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I had to read this book as apart of a project I did exploring the issue of sexual abuse in young adult lit It features a male protagonist going through some very deep shit in a startling realistic way No cheesy crap is pulled If you aren t ready to deal with the ugly honest truth of something this terrible happening then don t read it.The characters are fully alive and go through believable developments If I didn t think it would make so many teenage boys uncomfortable, I would say it was their answer to Speak. But really, what could he have done a year ago What could he have said Grady closed his eyes Some hells just can t be shared On his way home from a concert, Grady West is dragged into a van and brutally beaten raped by two men Skip forward to a year later, where we see an entirely different Grady making a fresh start at a new school He won t talk to anyone, is starting to look like a skeleton since he can t keep food down, and can barely make it through the day without having vivid flashbacks of what happened to him It is only when he s forced to come out of his shell by outspoken Jess and shy Pearl that Grady begins to open up, deal with why he was targeted by his rapists, and reclaim bits of the life that was taken from him.Male rape is a highly sensitive issue to tackle, especially in books for young adults However, Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson has handled it excellently and honestly in Target It is an intense and rather graphic story that takes us along on the slow but sure recovery of a male rape victim In the book, Johnson touches on several problems that male victim s go through, such as the double standards for males and females when it comes to rape Multiple times throughout the book, Grady wonders why people believe he should have been able to fight off his attackers just because he s a male when a female wouldn t have been expected to in the same situation.This is a rather important book for young males to read Too often, males believe that rape is something that will never happen to them Target might help them to understand that rape can happen to anybody, even males Because of its controversial material, the book can t be taught in classrooms since it would undoubtedly spark objections from parents But, that doesn t mean open minded parents and teachers shouldn t bring Target to the attention of young adults outside of school The book is appropriate for older teenagers who have the maturity to grasp to significance of the book s topic.I give Target four out of five stars Not only is it an entertaining read It is also thought provoking And those are the best kind of books anyone can read. Why Had The Men Chosen Him Savagely Violated By Two Strangers, Sixteen Year Old Grady West Retreats Into Silence Some Hells Just Can T Be Shared Searing And Powerful, Target Shows That People Can Go Through Unspeakable Things And Emerge Whole And Sometimes Your Friends Can Save You Another Provocative Tale Booklist By Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson, Author Of The Parallel Universe Of Liars It was a good book I never understood how in most cases I ve heard about boys could turn gay after being raped by men so violently, butThis book helped me understand how it could happen And see just how confused a boy could become It was sad really, the doubts flooding Grady s mind.I understood why he didn t want to talk about it, but I also understood why his friends would ve wanted to know what had happened to him.why he had shut them out Real friends want to be there for you.I also like that he like a chubby girl hahaI m sick of all these beautiful perfect girls in movies and books Some of us would like to know a guy can like us whether we re skinny or not, have blue eyes or not, etc After first Jess annoyed me with his whole No one likes me cuz I m black attitude I hate when people use that excuse for everything, but he turned out to be a decent guy, pretty funny, and I loved how he was with Charlie though some words could hurt a poor kid for life Overall, it was a mind opening read, and funny at some points I would recommend it. It s not easy being raped Not very nice either It s not one of the moments you look back on with a clear mind and a warm, fuzzy feeling in your middle No, you try not to look back on it all, but when you must and it seems like you must every day, every hour there s a cold ball of terror, fear, guilt and shame stuck somewhere smack dab in the middle of who you are sometimes for a very, very, very long time.Did I ask for it Did I fight enough Could I have done something differently If only I d left the party, concert, friend s house five minutes sooner or later than I did Good grief, did my body really respond to that while my mind cowered in a corner trying to hide Was it my fault Was I a target This is the story of Grady and how as if dealing with a rape wasn t tough enough, he now had to survive classes at a new High School He was supposed to be a senior, but was repeating his junior year because he missed so much school after IT happened Try to eat your lunch today, Grady, his mom reminded him as she dropped him off.He made it to homeroom saw an empty seat in the back and flew through groups of kids to get to it He plowed over a small black kid and threw himself down You bleep the black kid yelled, so much for improved race relations honkey butt Great, Grady shook his head his first day and he was already longing for 3 o clock How was he supposed to make it to 3 Heck, how was he supposed to make it at all It s not easy being raped It s not very nice either If you don t believe me, spend a year with Grady at Thomas Jefferson High School in Target, by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson. Adolescence can be a tough time for anyone For young men its a time for them to define their masculinity and come to terms with what it means to be a man This struggle is at the heart of the angst over coming out that so many gay men go through It s also at the heart of much of the gay bashing and homophobia that goes on as well This novel deals with those issues with the further complication of the young man s having been raped The novel is from the point of view of the young man as he struggles to deal with an event that has very painfully separated his life into the before and the after And yet by the end there is hope that with supportive friends and the help of profesionals he ll get his life back on track We all love to hear stories of adversity overcome and we all have that attraction to drama that compells us to look at car wrecks even though we know we shouldn t This novel has that appeal as well but it deals with these things in an ulimately positive manner I would recommend this book to folks not only as an engrossing read but as an exercise in empathy and compassion. I wish Goodreads would add half star ratings, because this would be a solid 3.5 stars for me But I ll round it up In terms of the message, this book is important and insightful I have not read anything about male rape victims before, and I think it did a really good job explaining how broken and confused Grady felt afterwards It was heartbreaking to read that the police officers and doctor were skeptical about the assault being a rape, because they found it so hard to believe that a strong, tall young man could be forcefully taken Even his parents were unsure of how to treat him or think of him, and Grady feels confusion over his sexuality, why he was the one targeted, and whether he is weak because he didn t fight back against his attackers Male rape is a topic that is not discussed enough, especially due to the stigma that men should always be strong and show no vulnerability Story wise, it was short but not very eventful I did not particularly like Grady as a character, but his thought process and struggle was portrayed realistically, in my opinion The ending could have been extended, however, since after the climax it felt a bit rushed. This book is about Grady, a 16 year old boy who is haunted by the memory of being raped by 2 aggressive men After that night, Grady becomes numb and hurt boy who is paranoid about others discovering his darkest secret and shuts down the world around him I had high hopes for this book, because I thought reading another YA novel would cure my Looking For Alaska hangover, yet I m still hungover I m glad this book allowed us to see the world from the perspective of a rape victim and the effects sexual abuse can have I did, however, find Grady to be annoying All of Grady s friends are pouring their hearts out and opening up to him, and he doesn t even respond The least bit he could do is acknowledge them or nod Every time he did respond, he would say Um followed by a yes or a no Grady cannot sulk in his sadness forever, but he did in about 170 out of 174 pages and I felt like I was reading the same thing maybe I am just lacking compassion and sympathy, but after a terrible attack, we need to move on and seek help, instead of letting it control our lives.I did not enjoy the writing and would not read this book again. After recommending Target to a group of which I m a member, I decided I should reread the novel to make sure it was what I remembered and that it has held up over the six years or so since I read it originally Target has held up very well and is particularly relevant at a time when there s so much concern over the issues of bullying on that to follow In some other ways, it is not the novel I remembered my memory had revised the text, giving prominence to its aspects I d found most moving I don t like spoiler reviews, so I ll try to keep anything of that sort out of what follows.One of the great things about YA lit is it s seemingly timely than adult fiction Without relevance, the YA audience can be lost very quickly In the case of Target, the issue of bullying is taken to its extreme It seems clear to me that sexual abuse exists on a continuum with the snide and snarky remarks at one end and actual physical abuse of the sort the protagonist suffers at the other The reactions and comments of the responding police officer, the hospital staff, the newspaper report, and Grady s the 16 year old protagonist and rape victim classmates occupy varying places on that continuum Even his well intentioned parents are negligent to the degree they allowed him to suffer without assistance of friends or professionals.Crucial to a consideration of this novel is the role of Grady s friends It s one of the things I d misremembered to use the word of some contemporary politicians An exchange between one of his friends from Before with his father long after the attack was particularly poignant, and I wish it had been longer as it is, the friend s frustration and grief is powerful.Something Johnson does very well in Target is slip in and out of the consciousness of Grady, moving from straight forward narration to Grady s own thoughts Following the boy s rape That Monday, obviously in no shape to go back to school, he stayed home His mother offered to stay with him, but he mumbled No, and she looked relieved He wanted to forget about his parents, forget about himself, forget about what had happened He wanted to not move.As soon as they left, he went into the bathroom Taking hold of his mother s tiny manicure scissors, he carefully, bit by bit, hacked off his hair till he was almost bald.Then he went back to bed to finish not moving..More subtly, using what James Wood and others thank you, Mr Wood, for bringing the technique to my attention and providing the name for it has written so well about, free indirect style or free indirect discourse, Johnson s narrator says He reached into his pocket, pulled out the pen and pencil stuck there, fingered them Better He ran his thumb over the smooth wood of the pencil They shiny yellow paint that coated it felt thick and comforting He remembered the fat pencils he d learned to write with in grade school, their cheerful sturdiness An attentive reader might stumble over the word cheerful wondering whose word it is who it belongs to Unless the reader thinks Johnson is a clumsy, inept author, the only person that word can belong to is Grady himself, his own word for a time prior to his attack Like everything in his life, things are either of Before or of After The word works it does double duty More importantly, perhaps, I like it, it involves me, it engages But, enough about that Johnson doesn t provide readers with a tidy ending indeed, the ending might seem rather abrupt And that s, probably, as it should be Victim reaction to violence of the kind Grady suffers is too varied, too individual, to resolve with a happy ending or the all too common gloomy ending found in much YA fiction Instead, it ends on a note that everyone can share a note of hope It s a shame this title is Out of Print even a casual reading of Target could go a long way toward informing some of the inane comments made in the great bullying debate that we ve seen too much of recently. A strapping, sixteen year old Grady West is raped one night walking home from school Not the most talkative, confident fellow to begin with, after the attack, Grady shuts down, doubts his sexuality, changes schools, and nearly stops speaking In art class, he is paired with two other social misfits and together they complete the assigned group self portrait In that regard, the book is a male rip off of Laurie Anderson s wildlly successful SPEAK TARGET also mimics the only slight resolution, slight glimpse of hope for the protagonist at the end of the book that SPEAK presented.Statistics and web links for information on male rape are included at the end of the book My male students who read the book fiercely asserted that Grady didn t fight back hard enough, and that they would never allow such a thing to happen to them I didn t particularly care for the book, but it kept my class reading and , yep, it triggered some enlightening class discussions 10th 12th grade, no younger.