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Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review THANK YOU MY RATING 1 2 STARS MC Chronicles The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 1 by Bink CummingsF ck me, I picked this up, hit the first chapter and it reads very much like a diary duh me it bloody says it as plain as day The Diary of Bink Cummings Oh god shoot me now lolI will admit that it did take me a while to get into just with the writing style but once I did for the life of me I could not put it down..It wasn t like most biker books full of all those good dark and gritty things that make your head spin and your stomach curdle this is based on Binks life story and that s what makes it real, it s not glorified it tells her life how it is..This is Binks story, a thirty year old, single female, who was brought up by the Sacred Sinners Motorcycle Club..She grew up surrounded all things associated with club life, she s a tough ball breaker who tells it how it is and if you don t like it well f ck you..Bink This c nt of mine that I am very happy to possess gets lots of juicy, make me want to scream orgasms when I ride my hog So you saying that woman only want to ride because they have gender identity problems is bullsh t to the tenth degree, asshole I was eleven when I had my very first orgasm And guess where that took place On.My.Hog Been hooked ever since. Big who plays a huge part in Bink s life is an over grown, blue eyed, steroid boosted control freak who has cave man tendencies, but who I couldn t help but fall in love with..It s hard to put a label on what these two are..But he s been there right at the beginning of time..Big the man I ve loved my whole life The asshole, control freak, the caretaker, the savior, the man with the rainbow band aids, my homecoming date. All of himBig You are going to come all over my fingers, you will scream my name loud and clear when you do And the men of this clubhouse are going to hear it Viper that Pr ck who touched your f ckin ass today, is going to hear it The angels in heaven will hear my name fall in ecstasy from your beautiful lips Then they will know They will know, f ckin know that this pussy, this f ckin hot as sin, tastier than everything in this world pussy is off motherf ckin limits Not one single one of these assholes will even think to touch a pussy that I ve marked.I can not wait to see where life leads Bink to next and can t wait for the next installment me personally I hope it leads her back to Big.. I so want the next volume like right now I need Can t wait till next February Yes this leaves you hanging but in a good way Bink Cummings life story as a bad ass biker chick Bink is the daughter Queen of the MC club Sacred Sinners Her dad the VP and Big Dick the Prez Bink is an independent thirty year old with attitude and rides her pink and black Harley and what a connection they have together Big Dick has known Bink since the day she was born Big is very protective of her he s been their for her growing up every step of the way The chemistry and relationship between Bink and Big Dick gradually unfolds nicely but with plenty of frustrating action along the way Super hot panty melting moments too I love the relationship with Big and Bink just wish he could of kept his Big Dick in his pants.A great story is told and you meet with lots of great characters along the way you either love or hate 5 BIG Dick StarsA copy gifted to me for a honest review. ARC generously given by the Author for an honest review I really loved this book It was very different from other MC Romance books that I have read It felt fresh and authentic Bing is a kick ass woman that has grown up in the lifestyle She s tough, sexy and strong a true Biker Queen This book had everything I love in this genre it had strong characters, wild open sex, big dicks lol and raunch I hope Bing finds what she s looking for whether it s Big Dick seriously that is his nameand he can back it up or a life away from the club I hope that she ll end up happy One click this people you will not be disappointed One of the best MC romance books I ve read in a long time I had this on my Kindle for such a long time so I finally decided to read it, and boy I did in one sitting Loved it 5 Possibly the Best MC Romance I Have Ever Read Stars I could not put this down I read it all in one night Even incredibly, this is a true story Thus not every detail will be to your liking this is the real MC world after all but that just somehow manages to add to the scorching hot, erotic, forbidden love story This MC tale also has a very fresh and unique plot where the heroine, to a certain extent, is treated, and definitely acts, like a member than club property I just loved her kick ass ways and distinctive style The suspense aspect of this read is also fantastic and perfectly written to elicit the maximum intrigue The story does end in a life altering, huge cliffhanger though, and I for one need Part 2 now Having been relatively abandoned by her mother, who had no trouble raising her siblings, Eva Bink Cummings was practically raised by the Sacred Sinners MC Her father being the VP helped, but Eva had a number of members who routinely looked after her, made sure she had everything she needed and protected her, including Big, the MC s President, Gunz, the MC s Sergeant at Arms, and a whole slew of other MC family members When Eva experienced life s milestones, it was the Sacred Sinners MC brothers she turned to and who helped her grow up Of course our life s experiences help shape us into the adults we become, and Bink is no exception As a 30 year old, woman raised by bikers she is very much like them in a female form She, for example, is the only female to have her own room at the Sacred Sinner s clubhouse, drives her own vintage, pink and black Harley who she loves to get off on , and gets special privileges among her MC family that are typically reserved for full members Being the queen of the MC, however, has its costs as Bink is still unmarried, childless and it is a well known rule among the brothers that she is the one female who the biker s are strictly forbidden from touching Of course, Bink is independent woman who is confident in her sexuality and has engaged in her own extracurricular activities with men outside of the club, but it never seems to lead to anything serious Part of the excitement and allure of this romance is the slow development of sexual tension as you start to question whether the story could possibly be headed in the direction of forbidden love Therefore, I will not spoil the experience by spelling out who Bink gets romantically and extremely erotically involved with Suffice it to say, that their encounters kept me hot and bothered all night long, as I read this salacious story, even as I questioned whether he s the type of man who would satisfy Bink long term, given the habits he has picked up living the MC life Further adding to the captivating and compelling nature of this story are hints that begin to surface that indicate that Bink has been kept in the dark as to life altering circumstances which occurred in the past Leaving you further questioning what is about to change which has provided the means for her suitor to circumvent the established rules and seek out that which has always been off limits Wow, what a page turner I loved this stunning debut by Bink Cummings Demonstrating her talent in both erotic and suspenseful writing, I can t wait to continue this unique and stunning journey towards self discovery in MC Chronicles The Diary of Bink Cummings Volume 2 which is due out in February of 2015 Source Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. DNF 47%.We were recommended this book and as it was noted that it was part truth part fiction it definitely piqued our interest Hearing the diary of a woman who had lived and breathed the MC life definitely had our book hearts beating.Now there are some books you can lose yourself in and there are some books that lose you This one sadly fell in the latter It lost us completely, though we did push on to 47% so we gave it a go First off we didn t feel the real life factor in this story at all It felt like a complete work of fiction In the book the author takes a shot at SOA, well, for us SOA felt like a reality show compared to this story.The story felt familiar oh we know, a lot of books do, but this one particularly so, but that wasn t the main factor in our DNF The first issue was the main character We couldn t connect to her or herrelationshipwith the Club Prez, Big Dick This relationship actually made us feel a little uncomfortableYou re the club s forbidden fruit Lots of men want to taste it But I m the gatekeeper and they have to stay out of your orchard Big Dick Here was a man who, for all intents and purposes, was her father figure It s mentioned numerous times how the heroine viewed him in this light and vice versa Those who know our book tastes know we don t have a problem with age differences at all so the 20 year age gap wasn t even a consideration in our feelings on the relationship between Bink and Big Dick.What caused us to disconnect was the fact that this man was such a father figure and he viewed her as a daughter even accompanying her to purchase her first bra when her Mum wasn t up for the task He d tended to her as a child and this was reiterated throughout, so by the time the relationship turned sexual it made us feel a bit uncomfortable We didn t buy it and we couldn t continue Am I seriously that much a slut that I d actually let the club president who s like a damn father to me eat my pussy like a fat kid eats cake Correction, no he didn t eat it He made out with it He French fucking kissed my pussy Tongued it like it was his lover BinkA lot of people love this book so this is a personal opinion It just didn t work for us In fact we kind of felt as though we needed a shower after reading that quote above after what had transpired between them. I M A Biker And A Woman Who Was Raised By My Family, The Sacred Sinners Growing Up An MC Brat I Ve Known Nothing But Leather, Booze, Club Whores, Camaraderie, And ChromeThe Name S Eva Bink Cummings And This Is My Story At The Ripe Ole Age Of Thirty, With No Husband Or Kids, Being A Part Of A Motorcycle Club Isn T All Fun And Games Things Are Changing The Moment My World Collides With The Six Foot Eight Biker Who Helped Raise Me, I Find Out The Hard Way That Your Life, In An Instant, Can Be Flipped Upside Down And The People You Know And Love Aren T Always Who They SeemSteamy Adult Romance Warning Contains Mature Scenarios, And Mass Quantities Of Profanity For Ages This Is Not A Stand Alone, The Entire Series Has Been Released MC Chronicles The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 1 generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 5 Yin to his Yang StarsMC Romances intrigue the hell out of me The lifestyle I m completely unfamiliar with yet totally consumed by the nature of this life Each MC romance story I ve read expresses a different take on what biker life embodies, each no less interesting than the last Then Bink Cummings comes along and writes a book based on the actual biker life she leads and captivates me even so than many other fiction MC romances I ve read Everything you love about MC romances presents itself a bas ass woman, intensity, grit, fiery personalities, alpha males, and uninhibited sex Bink s story captivates you so much because it s a personal account of actual events This type of storytelling makes it all the real for the reader The writing sets the reader on Bink s journey through her own head sorting out her emotions and reactions to events on the fly It s a very well written diary style re telling of a crucial turning point in her life We get some history, some insight into the ways of her mind and her world We also get a front row seat to the inside of the Sacred Sinners Motorcycle Club where most anything goes We get a red hot relationship that s building upon years of kinship and trust, a relationship Bink herself isn t quite sure how to handle with the alpha male of all alpha males that, as it turns out, I think she s been handling all her life The question is why And lastly we get to ride out some suspense and intrigue right along with Bink based on what s going on in the club and why certain things are changing in her life.This woman, hands down, exemplifies a bad ass woman For the simple fact that she took the craziness in her head and put it to paper for us to read and enjoy That takes guts Guts I d presume derive from the very lifestyle she s telling us about Her life maintains a raw, gritty course one that she owns completely She s a Queen of a club for whom the members not only adore her but importantly respect her The way Bink Cummings has told us her story is an amazing style choice Learning things as they happened, just as Bink learned them leaves us with questions in which we need answers We feel for the secondary characters just as she does We wonder about the hero of the story just as she wonders about him We re living the life right alongside her It provides for a captivating ride of a book I for one can t wait for the next chronicle to be released I want Bink, Big Dick, and all the Sacred Sinners. image I was very honoured to be given ARC, especially about bikers I must say I was wondering how this is going to play out, since is a diary And I m very pleased to say that I LOVED this book To be honest, there are many books about MC s, the outlaw life and the family surrounding MC I was very down past few books I have read, believe me I read plenty and it just seemed to me that there is repetition of the story.image BUT NOT THIS I m not going to describe the storyline, let me just say, that this is WORTH to read it Our heroine is great, bad ass, has her own mind and personally best friend Eva ,,Bink,, grew up in the life so there is no question that she is probably the best biker chick I have read about past few weeks.I love every character in this book, from the brothers to the whores I have laugh, cried and felt the lost with Bink on her wayimage I am me. I can t change that. This is in the best interest of everyone, and most of all, for the club.I must say even thought the ending was hard to read, all the built up to it, the last diary entry, I think it could not end better way While reading the book at the beginning I thought about it that it should happen, or end in similar way as it ended and I m happy with the outcome.Can not wait for , I know there is probably gonna shit storm come in her way, but I can not wait to read it and be there with Bink I ll see ya next time Wish me luck. PEACEimage ARC by Bink Cummings provided to me in exchange for an honest review. Re read August 3, 2017One of the first books I read that made me love the MC genre I cannot wait till Bink Cummings write stories from the Mother Chapter That s how much I like them We meet Bink, a badass, a blonde and a woman who is not afraid to fight for what she wants You like the sound of that already right Enter Big Foul mouthed, protective and so much alpha you gotta take a minute break, because he WILL get to you Still sounding good Then add an amazing storyline, brilliant and funny writing and amazing characters You are gonna fall hard for Gunz, don t say I didn t warn you And you got yourself a winner Would highly recommend 2015 My bloody favourite Amazing writing and terrific storyline Will I recommend YES