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Paula And Myles Clarkson S Luck Was In The Ascendant After A Period Of Depression Following His Resounding Failure As A Concert Pianist, Myles Had Decided, With Paula S Encouragement To Turn To A Career In Writing Now The Free Lance Assignments That Would Finance His Work On A Novel Were Beginning To Come In, Among Them A Journalist S Dream The Chance To Interview The Internationally Celebrated Pianist Duncan Ely Astonishingly, The Notoriously Difficult Duncan Warms Toward Him, Sensing Perhaps In Myles Love For Music And In His Extraordinary Pianist S Hands A Kindred Soul The Mephisto Waltz Is A Spellbinder Of A Novel A Novel That Makes Rosemary S Baby Look Like Child Play The Book Was Made Into A Major Motion Picture Released In Starring Alan Alda, Jacqueline Bisset And Curt Jurgens

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    Incredibly disturbing and unsettling book, definitely a well written horror novel although the plot wasn t the most original I loved the haunting moments and writing style.

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    Who are these people of the occult How long does it take them to drive a woman out of her mind Fred is a trained concert pianist, which is why the only parts of this book that have any conviction are the piano playing scenes Satanism book written by someone whose knowledge of the occult doesn t extend past TIME magazine covers, it was sold with a flexi disc 45rpm of Liszt s titular Mephisto Waltz, which is probably the most interesting thing about it Oh, God but there is no God There is only Satan

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    This is a totally cheesy 1969 horror novel, along the lines of Rosemary s Baby and The Exorcist I devoured it with equal parts enjoyment and chagrin It s wonderfully dated the protagonists are thrilled with their newly renovated kitchen and its blue vinyl countertops and effusively sprinkled with the most ghastly product placements Myles and Paula Clarkson smoke TarGard Viceroys, use a Chemex coffeemaker, drink Diet Rite Cola, someone drives an XK E it s assumed we know, until the next page reveals, that s a Jaguar , someone s mother is described as a Lady Clairol blonde Paula wears Shalimar, her nemesis Roxanne wears Joy Lots of sherry is drunk, but only specific brands My favorite sentence I still have no idea what it means, since Arthur Treacher to me just means horrible, frightening, marine fast food is He s so stuffy he makes Arthur Treacher look sportivo It s written with many explicit stage directions, along the lines of Paula moved to the window and looked pensive, almost as if Fred Mustard Stewart had in mind selling it to a movie studio Which happened, it was made in 1971 with Alan Alda and Jacqueline Bisset and I must see it.I won t reveal any spoilers but the basic plotline is that Myles Clarkson is a failed concert pianist who has had to fall back on writing as a career He gets an interview with famous pianist Duncan Ely, whose chilliness evaporates when he sees how large Myles s hands are Ely and his daughter Roxanne befriend Myles and his wife Paula and are massively interested in them and their lives, leading Paula to become suspicious What do they want A Faustian bargain, it turns out.You don t have to know anything about classical piano repertoire to read the novel, but it will enrich the cheesy experience Fred Mustard Stewart, like his protagonist, had planned to be a concert pianist and had studied at Juilliard What made me suspicious wasn t the demonic happenings as much as Myles s Carnegie Hall program the Goldberg Variations, followed by the Hammierklavier Sonata, followed by Chopin s Andante spianato and grande polonaise then intermission That s somewhere between 1.5 2 hours of music possibly longer, with repeats , and it s nutty.

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    This was such a good read that I plowed straight through in a few hours I will definitely be reading this one again Great late Sixties period piece, wonderfully written, terrific suspense and untiol you get to the end almost exactly the same feel to it as ROSEMARY S BABY.

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    In the great style of Ira Levin one of my favorite psychological thriller authors , this book is fast paced and suspenseful A treat for any conossieur of the genre.

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    This novel taught me early on that I loved a fast plot, a lot of twists, and characters that are pure evil.

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    I ve seen the movie years ago, and just the other day, but it pales in comparison to the book The Mephisto Waltz is a fairly quick read, but it was full of details, right to the very end Mr Stewart s writing is through, yet easy to read Although the movie was unnerving it doesn t capture the story in its entirety I don t want to give away the plot, but what I will say is read this book

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    Well structured suspense and mystery interesting confluence of the mystical, supernatural and merely psychological phenomena that keeps you shocked and guessing to the end Not for the faint hearted.

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    Read in the 70s

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    Loved this book as a young teen Enjoyed it as an adult.