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How To Craft Your Unique Selling Proposition USP So That They Pick You Instead Of All The Other Me Too S In The Marketplace In The Sea Of Advertising Options, Having A USP Has Never Been Important Than It Is Today If You, Or Your Company, Don T Have Something That Stands Out Or Makes You Special, You Will Fall Into Obscurity Among The Marketing Detritus That Every Customer FacesWhile Crafting Your USP Seems To Be A Simple Task, Many Find That Figuring Out What Makes Them Special Is A Challenge Of Epic Proportions This Book Will Help You To Figure Out How To Make Your Message Unique, How To Convey That Message To Your Target Customer, And How To Avoid Feeling Like A Schmoe During The Process Who Is This Book For Entrepreneurs Small Business Owners Professional Services Providers Coaches Trainers Direct Sales Professionals Realtors Real Estate Professionals Brilliant Marketing IS Possible The Benefits Of This Book Relate Directly To You If You Implement The Ideas In This Book You Could Make Money, Get Leads And Make Sales Your Marketing Could Become So Compelling That You Will Have To Beat Customers Off With A Stick And Will Be Able To Cherry Pick The Hottest Prospects, Only Those Who You Want To Work With You Can Stop Scrabbling Around For Crumbs From Your Competitors And Start Finally Making Some Real Money Quotes From The Book Your Marketing Has To Be Compelling, Showing Your Prospect Clearly How Purchasing Your Product Or Service Will Help Make Their Lives In Some Way Better Think Of Your Marketing Collateral As If It Were A Billboard Someone Who Has It In Their Hand Will Take Less Than Thirty Seconds To Look It Over Before They Drive By Or Toss It In The Trash