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When you're short on time and yarn crochet granny suare patterns are just the way to go With this eBook you'll learn how to crochet granny suares that are as uniue as they are easy Featuring a range of pattern styles and crochet stitches you'll be able to create uick and easy granny suares in no time This eBook will help you with •Step by step tutorials•Detailed materials lists•Clear large photos•Easy to understand instructions

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    Pictures and additional linksGreat little book The directions were accompanied by pictures of the finished suares I know it's a little strange that I'm going about there being pics but wait until you grab that book with the interesting front cover and realize that there's no pic Let's see you laugh thenLOL But seriously it's kind of a rarity There are pics of some of the trickier instructions as well Which once again I will mention is a blessing Loved it

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    Yarn hook and Granny Suares A very good book for learning to do granny Suares From simple to advanced A variety of designs and motifs This book will keep youCrocheting beautifull suares to make awesome uilts From baby totweens to appeal teens as well as adults A very nicely done book onGranny Suares that helps you to understand crocheting patterns as wellDebra H

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    Looking forward to theseA great group of patterns by crocheters I am already familiar with I've been wanting to expand my granny suare knowledge and this is a good fit The blooming violet is especially beautiful Some of the images could stand to be bigger

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    Great 👍Exelent book I'm a complete beginner so slightly challenging in a good way as I want to learneasy to understand the way the patterns are written I absolutely recommend this book if you want to learn crochet

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    Easy and FunNice assortment of patterns using traditional granny suare techniue Includes color photos for each project Great for beginners or those wanting simple ideas for afgans

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    Not as beginner friendly as I hopedAll the pattens look amazing however it was not aa beginner friendly as I hoped I am a visual learner and there was not a lot of beginning images

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    This is a great bookPrecise easy to ready pattern instructions This book has great easy to understand pictures along with the instructions I am going to make many of these patterns I would recommend this book to anyone looking for granny suare patterns

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    Good selection of crochet suaresClear instructionsnone of the patterns are really difficult The owl suare is fun but a little work than the typical suare but turns out really cute The peace sign is different

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    Nice A nice assortment of Granny suares to crochet I can’t wait to get started refreshing my rusty crochet skills and hopefully have an Afghan or two ready for Christmas gifts next year The owl suare is adorable

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    Great easy patternsAll patterns are well written and easy to follow Some have photos for each step to make your progress easier