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These fun sized stories are just right for a coffee break public commute waiting room bedtime story or any other time you want a uick trip without leaving the farm The 100 stories in this uirky collection range from a few sentences to a few pages Included are stories nominated for the 2013 Pushcart Prize Micro Award and Wigleaf Long List Nearly all of them have been published before individually in numerous print and online magazines and anthologies Tales vary from realistic to humorous to surreal and family friendly to adult Repeating themes include people as animals people losing themselves and finding themselves and sometimes wishing they hadn't childhood in the psychedelic seventies reality TV marriage twisted religion and of course the gotta have 'em he done me wrongs Enjoy

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    Officially peculiar set of storiesAnd peculiar in a good sense Carly Berg is one ueer talent in the literature arena Coffee House Lies is a compilation of 100 bursts of imaginations across the skies of the mindsFlash Fiction indeedThe stories are strange not normal and extraordinary I've read dozens of short story anthologies this yearAnd by far this is the most different oneThey range from being bizarre to that of a normal routine human mind to that of a remarkable streak of literature Very sharp and uirky humorous and sarcastic these stories will depend upon the taste of the readersDifferent I folks will comprehend differently The wavelength fluctuations of Carly's Wanderlusted mind is so colossal that she ends up writing this towering stories in such short pagesI savoured seeing the world through the eyes of different people And their obsessionsOne story was a case of OCD with the color Pink Well we all are cases of OCD with varied interests Only some people are branded with the tag of patients and while the others continue to be called Freaks that changed the societyCarly Berg has that sense of letting her pen do the talking freely I bet you she is not the one to use backspace and crisscross some lines in a proofreading session Nope you read what she wrote on the first instance Funny weird out of the box fearlessly honest I am running out of adjectives in my pipelineYou can read this while waiting for the boarding pass on an airport and look around for characters that match the description in the book Some body is obsessed with their spouse someone with a color and someone who is looking for unhappiness amongst all the joys of the world right in that brew of peopleYes it is so strikingly vivid a book in terms of character description Verdict Thou shalt not skip reading this

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    Flash fiction – short concise stories as little as one page and rarely than four or five – is a form that has become newly popular with digital publishing Carly Berg must be one its best exponents She’s written a guidebook called Writing Flash Fiction that contains some excellent advice on writing in general After reading it I wanted to see whether she was any good herself Having now read Coffee House Lies I can report that she is very These stories all in some way reflect the human condition They can be bizarrely funny as in Rock Paper Scissors – betrayal comes to light in a hair salon and is punished with scissors Or Saint Jude about a woman with poor judgement “They gave an ounce of charity with a pound of moralizing which made her so mad that one day she came home with the church’s most sacred holy relic in her brassiere” Other stories are rather thoughtful; for example in Laid to Rest a woman carefully tends the graves she has made of people who are still alive – the graves are for her relationships with them My favourites Everyone Wants to Steal My Man a masterpiece of revelation; Paris Blue in which a maid in the Deep South takes elegant revenge on an awful mistress; and Loss of Habitat a curious story that may make you think about people and animals and how their fates can be oddly similar Part of Berg’s secret is craftsmanship Her chapter on writing skills in Writing Flash Fiction reveals how aware she is of what makes a good story avoid exposition sloppy dialogue etc she gives examples All that is put into practice here to good effect Not one of these stories has an ounce of spare fat She also has a real feel for language The last part of Coffee House Lies has a number of very short pieces sometimes just a few lines; this is from Breathing Underwater The family danced beneath the Mississippi Father and Mother slapped in pretty water rhythm Watershadow sister mimed the Mother Mother daughter swimslap dancers hardened to steamships windmill arms to waterwheels Hooted twin foghorns steamed off down the riverBerg’s writing is very American This didn’t bother me I live in the US at the moment anyway but there’s the odd turn of phrase and cultural reference that might puzzle some people Also with so many stories in a book there’s bound to be the odd misfire and one or two are just too cryptic I couldn’t figure out one called Triple Penis Going to Hollywood I don’t think that matters For every story that went over my head there were two that had me chuckling or nodding in recognition Coffee House Lies is really very good It’s also a book for the way people read now – load it on your tablet phone or phablet and grab a sandwich and a story at lunch; or bite off one of these pieces to chew on the train or while waiting in a check in line or a supermarket ueue These are snacks that satisfy

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    Coffee House Lies 100 Cups of Flash Fiction is a treasure trove of 100 interesting imaginative stories The author’s writing is bold and she takes big chances with her storytelling What can at first appear to be careless enthusiasm is really the result of the author’s courageous effort to produce an interesting and uniue storyFlash fiction is a genre which can often times cave in on itself Those who are not familiar with this style of literature will either hate these stories or love them Those who are familiar with this style of storytelling will see that these stories are clever and uncommon There are a hundred stories in the collection and therefore not everyone is going to appreciate each and every story Some may find there are stories that appear to be senseless Other stories will move the reader in ways they never expected and other stories will titillate the pallet of the most discerning readerEither way Coffee House Lies is one collection of stories you will not easily forget I highly recommend you take a sip of this author’s brew

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    This book is a gem Delightful insightful thought provoking and hilarious Flash fiction isn't for everyone but if you like short short stories you won't be disappointed Many of the stories have a touch of the surreal A few of my favoritesIn The Shirt Off His Back the work shirt of a woman's ex husband returns home in human form and they get along much better that wayIn Bringing Back Beulah a group of little girls in the 1970's have a séance to bring back a departed great aunt and are sorry they didIn Oysteresue a woman who thinks she's an oyster gives birthIn The Face of a Saint Mother Theresa shows up in a trailer park and isn't really all that saintlyAnd many

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    Mehreen's reviewThese stories range from trivial to the sublime Each having its own merit they would most likely appeal to readers depending on the mood and wavelength Some stories are intriguing with an element of surprise in the end The Horse Head Earrings for instance Others are common with predictable endings One way or the other I think as an anthology of short stories the book would render as an enjoyable read overall

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    As the name implies this is a book of 100 pieces of flash fiction This makes it tough to grade I could have rated each one and divided by 100 but I am way to lazy for that Taken individually I ran across a number of them that I would give a 5 star to as well as a few that I could almost hear the whooshing sound as they flew over my head I'm sure with those someone else would have clicked and loved them but they had me lost Luckily a book with 100 super short stories you can catch the next oneTaken as a book I ask the uestion will a reader be entertained enough to be glad they read this? I have to answer Yes As I said there were a number of 5 star stories in here and a few that will stay with me foreverI also didn't run across any really bad stories just a few that had me scratching my head wondering what I missed Even those were well written and I assume it was just me not getting itI would rate this a strong 4 and a half if that button existed Since it doesn't I'll round up to five

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    I was gifted a copy of Coffee House Lies in return for my honest opinion I’ve never been a fan of flash fiction but Carly Berg has made me reconsider Each story in Coffee House Lies is of course brief but don’t let that fool you; the author takes you to some rather dark places and leaves you there for days to come Her style is refreshingly modern and she chooses her words so carefully that I felt I was reading poetry at times Her themes are real and dirty sometimes frightening but always beautifulI like how she lays herself bare to the reader inviting us to share in her triumphs and failures as a writer wife and Southern woman Her uirks are consistent and lovable particularly her somewhat irrational hatred of redheadsAlthough I didn’t uite “get” each and every story the writing is masterful It’s worth the read and you’ll find yourself rereading the stories that really resonated with you to pick up on nuances you missed the first time through A great read even if you don’t like flash fictionPS My favorite was “Macaroon”

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    I’m new to flash fiction but I understand the draw And this collection by Carly Berg is uirky enough to hold your attention Some memorable stories in this volume including “Oysteresue” about a woman who creates pearls Or at least that’s her story I enjoyed seeing the world through different women’s eyes getting a peek at very different lives that veer from the bored to the fantastic These are little nuggets of fiction that convey a lot in a few words like “Bringing Back Beulah” about a little girl keen to bring back her dead Great Great Aunt Beulah in a basement séance Many of them are thought provoking Some included people I felt I might’ve met in real life I received a free copy of the book in exchange for a non reciprocal review

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    This book was an adorable little read I wish i would have savored it because i sat down and read the entire thing Every story was beautifully written and heartfelt and funny I do think some of the stories might have been adult oriented than for children but even though were still so great I actually rated every story seperately but over 70 % of them got a five star from me I find it hard to talk about how great this book is without going into detail about specific stories The book looks super cool on my coffee table I attribute this to the really pretty art work on the cover I won this book in a goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review

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    'Coffee House Lies' offers some great reading in short bursts flash fiction The stories are unusual interesting well crafted and well worth reading Ms Berg put some interesting imagination into these short pieces; a fertile mind for telling stories If you want to know who really killed Marilyn Monroe and JFK you have to read Ms Berg's take on it Highly recommended This book will keep you entertained for uite awhile