.

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    I so bought in to the world of Crossfades.up the point that I didn t Chuck Grainger is a whisk, a member of a secret but vital organization He is responsible for helping souls stuck in the Crossfades, an area created by the newly dead that they create for themselves, somewhere between life and death Grainger works with them and then they can move on The first half of this book was great incredibly descriptive, but believable, engaging, and then.Love Pfft Not just love but soulmate love And she s trapped in the worst Crossfade ever, one that has moved to a Cutscene, which is capable of devouring the Crossfades of others and capturing their essences within the Cutscene So there is a dead serial killer that has managed to create a Cutscene.In and of itself, this would have been fine, but for the complete collapse of the chain of command and structure within the organization, based solely on the stupidity and whim of Grainger and Control This really annoyed me maybe if they did their jobs according to the rules, none of the terrible things that happen would have I don t know when I became such a rule follower, but Rose lost me at this point.So, I loved the first half fantasy than horror and really didn t like the second half here s your horror Rose is a good writer, but this story just stopped working for me Extra points that Rose is from West Virginia, though and I would certainly give him another try.

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    REVIEW CROSSFADES by William Todd RoseCROSSFADES is a delightfully compelling, and believable, novella about a wholly unexpected kind of Dystopiana not the post apocalyptic kind resulting from plagues, wars, or nuclear holocaust This is a veritable Dystopiana of the Dead, where the less speedy or knowing spirits are caught in a type of Limbo known as Crossfades, needing only a little aid to move on That s the kind of help that dedicated Recon Tech Chuck Grainger provides, until he discovers that there exists a willfully designed CROSSFADE trap, one set up with malignant intent.

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    I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.Wow A journey into terror which is unimaginable Souls trapped in a hideous afterlife controlled by a monster provide a story which may keep you up all night Dark horror at its best.

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    ARC courtesy of author and publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair review Genre Adult FictionHorrorExcerpt from the book Two minutes passed before he drifted toward the ceiling, his astral form slipping from his body like a balloon from the grasping hand of a child He looked down upon a body that appeared to be wrapped in the arms of sleep his chest rose and fell with evenly spaced breaths and his eyelids flickered slightly Chuck knew he wasn t sleeping, though he existed in the boundary separating wakefulness from dreams, floating weightlessly with a silver ribbon streaming from his sternum Chuck s office lies 15 stories underground, his comatose partner gives him assignments His organization helps souls of the recently deceased move on to where they belong His job is to offer aid to souls needing only a little help to continue their journey The employer recruits prospects from college tests on psyche students Chuck is known as a Whisk and wears a halo and patches to allow control to monitor him as he wanders through the afterlife Chuck is tethered to this realm by a floating silver cord acting as a life line Crossfades are areas created by the newly dead, a place where they linger between life and death Within some crossfades are dark cutscene traps, capable of devouring the essences of other Crossfades to keep them from moving on Chuck discovers a cutscene with evil intent.Excerpt from the book The sky was a deep shade of lavender with puffy white clouds drifting lazily across its expanse to the south, a lemon yellow sun blazed, its rays streaking the atmosphere around it, and a soft breeze carried the scent of lilacs as it rustled grass in a field that seemed to stretch into eternity This grass was dotted with daisies of every color imaginable pink, blue and yellow petals mingling side by side with red, aquas and variegated pastels not normally found in nature The little girl sitting within the tire swing looked to be around seven or eight years old and her blond pigtails brushed against her shoulders as she swung back and forth The entire world disappeared into darkness, everything flashing out of existence in a single instant Excerpt from the book This Cutscene had been responsible for the destruction of Abigail s Crossfade It had consumed the energy the little girl s construct radiated, devouring it so thoroughly that not so much a speck of pollen remained Had her soul fled to another location, retreating to a place where her tire swing and field could rebuild themselves, offering the comfort she so desperately needed Lydia has no dreams only nightmares Excerpt from the book It drew a little closer each time, no matter how quickly Lydia forced her body to move But at every twist or turn, the sounds reached her once again stop, sniff, scurry, repeat Excerpt from book The walls of the room were literally carpeted with the creatures Dusty colored wings fluttered and flapped, struggling against the silver needles that pinned their thoraxes to the wall There were so many that their bodies overlapped each other, making it nearly impossible to tell where one ended and another began Though the eye spots on the wings were nothing than defensive mimicry, each one seemed to glisten behind a well of tears, and Chuck pressed his palms against his eyes, remembering what Johnson had told him about moths sometimes being linked to departing souls Exactly how many souls were pinned here This book is truly a journey into evil terror complete with monstrous creatures in the dark I highly recommend the book and am looking forward to reading the sequel, Bleedovers.

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    I received a digital copy of this book from Net Galley in return for an honest review Thank you to the publisher that allowed me to do soIt s been a long time since I ve read a horror story of this nature It s about the area that a soul can be stuck in, after dying A crossfade Chuck is a living human who through psychological testing, was determined he could work in this unmentionable secret world of helping lost souls enter into their ever after He goes to work each day and he s called a Whisk he lies aside of a man who is in a coma but being sustained with medication, respirator other medical means Chuck puts on a halo patches so that he can be monitored on machines as to what his vital signs are as he goes about his job There s a woman named Control who watches the monitors if detects too much activity beyond normal, will draw Chuck back in so he doesn t dieOne day as he s at work he goes into his meditation breathing techniques that allow him to get to these souls He imagines a silver cord attached to his umbilical that is his lifeline to draw him back in He meets Abigail , a little girl swinging on a tire swing in middle of a field He s trying to get to her to get her to the crossfade when a dark force entersLydia is soul stuck, trying to find her way to a crossfade but she s in a cutscene where it s dark, she doesn t know which way to go when she comes upon an awful monster Chuck is interrupted with Abigail by what s happening to Lydia he s not sure exactly what s happening but Control realizes this is than his training has taught him so she brings him back in He s upset because he s fallen for Lydia wants to save her Meantime since he s now on suspension from his job he sees on TV where a mass murderer named Albert has been executed by electric chair Chuck feels he s able to get back to finding Lydia even without going into work with the help of Control his comatose sidekick so he applies the formula to finding Lydia He s now in a strange cutscene where souls are in terrible conditions, manacled, bodies in all states with flesh open, organs showing just a really dark morbid stench filled room when a man is brought in on a throne It is Albert Forces are now against Chuck as he tries to find Lydia Will he be able to find her Will he have to die in the process of saving her I ll leave all questions unanswered so as to not spoil the story It s a good horror story especially if you like reading about the areas between life death where a soul may linger before crossing over

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    Chuck has an unusual job Yes, he gets up every morning and hops on the subway just like everyone else But when he gets off, Chuck takes a second train with a very limited passenger list His office lies hidden fifteen stories underground and his officemate, the one who basically gives Chuck his assignments, is comatose See Chuck works for a group that helps send the souls of the dead where they belong Sometimes those souls become trapped between our world and the next They call this the Crossfades, a borderland the soul creates and inhabits when they aren t ready to believe they ve died It s Chuck s job to enter the Crossfades and convince the soul that their new reality is anything but It isn t terribly difficult or dangerous at Chuck s level, but when a routine job turns into something much sinister Chuck soon finds his very existence at risk This is a cool concept for a series a super secret organization that recruits employees through standard psychological tests you know, the ones they do in college I myself had to participate in at least three during my Psych 101 semester as part of my grade Anyway, the test was just the beginning for Chuck and he soon found himself part of said organization.The Crossfades were definitely cool William Todd Rose describes these magical and horrific worlds with such great detail, lulling us in the beginning with a pleasant alternate world before throwing us into a nightmare created by a mind so twisted even our hero may have trouble defeating it.Crossfades is just the first novella to feature The Institute It s out now from Penguin Random s Hydra imprint The second installment, Bleedovers, follows in September and I for one am looking forward to seeing what s in store I m particularly interested in learning about The Institute itself and hope that ll play a larger role the second time around Their basics are included in this first outing but that s about it Though that certainly makes them mysterious, it also left me with a lot of questions Questions regarding some of the why, though, nothing pertaining to the actual story itself Basically William Todd Rose did his job, he left me wanting and looking forward to .

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    Review Crossfades by William Todd Rose Publication Date 19th May 2015 Publisher Random House Publishing group Hydra ISBN 9781101883686 Source Netgalley Rating 2.5 Synopsis Some men fear their own deaths Others dream of peace and heaven But Albert knows exactly what he wants to be the lord of his own private hell, where his eternal reward will be torturing the souls of his victims And he knows how to get it While Chuck s dream of a promotion may be ordinary, his career is anything but As a Recon and Enforcement Technician, Level II, at a mysterious organization known only as the Institute, Chuck spends his days rescuing souls that get trapped between this life and the next, caught in mini hells known as crossfades Lydia has no dreams only nightmares There will be no awakening from the impossible realm of terror and pain where she s trapped unless Chuck tracks her down But this rescue will not be easy, not for a mere Level II technician Because, in this place, Albert is god And he s determined that none shall escape his wrath Review The exciting synopsis for Crossfades encouraged me to request it on Netgalley, but once I started reading, I was a little disappointed to be honest I was expecting a suspenseful, gripping tale but this just didn t do it for me.Whether the way it is written didn t light the fire in me, or I didn t find the story was like I had hoped, I m not sure Some parts were fast paced and held me interest for a short while, but I was sorely tempted to skim read which is never a good sign.I m sure that other readers will really enjoy Crossfades it just wasn t for me This review is merely my honest opinion and is primarily feedback for the author and or publisher I was provided with a review copy by the publisher, in return for my honest review