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In Life After Life Ursula Todd lived through the turbulent events of the last century again and again In A God in Ruins Atkinson turns her focus on Ursula’s beloved younger brother Teddy – would be poet RAF bomber pilot husband and father – as he navigates the perils and progress of the 20th century For all Teddy endures in battle his greatest challenge will be to face living in a future he never expected to have

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    man this book chills i tell you everywhere chills this is a companion book to Life After Life and technically it is teddy's story teddy you will recall from life is ursula's little brother if you have not read Life After Life what the crap is wrong with you?? go read meet us back here when you're donei say technically because although teddy is definitely the center of this book we are still treated to the stories and perspectives of some of our other friends from life as well as some new additions sylvie izzie nancy hugh sunny viola bertie and just a dash of ursula who does not spend this book dying on every other page lucky girl the two things about life that resonated with me long after i closed the book had nothing to do with its structural playfulness which seems to be the thing about the book that most people wanna talk about and it should be talked about because it was risky and well handled but for me that was or less cosmetic the things that shattered me were her writing about war and her glorification of english stoicism and while this book doesn't have the same structure as life it most definitely has these two focal pointsand they are just as good here as they were in life i'm not big into wartime narratives but atkinson has a gift she takes the english experience during world war two and just dissects the crap out of it whether it be in long chapters about teddy's experiences as a fighter pilot sometimes TOO long which is my sole complaint about this book but that complaint is tied to my own tastes which balked at the very detailed descriptions of planes which are no doubt fascinating to people with an interest in military history or in smaller stories about the way the war changed people their sexual permissiveness social restructuring and my second ♥ that stiff upper lip if you're reading this review you probably know me and know my tastes and a lot of what i enjoy from steinbeck to hardy to grit lit are stories of endurance and adaptability in unforgiving circumstances the triumph of the human spirit and man's struggle against forces of nature and hardship yada and this entire book is resting on the sturdy foundation of stoic forbearance on doing what needs to be done on making do and not making a fussa perfect example of this It was when she had come down from the walls at Monkgate Bar and was waiting to cross the road at the traffic lights that a black curtain suddenly descended and covered her left eyeIf she had gone completely blind she would have called for help but the loss of only one eye didn't seem cause enough to involve complete strangersi mean COME ON that is stellarand also instead he had stayed and plodded on because something told him that this was the life that had to be lived outHe preferred solitary pursuits and being a member of a group seemed rather dutiful but he could do dutiful and somebody had to or the world would fall apartand the book is just FILLED with that same as in life and it is also filled with stories stories stories each one a soulhurting gem three words dominici said that the book wasn't as structurally playful as life but it does do a couple of things we bounce around back and forth in time and voice prewar wartime postwar post post war with an overarching omniscient narrator casually inserting facts and fates that will happen in the future which may or may not be fleshed out in later chapters details will occur and then recur in a different context with different import we will revisit meaningful objects through the eyes of several characters who may not know what they are looking at oh and there's this one other thing about which you will hear nothing from me except that it's reader jarring than anything that happens in life don't read too many reviews of this book i have been careful but others may not be go in cold and prepare to be blown away again by this woman's phenomenal storytelling abilities and her ability to write characters for whom you will care very deeply and fear for because we are at war and you can be killed while sunbathing on a roof please ms atkinson jimmy izzie maurice anyonethis is only a four star from me because it is not quite as good as Life After Life which is like saying camembert is not quite as good as brie it's practically a meaningless distinction as i would eat either of those anytime anywhere for all intents and purposes this is a five star bookcome to my blog