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Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN ISBN What Happens When The Very Beautiful And Sexy Maria Brooks, Now Elena Johnson, A Woman Hiding Out In Provence From The California Legal Authorities, Meets Jordan Kramer, A Handsome Art Theft Detective From Los Angeles He S Looking For Stolen California Paintings Reportedly For Sale In Provence She S Trying To Stay Under The Radar Both Share A Love Of Food And Wine Will Jordan Find Pierre, The French Chef Who S Suspected Of Being The Art Thief And Who Are The Young Afghan Girls Hiding Out In His Parents Barn A Cozy Mystery With Great Food, Art, And Romantic Suspense At Its Best

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    Well, I am glad to finally be adding my first review of 2014 Seems that I am having a hard time getting into any of the books I am currently reading, but hope to have another one crossed off by the end of the weekend I read the first book in this series shortly before this one, as I had my interest piqued when it was the Psychological Thriller of the Month a few months back The premise was quite fascinating, but if you read my review of it, it fell short for me But I had this one as well, so went ahead and read it.I have to say I found it even tedious than the first one As far as narrative style goes, it was much easier to read with far fewer points of view and less jumping around in time although there was still a bit of that Maria Elena is such a vapid and vain main character that I couldn t find much to invest in As I read through it, I kept trying to figure out why I just couldn t enjoy it I really hate giving poor reviews and the fact that I ve given quite a few of them lately may say as much about my state of mind as it does about the stories themselves But that aside, I just can t in good conscience recommend much about this one.Overall the plot is so completely unrealistic, which I can appreciate when done in an over the top way, or in such a compelling way that one is able to suspend disbelief, but this one is just insipidly unrealistic The dialogue between the characters, as well as the self dialogue of the characters, just does not flow in a way I ve ever heard anyone speak, or write As the title implies, the story takes place in Provence, and while it is obvious the author is familiar with the area or has researched it really well , the setting did not ever come to life for me The same can be said for the never ending list of gourmet restaurants and dishes Perhaps a companion cookbook would make the foodie talk palatable One of the substories within this one dealt with art theft, and the descriptions of the paintings similarly fell flat for me Another substory deals with social issues of Afghani women and girls, and again, these issues were not presented in a way that pulled at my heartstrings.The basic premise of both of these books are intriguing, which is probably why I gave the second star to both reviews, but overall the telling reminded me of listening to my 11 year old daughter s materialistic friend drone on and on about the cost of things, the latest fads and fashions, and other superficial dramas with no true substance.

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    After reading the first book of this series, Blue Coyote Motel, I was surprised at the direction Coyote In Provence took pleasantly surprised I enjoyed Ms Harman s first book tremendously, but this is a huge leap forward for her as a writer She has us guessing all the way.Like so many who read and enjoyed Blue Coyote Motel, I was curious as to what became of Maria, a fascinating and complex character We knew she was in France, but the area of Provence where Harman stages much of the action, becomes a character unto itself How Harman describes the beauty of the area makes you want to drop everything you re doing and hop on the next plane.The introduction of a sexy detective from Los Angeles, Jordan, was effective on several levels First off, we know the potential for disaster if the detective discovers Maria s past As they become deeply involved, the tension builds On top of this, the detective has a passion for gourmet food and uses his assignment in France as an excuse to indulge himself in every 5 Star restaurant along the way This is where I had a problem as a reader Harman describes the food in such a sumptuous manner that I was hungry the entire time I was reading Fabulous I m not one to plant spoilers in a review, so I ll just touch on the fact that Harman takes us into the world of international art theft, disturbing elements of human rights violations and French cuisine and blends them into her overall story of Maria and Jordan seamlessly This book reads quickly and can be enjoyed on many levels.Bravo, Ms Harman This is your best book yet

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    I gained 10 pounds reading this book Or so it seemed The story takes place in the Provence area of France, famous for its exquisite cuisine, of which Ms Harman shares with us in great gastric detail That aside, there s also an intriguing, and sometimes chilling, mystery at play involving characters first featured in Blue Coyote Motel by Ms Harman The result is a perfect mesh of a very sexy couple with dangerous secrets traversing quaint, romantic settings, blissfully ignorant of the ticking bombs in their backpacks Into this narrative Ms Harman skillfully blends the plight of homeless Afghan girls who suffer from unimaginable cruelty at the hands of their own society But the cr me de la cr me of the story is a secret cosmetic formula that can change the world Ms Harman manages to mix all these seemingly disparate plot ingredients into a delightful, delectable, and sexy banquet that is irresistible It is as exhilarating as tiptoeing with someone you love on the edge of a cliff while blindfolded Yeah So cuddle up with a glass of fine wine, a basket of warm croissants, and a wedge of tangy cheese and enjoy Highly recommended reading.

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    Coyote in Provence Coyote 2 by Dianne Harman is dare I say it an improvement on book 1 Blue Coyote Motel which I thought to be one of the most original and innovative thrillers ever The proof is in the pudding, honest This book is so much well just and what intrigued me the most was the author s use of dialog blended with the most unlikely thing cooking and art The way to a man s heart is French food.I consider myself a cook, I love to cook as it relaxes me and the author perfectly captures that feeling so much so I imagined cooking all those glorious meals in stunning Provence.Add to that a seasonal dash of art theft, suspected murderer on the lam, and humanitarian rights, you have a perfect Bouillabaisse This mystery thriller is perfection served with a ten year old Chateauneuf du Pape Awesome sauce.Very highly recommended and Dianne Harmon is an author to watch out for just ask her to cook the books.

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    I received the ARC of this book I must say this is the first time I have read a book series like this Part one of the book continues to follow Elena Maria from the first book and Jordan He is a detective searching for stolen art while she is wanted for questioning in the US for the murder of her husband They meet through the little place she works after escaping to Provence,France Then it goes into part two and it takes a whole new journey with Darya and Pierre the art thief and transporting abused little girls from Afghanistan In the end everything comes full circle and the two do tie in together It is a wonderful, heart wrenching story One you definitely want to read Can t wait to read the final book This is one series I will definitely be following.

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    One of the things I most liked about Blue Coyote Motel was that it was difficult to pigeonhole into a traditional genre, as it contained a number of diverse plot elements.I am therefore pleased to see that the second book in the series muddies the waters once part romance, part mystery and with a good healthy dollop of French flavouring presumably Ms Harman drawing on her love of travel , Coyote in Provence has a lot to recommend it And of course it is delightful to catch up with the lovely Maria again The author s growing band of fans of her Coyote and Teddy series will not be disappointed Bring on the next one

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    Exciting And Captivating Here, beautiful and sexy Maria Brooks is now in Provence, France She s going by the name of Elena Johnson, hiding from California legal authorities She links up with Jordan Kramer, a handsome art theft detective from Los Angeles Also, you ll get to know another two great characters with a different story line A cosmetic manufacturer s life is being threatened She hires a private detective who has many strange skills and a strange personality, Slade Kelly There is suspense and action you ll love The characters are all great Dianne Harman s novels will always thrill you, and you ll have to dive quickly into the 3d book of the series it s the last one.

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    Having read the Blue Coyote Motel, I wondered what happened to the wife Here she is in Provence, France working as a chef in a small cafe In Pakistan an older woman is dying and asks for her daughter to come to see her Their lives are so different and the story takes many chapters to come together A complete departure from her cozy mysteries, but a fascinating look at today s problems Well written, keeping the reader turning the pages until the end For Dianne Harman fans and mystery fans this is a great read.

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    Full disclosure The author provided me with a free Kindle version of this book, in exchange for an honest review here and on First, I should say that I have read only this second of three books in the Coyote series, and reiterate that I read the Kindle edition which has NO accent marks on any of the French words I found that annoying, but not annoying enough to keep me from reading the story And it s possible that that isn t true in the print editions This second of three works as a stand alone book very well, with the possible exception, in my opinion, of the very end There we are propelled shockingly into the third book I understand why authors want to add a cliffhanger to the end of a novel but, honestly, I m not usually one of those readers who will jump and purchase the next book because of it In this case, I specifically wanted to read Coyote in Provence because of its setting and am grateful for the opportunity to have done that If you intend to read all three of the Coyote books, I d recommend starting with Blue Coyote Motel before reading this one.I found the storyline interesting and enjoyable and the characters mostly believable and likeable, and loved the setting and all of the descriptions of delicious local cuisine and wines There were, however, a couple of oddities in those descriptions of French foods a croque monsieur was called a croquet monsieur which made me laugh, and I assumed that particular typo was an auto correct mistake and when one of the characters ordered a pain au chocolat actually, chocolat had an e on the end, like the English spelling , he then seemed to think that he was eating a croissant, although French people make a definite distinction between chocolate filled croissants and pain au chocolat Personally, I prefer pain au chocolat Google it if you ve never eaten one and the photos will make you hungry But those are most likely my picky reactions I am married to a Frenchman and speak fluent French There were also a few typos chateau made plural with an s instead of chateaux, for example and a couple of French phrases used in ways that I personally found odd, but I ll attribute them to this being a book written by an American for Americans The only one that really troubled me because I believe that even students of high school French would be aware of it was the use by the main character three times of bonjour once spelled as if it was two separate words when she was saying goodbye, in the sense of Have a good day Certainly we do say that in English, but someone who had been living in France for as long as she had by that point in the story would have hopefully learned to say bonne journ e or even au revoir instead In fact, in my experience, most shopkeepers, for example, will politely correct someone who makes that or a similar small error On the other hand, I very much enjoyed the descriptions of scenery, tourist observations, and small local color stories that were occasionally interspersed when one of the characters had read something in a brochure, for example I found all of those to be well chosen and accurate, and there weren t too many of them to be distracting Those descriptions, as well as the ones of restaurants with Michelin stars made me drool, right along with the characters, and certainly made me miss France I appreciated that many of the chapters were preceded by time and date identifications There are flashback chapters and getting them in order in my mind would have been tricky without those helpful pointers The story certainly held my interest, especially the way it unfolded when new characters were introduced.The biggest surprise of the entire book, for me, was the abrupt ending No spoilers don t worry but when I had reached the 85% point on my Kindle, all of a sudden I arrived at a link in the middle of the page which said, To read kindly click this link What followed that immediately was an advert for a completely different book not even by the same author , The Best Book on Money and Success That ll Take You to the Top So not really being interested in that, I clicked on the read link It didn t work and I had to reload my Kindle to get off of that page so I don t know where it was designed to take me but I felt silly that I bit and clicked it Should have known better It was difficult to decide whether to give this 3 or 4 stars In the end, the disappointment of believing that there was 15% remaining of the story combined with all of the un French French made me opt for 3 stars But my guess is that most American readers might give it 4 or if you re hooked on the trilogy even 5 I am glad that I read it Thank you, Dianne, for the opportunity.

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    Not a series for me, seemed like one bad books spun off into something else Just skipped to the end Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up from the series author.5 stars I loved this book It has earned a permanent home in my collection and I ll be picking up the rest of the series and other books from the author ASAP.