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The current generation's best and brightest live and learn on Northport University's picturesque Ivy League campus— a mosaic of talents creeds and skin colors united in their desire to make the world a better place Senior Jason Curran is the epitome of the Northport student an Australian martial artist who speaks fifteen languages and majors simultaneously in Neuroscience and Engineering Yet all his life Jason has been slightly out of tune with the world outside of him Northport is no different if he is a perfect fit on paper the brilliant but reclusive student does not fit in on campus whose hidden social curriculum he fails to navigate instead focusing obsessively and alone on a mysterious project Overnight Jason's orderly life is thrown upside down when Northport abruptly and inexplicably suspends him based on grave allegations Can he restore his reputation and overcome his social isolation which is brought to a whole new level by these accusations? Turmoil romance exotic locations and a relentless investigation by a determined Northport Dean are all brought together in Jason's thrilling multi continent quest for understanding invention redemption and the realization that social awkwardness is not a crime

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    This gem of a book is an incisive almost anthropological portrayal of life on a elite American university campus Most of what the students at these universities take for granted the cosmopolitanism of the student body the gleaming buildings endowed with enormous donations from alumni the natural encounters with award winning researchers the bottomless coffers for student travel abroad and on campus activities etc is subtly hinted at throughout the text The author's greatest achievement has been creating an Ivy League campus that is so believable with its centuries old traditions and its millennial overachieving students that we forget it came out of Aitsahalia's imaginationAs for Jason the main character he is both detestable with his condescending attitude and need for no one and endearing not only because of what happens to him throughout the novel but also because we learn of all the troubles he went through to get where he is This is the best portrayal of the daily challenges of a character with Asperger's I've seen since The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Idir Aitsahalia