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2.5 5 starswarning to anybody everybody who wants to read this because it s the series Bones is based on don t do it there is literally zero parallels between the book and tv series, apart from the main character sharing a name no quirky side characters, attractive hilarious FBI agents or banter Seriously, stay away This book has no Booth, Zack, Angela, Hodgins, Sweets or any of your other well loved characters Even Temperance Brennan holds none of the familiar and well loved traits she s emotionalugh, I ll get onto that later , in her late forties, a mother, divorced and a recovering alcoholic Yeah, I know I went into this book knowing there would be so many differences from the show, but I thought I d at least be capable of making connections I couldn t There was nothing similar about these two stories and it took me a while to push through and accept it for what it was But when I was able to do that, I slowly began to enjoy myself.Tempe Brennan travels from her home in the South of the U.S every year during her break working on a college board, to lend her expertise in Quebec, Canada During one of her stints in Quebec, a string of mutilated all very graphically described, heavy emphasis on the sexual mutilations, so be wary if that s something you might find hard to handle female bodies come onto her table and Tempe s the only one who seems to see the link This was a very well written and easy to follow crime book, which I appreciated Usually, I struggle to fall into crime stories, either from it dragging or being too slow in the drama This was often funny and had a lotdepth than a usual thriller, the side plots and characters were all quite intriguing Now, I did have a problem with Tempe She was irrational and often ruled by her emotions I became sick of her running into dangerous situations by herself, just to prove a point All the while having a dialog about whether this is the right thing to do or, am I doing this just to prove I m right It s the typical trope woman runs into danger because she thinks she s big and strong and then needs somebody to come save her Now don t get me wrong, I love women who face problems head on and fight the bad guys, etc But, this takes careful planning, preparation and logic Not getting in your car alone, way after dark and running to an abandoned church where other dead bodies have been found You don t keep rummaging through the forest when your flashlight goes out, or when it starts pouring with rain and thunder Also, after getting beamed on the back of the head and moved from one part of the creepy churchyard to another while unconscious , you don t try and convince yourself that it might have been a tree that hit you I was just so frustrated at this point Did the tree suddenly grow out of the ground and get the shakes The overall story was pretty enjoyable Dry in certain areas with a heavy emphasis on technical description, but the unique way the author linked the killer to the crimes was interesting I have the second one on my kindle, and because I am curious to see how the series progresses, I ll probably read it I also fell into a ship on the last few pages It feels like a cliffhanger, I must continue just to see what happens with these two characters. SOOOOO disappointed that this doesn t have the same exact characters like the show Or like the show in general Deja Dead is the first book of the Temperance Brennan series Now, I m slightly obsessed with the show, Bones Which is where you meet the character Temperance Brennan. so of course, I had some expectations for the first book Sadly, it s not set in D.C and her people are not in it either Well. yet.Temperance is an okay kind of character just like she is in the first episode of the tv show Now her book character is completely different than her tv character She has a kid, is divorced, and a recovering alcoholic Luckily, her job is the same. it s just set in Canada Sort of close to D.C but not really Then there s some sort of love interest, at least in my eyes, and that s with detective Andrew Ryan I could totally see him as the Booth but I have yet to determine if I like them or not.Throughout the book, she is trying to solve murders However, that s not the only thing going on in her hectic life Nope, she s like constantly being attacked by the bad guys It s kind of sad to see that happen but it does make the book a bitinteresting I just kind of wished it was such a touch and go book It was definitely slow and boring in some parts and in other s the pace definitely picked up.Overall, I hope that the next book will a bitinteresting since I plan to read her entire series. Her Life Is Devoted To Justice For Those She Never Even Knew In The Year Since Temperance Brennan Left Behind A Shaky Marriage In North Carolina, Work Has Often Preempted Her Weekend Plans To Explore Quebec When A Female Corpse Is Discovered Meticulously Dismembered And Stashed In Trash Bags, Temperance Detects An Alarming Pattern And She Plunges Into A Harrowing Search For A Killer But Her Investigation Is About To Place Those Closest To Her, Her Best Friend And Her Own Daughter, In Mortal Danger This was my first exposure to Kathy Reichs, and I must say, I m impressed As a fan of the TV show Bones, I found this debut novel of Dr Brennan muchenjoyable than the TV character The book had plenty of twists and turns while keeping a quick pace The only turn off for me was the French names and locationsI found it difficult to distinguish between the characters and locations, but that is understandable due to the book taking place in Montreal I look forward to continuing the story of Dr Brennan and her graphic descriptions of murder scenes i was killed by curiosity like a finely tuned cat that was not, actually, one of the many similes this book is drowning in, but it may as well have been some real examples In my mind s eye I could see her standing at a pay phone, scanning her surroundings, her eyes never resting, broadcasting fear like Radio Free Europe or She was thin as soup in a homeless shelter or For the third time in as many days I saw daybreak, an event I embrace as eagerly as Joe Montana welcomes an all out blitz i don t even know what that means.not to mention such general sparklers as I had enough pharmaceuticals in me to numb the Iraqi army the iraqi army is an odd choice for a book published in 1998, though i guess it takes place in 1994 still, odd choice for a book that takes place in 1994 unless there was some iraqi army drug scandal i m forgetting all about or was the iraqi army the lasting symbol of a big group of people who it would take a lot of drugs to numb back in 1994 it may be that i only read this book because i ve been feeling really negative about almost everything i ve read recently, and my reviews have fallen on a spectrum from cranky to brutal, which may or may not be fair might as well read something that i know i would hate, right the sad truth is that when i was bored last winter i watched some of the t.v show bones, which is based on these books smart science lady who is smart and says smart science y stuff and figures out stuff in a smart way i am also smart, as is evidenced by the previous sentence sign me up but the same character in this book says things like I watched him walk away, admiring once again the way he filled his 501 s and constantly comments on how she can t quite figure something out, there s something she s missing, there s a piece of the puzzle that doesn t fit all the while, i m screaming at the book, i can tell you what you re missing it s fucking obvious also, this book would be half the size if any of these near interchangeable characters actually told each other anything they re supposed to be running an investigationtogetheror maybe a decent editor would have sufficed.the final reality is that i just didn t care about anyone in this book well, that s not true i really liked the lead character s cat so maybe i finished the book to find out what happened to the cat view spoiler nothing bad happens to the cat hide spoiler Christ, was it a struggle to get through this book When I read up on her books onit said Better than Patricia Cornwell so I thought DAMN this MUST be good, seeing as I loved many of PC s earlier novels It sucked Not only did it suck but it sucked hardcore I was halfway through the book and still couldn t keep track of who half of the characters were I dreaded anytime a conversation ended because that meant she was about to start one of her endlessly descriptive blurbs.Don t get me wrong, being descriptive is good when trying to help you get a mental image of what is going on in a book but getting a detailed description of which street she takes when driving places or a three page step by step explaination of how she digitally compares teeth impressions is a bit much I shit you not, she actually wrote something like first I click file and go to blah blah, then I click on the photo and drag so the frame of dots shows up, then I click blah blah and on and on and on Did I buy a crime novel or Photoshop for dummies Ugh, just because I m a sucker for punishment and have no other unread books around I ll probably give her 2nd book a go If it s not substantially better than this one within the first 1 4 of the book I m tossing them both.As for the Better than Patricia Cornwell crap What a joke, this book wasn t even better than PC s WORST. My first introduction to Temperance Brennan was through Emily Deschanel s great performance in the hit show Bones.I m currently working my way through the boxset and eventually planned on reading these books, but as it s been established numerous times in the series that these books are separate entities I decided I might as well start now.This Temperance is so completely different She s in her late forties, a divorced recovering alcoholic with a teenage daughter Normally this would be an interesting introduction to a character to launch the series but I missed the social awkward TV version I like that the story was set in Canada though, with Quebec being a French speaking province it added an interesting dimension to the side characters.The story itself was nice intriguing crime story thriller as a serial killer is on the loose It did feel slightly slow in places.I m sure that once I get used to this original version of Brennan, I m going to enjoy this series even This is the first of the Temeperance Brennan books If you are looking for the Bones version of Temperance Brenna, this is not it Think of this as the original and the Bones version as being the modified version designed to be appealing to a wide television audience.In many ways Kathy Reich s books remind me of Patricia Cornwell s Or perhaps I should say Patricia Cornwell s remind me of Kathy Reich s, seeing as KR first began writing in the forensic s genre before PC did, add to that a the fact that KR s real life in many ways parallel s the fictional character of Tempe Brennan and you have a book with a particular flavor of authenticity that you can only get from a writer who has donethan just simply research a subject.If you are looking for books that set the foundation for the current multimedia love for forensic work crossing into the realm of detective investigation, these a great series of books to spend your time with, just keep in mind, that these books tend to be a bitgraphic and gritty than many similarly themed books written by other authors. Separate the tv show and this book You will be very disappointed if you come in thinking it ll be like the tv show The characters, setting, and story are drastically different However, I think this book is a lot better than the show and I liked the first seasons of Bones The lead character isbelievable She has faults like any normal human being and doesn t always make the smart choices She isn t a superhero on crack she actually gets pretty banged up The character seemshuman She s not out of touch with reality like how the TV show plays Brennan.The author s descriptions are detailed and medically oriented I enjoyed that as someone in a medical profession, but you don t need to be to understand The French I feel the same I don t speak French, but had no trouble following There really is very little actual French in the book and most characters speak to her in English as Brennan is an American born doctor There isn t a lot of romantic tension in this book It builds up over the series if you keep reading This is the first book which really sets the background for later books.Fair warning The crimes ARE violent and emotionally disturbing at times This book isn t for people who want to read sunshine and roses or want a superhero who always saves the day It s definitely dark There are some sad moments that made me want to light the book on fire If you ve never read a crime novel or aren t really into them I d suggest something else not this series. Honestly, I didn t like this book much during the first several chapters It s obvious she was a novice writer and her over use of metaphors drove me crazy Also, not being a French speaker, all the French slightly excessive in my opinion annoyed me a bit.I am a fan of the tv show Bones , which is based on this series of books, so I was excited to start There are some major differences between the tv and the book versions of the main character, which was a transition for me, but I ended up like it.I loved the end of the book, I thought that was very well written Can t really explain why, spoilers and such, so you ll have to find out for yourself lolOverall I did enjoy the book and I read it very quicklyher use of foreshadowing was impressive and kept me wanting to turn the next page.I d definitely recommend this book and I will be continuing the series.