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I have yet to try any of the receipts, so this review is just for the book s contents.Have you ever wanted to throw a theme party Or just wanted to throw together a special dinner for you geek girlfriend boyfriend Now you can How about starting the dinner with a nice Slurm from Futurama or if you want to get your significant other in special mood an alcoholic beverage like a Romulan Ale.Some snacks and appetizers is a must Perhaps he she they are a Doctor Who fan Some Fish Fingers and Custard or Lembas from LOTR Hell why not some Spoo Babylon 5 Now for dinner a nice Lamb Stew with Plums just the way Katniss wants it Perhaps you are really lucky and have gotten yourself some Star Trek fans over for dinner or have a girlfriend boyfriend that is a Trekkie then you can serve Plomeek Soup.As for the entr e, if you have started with the Plommek Soup why not cook some Gagh, a dish that any fun loving Klingon love.Now we have come to my favorite part of the book Cakes and Cupcakes and boy here we have some real treats How about some Lemon cake A Song of Ice and Fire or Butter Cakes Silent Hill or some Cauldron Cakes, or all three of them Everyone still hungry for , how about a dessert Some Turkish Delight straight out of Narnia, they are so good you will betray your siblings for them Or some Pumpkin Pasties that would make any Harry Potter fan overjoyed with happiness I received this copy from Race Point Publishing through Edelweiss in return for an honest review I m proud to be a geek and I ve spent half of my adult life working in restaurants I ve worked as a bartender, a chef, a hospitality manager and a party planner and I m familiar with ALL of the material that was used as inspiration for this book When I saw this book I instantly purchased it because I sooooo wanted to love it Unfortunately, it leaves a lot to be desired.A better title for this cookbook would be FOOD TO DYE FOR.Do you want to make SLURM form Futurerama Me too, until I discover that it requires green food dye How about Blue Milk from Star Wars Oh wait,added food coloring Surely the author could have come up with something to add to Red Potion to make it red..NOPE, just add Red Dye Number 40 the same one that is finally being removed from the food that is marketed to our children here in the States Oooh, a recipe for Vampire s Blood Perfect for Halloween To make it just be sure that your kitchen is stocked with BOTH red AND yellow food dye Scary This book did inspire me to geek out in the kitchen, however, I ll be mixing up my own concoctions. SO MUCH GOODNESS.Almost every fandom imaginable can be found here Including Buffy, if only for a split second for, well, Blood And she refers to Twilight as the T word which HA Multiple Firefly references, too Stop bribing me, Reeder, you grabbed me early on I want to make so many of these No joke From a GoT Bowl o Brown to Harry Potter Treacle Tart The recipes vary wildly in skill level, but her descriptions and ingredient lists are not terribly hard to follow What really impressed me is, with all of these recipes she s developed, she explains the nutritional information on the vitamin packed ingredients she s included in each Seriously, such a fun and fantastic book. Received free digital copy from Edelweiss in exchange for review I LOVED THIS COOKBOOK My partner and I are huge geeks, so this baby will probably be on our shelf as soon as we get around to buying the original copy.Ranging from the iconic Sea Salt ice cream originating from Kingdom Hearts to the Nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle that Scully munches in X Files, this book is festooned with beauties from all walks of nerd videogames, TV shows and books galore As a Twin Peaks enthusiast, Battlestar nut, admitted Trekkie, avid videogame player and someone for whom most of these are beloved treasures, this is a fantastically creative work of art Now if you ll excuse me, I have to start cooking And not burn down my house in the process EDIT And drink Romulan ale Lots and lots of Romulan ale. I liked the recipes in the book I found that they were simple, and some are easy to veganise The range of fandoms that could create yummies from it is vast Can t wait to tryof the recipesThis arc was kindly provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Thank you Good spread of fandoms represented I can definitely see myself making a number of these recipes If you are a geek, you will love this cookbook It S Time To Get Your Geek On In The Kitchen Comic Lover, Avid Gamer, And Sci Fi And Fantasy Lover, Cassandra Reeder Started The Geeky Chef InShe Creates Real Life Recipes For All The Delicious Foods You Ve Seen In Your Favorite Sci Fi And Fantasy Movies, TV Shows, And Video GamesFrom Game Of Thrones And The Hunger Games, To Doctor Who, Legend Of Zelda, And World Of Warcraft, The Geeky Chef Cookbook Features OverRecipes You Can Re Create In Your Own Kitchen Photographed, Step By Step Instructions Show How To Make Pumpkin Pasties From Harry Potter, And Lemon Cakes From Game Of Thrones Sip From A Bowl Of Plomeek Soup From Star Trek And Enjoy With Peeta S Cheesy Bread From The Hunger GamesFantasy Foods Are Fantasy No Longer Great fun for a geek Look to this book for party planning, binge watching your favorite shows or movies, or a gaming night I read a digital ARC of this title from the publisher via Edelweiss.