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Todd O Malley Has Been Called Many Things, From Filthy Mouthed Jerk To Legendary Rock God With His Outlandish Cocky Demeanor Tatted Up And Pierced, Compared In Looks To Adam Levine His Constant Use Of The F Bomb, And The Seductive Gyrations He Performs For The Ladies On Stage, Affirm He Is A Man Every Woman Craves But There Is Only One Woman Who Is Able To Capture His Heart, Kyra EdwardsThat Chance Meeting At A Little Coffee Shop In Evanston Began Their Journey Of Compromise, Pain, Dedication And LoveFrom The Night He Took Her Virginity To Todd S Past Sex Capades And Consequences Threatening Their Relationship, Will Kyra Be Able To Deal With It With Todd And His Band Avenue Touring On The Road, Can He Prove To Kyra That He Is A Changed Man Can He Be Faithful And Avoid Temptation Jennifer Theriot Brings Us Yet Another Contemporary Romance Love Story That Will Capture Our Hearts This Is Truly A Story Of Beauty And The Beast, Where We Admire The Beauty That Is Kyra And Adore The Beast Known As ToddYou Loved Him In Out Of The Box Awakening And Out Of The Box Regifted In The Pages Of Toccata Obbligato Serenading Kyra, You Ll Get Inside His Head See What Makes Him Tick And Get To Know The Woman Who Captured His HeartThis Rock Star Romance Short Story Is A Companion Novella Of The Out Of The Box SeriesIt Contains Adult Situations And Language, And Is Intended For Readers Over The Age Of

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    Oh my goodness Absolutely loved it It was from Todd s point of view and kept with it the whole time Never deviated I can not wait till book 3 of the Out Of The Box series Find out what all happened with everyone else Good Job Jennifer.

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    I m not a fan of short stories but Toccata Obbligato belongs to the rare kind that grabs you from beginning to end I read it in one sitting and I had a great time.The tale is well developed, fast paced, fluid, funny, witty, and the dialogue is as good as it gets Kyra is such a sweet girl I started fearing for her when she meets rock god Todd then I was glad to see she can take care of herself I particularly enjoyed the scene with Todd and Kyra s father.This story is perfect for any fans of the genre I know I ll be reading soon the Out of the Box series.

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    Toccata Obbligato Serenading Kyra by Jennifer Theriot is one of the best stories I have read in quite a while From the first of the story, I was drawn in by the characters, the story and the depth of emotions this short novella packs By page 20, I had tears By the end of the story, I was sobbing Todd is the bad boy rocker who may possibly have a heart of gold We are seeing through all the layers of his character and exploring what he is capable of feeling Kyra is the beautiful student, interested in university studies than the world of music Like most important events in our lives, their meeting is unplanned and unexpected That s the beginning The end of this story will rip your heart out You will want to read Out Of The Box Awakening as well as Out Of The Box Regifted by Jennifer Theriot before you read this novella, but you do not have to in order to understand Toccato Obbligato Reading those books will give you insight into the background of Todd O Malley and his world I highly recommend this book Like it s title, it is a lyrical work only set to words instead of music.

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    Excellent take on a very bad boy A self proclaimed bad boy Under it all is hiding a romantic looking for someone to see who he really is Since we are talking Todd here, nothing is easy But it is intense.

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    Book Toccata Obbligato Serenading Kyra Book 2.5 Author Jennifer Theriot Publication Date 10 2014Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW I was so overjoyed to see another book in this series When I read the first book by this author I fell in love with the story and Todd well he is a big part of the story so I was really happy to read this Todd comes across as a airhead in my opinion but he has the biggest , sweetest soul of anyone in the story He finally finds the woman for him but almost loses her a few times through out the story Olivia is of course his best friend besides Tommy and she is there for him when he needs help the most So pick up your copy of this awesome continuation in the story and read it Kyra and Todd will delight you I am impatiently awaiting the next book in this wonderful series All I can say is grab this authors books in this series they are fantastic I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review Jennifer Theriot

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    Rock and roll and committed relationships aren t an easy fit, especially when the rock and roller is used to living a quintessentially bad boy lifestyle In this novel we see how hard Todd must struggle, with himself and circumstances, to grow up and claim what he truly wants, a life with Kyra.Jennifer Theriot has deftly managed a difficult task in this book She gets us inside Todd s head and helps us understand what makes him tick We witness him growing and maturing as he discovers what it takes to be the person he wants to be We truly get to know the soft heart residing behind the bad boy facade.This is a surprisingly sweet love story, F bombs and all It reminds us that everyone, regardless of how they appear to the world, is both capable and deserving of love.Oh, and a side note I urge everyone to make use of the Spotify Toccata Obbligato Serenading Kyra Playlist Ms Theriot provides It s a truly nice bonus You can find it here

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    This book was given to me for my honest review.From the first sentence this book grabbed my attention Todd A musician who has no trouble when it comes to the ladies Touring and hooking up with random groupies is his norm, but he wants . He wants to meet his one and only He doesn t have ant family, although he does have one very good friend Olivia.She wants the best for Todd and tells him when the right woman comes along there will be no doubt what so ever that she is the one for you..Kyra college student, smart and very innocent.A chance meeting at a coffee shop brings these to together.In the few minutes they share Todd feels that Kyra is the one What happens when two people are so different Can Todd change his ways He has quite a reputation..Will they come together and make it work Is Todds past to much for the very innocent Kyra Will Todd go back to his old ways For all this and read the book Very fast paced excellent read.I can not wait to see what comes next

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    Before I begin If you haven t read Out Of The Box Awakening Out Of The Box Regifted then this book might be a bit confusing I highly recommend reading those first so you can capture the full Todd O Malley experience Todd is everything you should avoid but when you try You just want him I absolutely loved this book It explained some of the questions that bounced in my head from reading OOTBA OOTBR, and you get to know a little about that sexy, mouthy musician You also get to know Kyra, she s so sweet and innocent I hope she can handle the lifestyle of a rock star.If you like mouthy musicians who resemble Adam Levine tattoos and all Then grab this book, you will love it

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    What an awesome book from Todd s Bert point of view I loved him from the Out of the Box series already, but this made me love him All except the fact that he looks like Adam Levine.hehehehe so not my fave, but not a deal breaker He s a self proclaimed man whore, f bomb dropping, tatted,rocker guy with a heart of gold Todd finds the woman of his dreams at a coffee shop while killing time waiting for an appointment to see a classic car he s a collector Kyra is college student and can t understand what a rocker could possibly want with her Somehow the two get it together and you ll have to read the how and details yourself

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    The gorgeous cover and the intriguing title caught my eye and invited me in The story inside was even delicious This is the first book I ve read from Jennifer and this short novella hooked me Every paragraph, every sentence, every word drew me in and kept me reading I couldn t put it down, Once i learned there were books and larger ones in the series, i ran and bought them Her writing style is interesting, fast paced and keeps you turning pages I truly cannot wait to read the other books in the series and look forward to even details and wonderful chapters to escape into.