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Detective Lincoln Rhyme, The Foremost Criminalist In The NYPD, Is Put On The Trail Of The Coffin Dancer, A Cunning Professional Killer Who Has Continually Eluded The Police Rhymes A Quadriplegic Since A Line Of Duty Accident Must Use His Wits To Track This Brilliant Killer Who S Been Hired To Eliminate Three Witnesses In The Last Hours Before Their Grand Jury Testimony Rhyme Works With His Eyes And Ears, New York City Cop Amelia Sachs, To Gather Information From Trace Evidence At The Crime Scene To Nail Him, Or At Least To Predict His Next Move And Head Him OffSo Far, They Have Only One Clue The Assassin Has A Tattoo On His Arm Of The Grim Reaper Waltzing With A Woman In Front Of A Coffin

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    As good as the first book in the series though, some of the characters were a bit grating, this time round Sachs seems to have forgotten about self preservation and nearly gets vaporised, after going to a supposed victims home Actually, she did a few things that were impromptu which seemed a bit out of character Dellray FBI is still talking in his street lingo or whatever it is so that was a bit annoying especially when he s not undercover He probably thinks he sounds cool but, he sounds like a doofus Then again, they all talk in lingo, every so often Dellray is the worst offender, though And Rhyme has the occasional tantrum I think my favourite character was Stephen Kall hitman It was quite amusing, listening to his inner monologue.Lightning strikes twice, when Rhyme has two visitors, Lon Sellitto and Jerry Banks, requesting his assistance Rhyme is already working on a case for Thomas Perkins as one of Dellray s boys, Tony Panelli, has gone missing Disappeared Poof All that was found at the scene of his disappearance a few dozen grains of odd sand.Anyway, Rhyme becomes interested in what Sellitto and Banks has to say, when they tell him the Dancer is back in town Linc has a personal vendetta stake in catching The Coffin Dancer because, five years earlier, two of his techs were killed in a blast So Tony Panelli will have to stay missing for a bit longer, when Rhyme puts that case on hiatus, and helps Selitto and Banks, catch his nemesis.The first victims of the Dancer are Ed Carney and his co pilot His wife, Percey Clay, was supposed to be flying with him but, she had a migraine and cancelled, so didn t get vaporised, when the plane blew up Carney, Percey, and Brit Hale, were to give testimony, before a grand jury in a case against, Phillip Hanson So it s up to Rhyme and his team Amelia, Mel Cooper, Sellitto, Banks, Dellray, etc, to catch the Dancer before he can eliminate the other two witnesses Can Rhyme outwit the Dancer In Summation I m really enjoying this series, so far The evidence collected and then analysed is what makes it intriguing with Cooper looking through his Gas Chromatograph, Scanning Electron Microscope and Compound Microscope, checking the trace evidence, for any clues, as to where the Dancer is going to strike next and to ascertain who he is The conversations were interesting, too.Why isn t there a movie or, better still, a TV series Abrams make it happen.

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    4.5 stars It s official I have new favorite author and series All the clues used, the evidence solved by Rhymes and Sachs are fascinating.

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    This is the book that hooked me into reading suspense novels Back in 2002, I was at Super Walmart waiting for my car to get an oil change so I decided to kill some time in the book aisle I picked up a John Grisham book and was reading the plot summary when somebody said to me if you want to read a good book then read that one She was pointing to THE COFFIN DANCER so I took her advice and bought it I have read about 120 novels since and nothing has topped it yet I felt the first chapter was the best that I have ever read and the ending was a pure shock for me Since that was my first Jeffery Deaver novel, I now know what to expect from him So if anybody thinks they can suggest a book in the genre that will top this for me then let me know.

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    The Bone Collector was this reader s introduction to paralyzed Detective Lincoln Rhyme, and Amelia Sachs, who became his pupil in scene of the crime gathering of evidence While the first book was a very enjoyable thriller, the second entry in the series, might have been better.Coffin Dancer is about a killer who has eluded Rhyme, a fact which haunts the detective He became known as Coffin Dancer during the slayings because of a tattoo of the Grim Reaper dancing near a casket In this entry, the hitman has returned after a long absence Rhyme must once again use Amelia as his legs in this quickly paced and complex thriller Rhyme s personal connection with a woman involved in the case forces Amelia to confront her feelings for Rhyme, changing their personal landscape by the end of the narrative.Through the streets of New York, from airports to subways, the narrative has Rhyme and Amelia moving swiftly through a complex maze, toward a surprise few readers will see coming The familiar characters from the first entry are back, but not all of them will survive their last waltz with Coffin Dancer I must confess that I no longer read this series, as I find later entries disappointing But Coffin Dancer is a good one, full of atmosphere and character development as Rhyme and Amelia become closer This is a fine book in the genre and worth reading.

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    1 2I ve heard several movie aficionados say some version of I m glad I saw it but I have no need to ever see it again I had similar thoughts as I was finishing The Coffin Dancer There is a lot of bad in this novel There is also a lot of good I m not sure if it s for better or worse but most of the bad came first.This novel is the sequel to the acclaimed The Bone Collector, which introduced paraplegic forensic genius Lincoln Rhyme and his prot g , NYPD officer Amelia Sachs This is where we run into the first problem Having met these interesting characters, we eagerly return for and what do we get They are plopped into a room with a bunch of other people and they say or do nothing of interest We learn absolutely nothing new about them as they are drowned out by numbers and reduced to mouthpieces needed to introduce the parameters of the new case In fact, for the first quarter or so of the book, the most interesting character is the target of the assassin for whom the novel is named.Having just lost her husband to an airplane explosion a flight on which she was supposed to be the pilot Percey Clay must now be protected by Rhyme and his team Which brings us to the second problem We follow the man who killed her husband, share his thoughts, and as often as not this professional escapes capture by pure luck He is clever but not brilliant He should be no match for Lincoln Rhyme.A lot of these issues stem from Deaver s apparent love of interspacing plot twists throughout his books There s nothing wrong with this except when those plot twist are transparently obvious Such as view spoiler It doesn t take long to figure out that the killer we are following is not the Coffin Dancer And once Jodie, initially introduced as an innocent homeless person, is allowed to stick around, it becomes obvious he s the Coffin Dancer in disguise And then there is this mysterious woman who Rhymes loved between his wife s departure and his accident what experienced reader doesn t realize that she was one of the aforementioned earlier victims of the Dancer hide spoiler

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    I m working on a theory just as every second hand book seller has at least one, unwanted copy of The Da Vinci Code and 2 if it s a Hospice or Salvation Army shop , every summer holiday bach has at least one Jeffery Deaver book.At least all the ones I visit seem to, which is great because these make the perfect beach read Yes, even with all the violent crime, I find this series wonderfully easy going and summery.The Coffin Dancer is not as good as the best Lincoln Rhyme, but also not the worst The planes were a nice touch Somehow I ll have to find a bach that has some of the later books in the series though, eventually I think I ve made it through all the early ones now.

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    I m just starting to get into this series after a long period from reading The Bone Collector Excellent suspense and writing Looking forward to reading the rest of these gems

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    Wow That s all I have What a fantastic second book in The Lincoln Rhymes series It s a year since the events in the first book Lincoln is now working as a consultant to the police and FBI with Amelia assisting him Pulled into a case involving the hitman named as The Coffin Dancer Rhymes has personal reasons for bringing him down.I loved Rhymes in this one He was less acidic in his interactions with everyone Though it s clear something is off with Amelia, though Rhymes ignores it since he is focused on the case and keeping her safe Amelia has definitely learned a lot from Rhymes Though she s starting to realize she wants out of the relationship I loved all of the scenes with Amelia walking the scenes and investigating Her reactions to one of the witnesses started to feel a bit much though The secondary characters shine in this one too Rhymes and Amelia are doing what they can to track down the Coffin Dancer to stop him from killing two witnesses One of the witnesses, a former Navy pilot has to deal with the fact she s lost a husband and is doing what she can to save their business We once again have the killer s POV in this one That was the weakest part of the book I also don t want to read the words worm or wormy for a long time The writing had a lot of technical aspects in it, and though I couldn t follow all of the flying jargon, I got the gist of it The flow was a little off when we shifted to The Coffin Dancer Everything else was pitch perfect too.Once again New York shines in this one But instead of random historical areas, this time we focus on airfields and safe houses The ending has a great twist and a wonderful next chapter for Lincoln and Amelia.

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    Actual rating is 4.5 stars.This is the second book of a series but can be read as a stand alone novel In this one, an assassin known as the Coffin Dancer has been hired to kill three people who have witnessed a crime No one knows the true identity of this assassin and now it is Lincoln s turn to figure this out while figuring out how to keep the witnesses alive.This book is a great example of a cat and mouse book loaded with misdirects that keeps the reader guessing to the final pages It opens up with a misdirect scene and every time that I believed that either Lincoln or the assassin has finally achieved the upper hand the rug was pulled out and the cat and mouse game continued The pace was relentless as there wasn t much set up and the author concentrated on the chess game between the two combatants If I had to use one word to describe this book I would use the word intelligent I liked how the antagonist and the protagonist relied on their brains to address the situation and it felt natural This book will keep you guessing throughout leaving the biggest and best twist for the finale I was enthralled with the suspense and the twists for the entire book The first two books of this series has been excellent and I really need to read this series on of a regular basis.

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    Lincoln Rhyme, the paraplegic detective and Amelia Sachs are on the trail of a serial killer, creepily named the Coffin Dancer Only he has to protect the targets while trying to outguess the killer s next move The book really was a page turner and you could definitely not guess all the twists.The plot being one void of mystery we get to see both sides work And hence, you are justified to feel mystified, why the author had to deceive the reader as well Only, you are forgiving, since the deception works.After a brisk start, the book slows down considerably after it turns towards the killer s past Also, the aviation jargon was a bit of over the head writing literally too But then the author does show off quite a lot his knowledge of aircrafts The revelations are played close to the chest A thriller as good as the better ones out there.