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Claire Hamilton Will Do Anything To Avoid Marrying The Vile Duke To Whom Her Uncle Has Her Betrothed Including Marrying Convicted Felon Dr Devon Blackmon, A Prisoner In Newgate PrisonIn Retaliation, Claire Is Banished To The Wild Outpost Of Jamaica, Where On Impulse She Buys A Slave Of Her Own, Only To Discover That She Has Inadvertently Bought Her Own Husband A Move That Does Anything But Endear Him To His New Wife Forced Together In Order To Fight The Deadly Plague Ravaging The Island, Claire And Blackmon Slowly Develop A Forbidden Friendship That Neither Expected Wildly Untrusting On Both Sides, They Struggle To Navigate Their Newfound Positions Until Blackmon Seizes A Chance To Escape, Soon Rising To Fame As The Black Devil Pirate, Commanding His Caribbean Kingdom And Striking Fear In The Crowned Heads Of EuropeBut The Outlaw Is Not Finished With Claire Yet, As Their Paths Eventually Cross Once Again And Blackmon Takes Her CaptiveCaught In A War Between France, England, And Their Own Hearts, Will Claire And Blackmon Survive

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    A Caribbean AdventureThe first thing I noticed as I began to read this was that I recognized the plot Then it came to me Shanna It is one of my favorites by Kathleen Woodiwiss So I grabbed Shanna off the shelf and discovered I was right This is from the back cover blurb of Shanna Behind the walls of Newgate Prison a secret pact is sealed, as a condemned man consents to wed a beautiful, free spirited heiress thereby rescuing her from an unwanted arranged union While the plot is similar to Shanna both heroines end up on a Caribbean isle where the hero, who has survived Newgate, is sold as a slave and demands his conjugal rights from the heroine , this is a very different book in the writing style, the characters personalities and in some of the later story developments It is set in the late 17th century, but reads like a Regency with glib banter and lots of hyperbole The heroine, Claire Hamilton, is flighty and impulsive She is balanced by her wise, bookish cousin, Lily The hero, Devon Blackmon, is a London physician of Irish origin who gets swept up in the king s raid on a nest of rebels Most of the book takes place in the Caribbean and for most of that the hero and heroine are squabbling There are lots of twists and turns as Devon turns pirate and becomes wealthy, commanding his own ship A plague strikes the island, the Spanish attack and a French pirate tries to capture Claire It s a wild ride to be sure.

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    I really loved, The Winds of Fate, written by new to me author Elizabeth St Michel I truly enjoyed this beautiful adventure filled with two charming characters, Devon, a rebel man with lots of sex appeal and Claire, a bold and independent young woman, passion, betrayal and mystery

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    My mom loved this and if there s one thing I trust, it s my mom s love for HR novels Old ladies know good romance stories.

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    I was in the mood for a moc story so I came upon this by chance, I didn t read any reviews before I started reading this And I m glad I didn t because usually I get a little wary of pirate and adventure stories as I am not a fan of bodice rippers, so boy was I glad that this wasn t a bodice ripper.The story starts off with our h, Claire, who is an orphan and has been living with her cook named Cookie and her cousin,Lily Her cousin from her mother s side was sadly orphaned as a child and started living with her and unfortunately the h was ophaned shortly after when her parents passed away due to a carriage accident.Our h and her cousin were then thrown into a horrid part of London when her Uncle Jarvis inherited the title of Baron that previously belonged to her father She had nothing of her own and her uncle threw the 9 year old h and her cousin out The cook, Cookie, found the girls and took them under her wing until the Uncle returned to their horror He put the h into the ton in order to marry her off to the highest bidder The highest bidder turned out to be the nasty duke who was old enough to be her grandfather and he also had a penchant for young women and each one that he married, somehow wound up dead So this is where the story begins with the h racinf to the Newgate prison in order to wed a tried felon so that she could get his name and become a widow When she met the H who is an innocent man convicted and tried in prison prior to the wedding, she did not see his face but he did through a hole in the sheet that seperated them She was upset that she had to resort to this and did feel horrible for the H at this point but then again he was a criminal and she could not do anything to help although she had asked him if anything could be done to save him Little did she know that he would not be hanged and instead would be sent to the camps in Jamaica as a slave The h was beaten by her uncle for disobeying him and marrying someone else and then he took her to Jamaica with him, Lily and Cookie followed her to Jamaica After 3 months of mourning as a widow she pulls off not marrying anyone, she then finally lays eyes on the H who is brought as a slave, feeling sad for him, she buys him for 11 pounds He, on the other hand , recognises the h immediately and feels hatred for the aristrocacy and he feels hatred for her as she hadn t even fulfilled her promise Oh yeah in the prison, he had asked for one night to consumate their wedding and she had promised she would grant him that but she didn t find him again when she went back to Newgate and thought him as dead and he thought she shirked her promise There in Jamaica, things start heating up, turns out the H is a doctor as well and starts working to heal the people living there He is, however, scorned and treated as a slave and I really did feel his misery A lot of things happen in Jamaica finally leading to yhe ultimate escape of the prisoners along with Ames, another slave, who fell in love with Lily The h doesn t see the H for a year and knows that he has become an outlaw and even worse, a pirate From here, the story I feel gets far interesting from pirates attacking pirates to gettinf kidnapped, almost getting raped okay that wasn t fun and ultimately declaring their love for eachother It was really heartwarming But, I removed one star from this because even though the h was traumatised by her past, which I understand but she took far too long to realise she loved the H and couldn t live without him, it took her cousin Lily to explain things to her for her to finally realise love was worth everything Sometimes she really did irritate me so much that I kept rolling my eyes, I think I got a headache because of her stubbornness All in all, I loved the H in this novel and to some extent the h too There was no serious ow or om drama there was a small bit about a Sir Teackle who was nasty and wanted to marry the h and a small bit about a brothel woman who sort of sexually attacked the H, lol that was funny But the H and h were true to eachother H was celibate since he met the h, in fact since 6 months before he met her since he was imprisoned She was a virgin and she was not a mary sue So a lovely read Highly recommended, definitely something different than the other historicals.

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    An enjoyable, mesmerizing and educational debut read.This was my first novel by Ms St Michel.I will definitely be reading of her books The setting begins in London during the Georgian era, under the realm of King James. Dr Devon Blackmon is about to be executed for a crime he didn t commit When a lovely young woman is brought to him in the Newgate Prison She has a strange request of him, but he ends of acquiescing to her request, as he s hours away from death.Claire Hamilton is punished for her action at Newgate Prison Her cruel and mean spirited Uncle Jarvis quickly whisked her away to Jamaica after discovering she had gone behind his back, and consequently, put a halt to his plans, of marrying her off to a Duke From this point, the plot thickens with lots of betrayal, cruelty, passion, tension, and family legal issues Finally, a war with pirates ensues through a wonderfully told sea adventure.Ms St Michel engages her reader with her tantalizing tale of adventure and mayhem Her characters are well developed and the historical tribulations of prisoners endured during this time frame is daunting It was apparent the plot of the story line, during the time period, was thoroughly researched.I highly recommend this novel to all those who enjoy a captivating read

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    I am so happy I chose to read this beautiful historical romance by Elizabeth St Michel It brought me back to the first books when I was in my teenage years reading books of pirates, captains, the heroine in the historical novels always a young smart educated and wealthy heiress This book captivated me from the first chapter Her writing is clean and enjoyed the love and romance, which is unique in a historical romance It is so entertaining from the beautiful beginning and ending story of Claire Hamilton and Dr Devon Blackmon Their travels from London, Newgate Prison, to the beautiful ocean travels to the Carribean Islands and their ever ending trials and tribulations to fall in love and end up together My compliments to the author on a great love story Look forward to her next historical romance.

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    I ve read a number of these reviews, and will agree that there are a number of cliches and poor editing, but I didn t feel they distracted me from the story much As I read, the plot seemed new and exciting to me Admittedly, I have never read Shanna, so might read that soon It s been so many years since I ve watched Captain Blood, that I can t remember any similarities there either.For me, the book started a bit slow, but soon picked up Sometimes I laughed at their antics, and I have to admit I cried quite a bit, too I loved Ms St Michel s character development Even the tertiary and beyond characters were developed and held place in my heart As far as I m concerned, I could easily see this as a beginning of a series In fact, I would love that I would definitely read it

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    Great bookThis is a really good book I loved the story from beginning to the end It is about a pirate captain and the woman he loved It is about over coming great obstacles in life for both the hero and his lady This story has it all, action, fast paced and the finding of true love This is the first book I have read by Ms St michael, but will not be the last I highly recommend.

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    The Winds of Fate held my interest captive.Characters were vivid and strong, even the evil were well defined The plot, though predictable, it is a romance novel was interspersed with twists and turns that kept the story fresh I was hooked from page one If you like strong characters, independent women and thoroughly manly men, you will love this book Oh, did I mention, not one typographical error Refreshing

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    I absolutely loved this book Other reviews will tell you about the plot I have to say what I think is most important How I felt I was hooked from the beginning I love the way the author weaves the story There was a point where I said to myself, NO This is too much It s not fair You ve gone too far However, by the time I finished the book I was completely satisfied and it totally made my day Now isn t that what a book should do I think so.