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To me, nothing says Christmas better than trippy colors mixed with love, peace, and harmony Turn on the lights and turn yourself on, find the bus and or Santa s sleigh, and it s truly the season to be jolly and freak out the squares, man.Break the mold in our lives, put on the day glow, THINK DIFFERENTLY, and DEFY EVERYTHING It s CHRISTMAS ish Let s check out those elvish helpersThe Merry Pranksters Ken Kesey un led this band of social explorers took so many mind altering trips that they spawned a whole movement in the mid sixties so much so that the whole thing became passe and overdone well before 69, and even burned out a number of mental cosmonauts before LSD became illegal a few years before.This particular book is a Non Fiction in the best tradition of great storytelling Or is it the reverse Doesn t matter It s all real It happened A Kerouac Adventure diving deep in the psyche as well as busting social norms, these Merry Pranksters hung out with Hell s Angels, disturbed a disturbed America, and gave access to unimaginable quantities of hallucinogenics to the world The impact on music, fame, spirituality is undisputed This was the total awakening of the imagination, for good or ill, that made people hope for a brighter future.Hope and all these people working together to build something bigger than any of us IS the point Never mind that it didn t quite turn out the way they hoped The pendulum sure swang back HARD on them.Even so, this history is pretty freaking amazing All the good, the bad, the ignorance and the hope it just smells like Christmas to me Merry Christmas The bus is here These nut jobs actually came to Houston with their bus and parked it two doors down from my best friend in Houston Around 1969, moon, Led Zeppelin touring, people taking LSD and sitting on the hill in Hermann Park staring at the sun My older brother and sister would drag me along to look at the hippies then the next day in the paper would be another story of a young Houston man who had become blind forever by roasting his retinas with pupils wide open looking at the sun Guess I should have given him my shades.Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters are the subject of this real life look into the lifestyle of California hippies , commune living, and all those weird things you kids have heard of happening in the sixties Well, The weekend they were in Houston, Ken Kesey a benign Manson went to the stadium where a day long concert of the summer Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service blah blah was happening and again I was in tow by my older brother and sister, Kathy This guy Kesey was there to entertain between sets, a true to life Haight Asbury scene At one point, he asked everyone to jump in synchronicity , I thought to feel the stadium rumble for a few seconds, but looking back he may have been trying to cause the thing to collapse Hell, HE was on the field, as was the stage I was gonna be the one to die, not him Finally, he asked everyone to take a deep breath and let it out slowly as a loud hiss Again take a breath and hiss Again again over and over we were all seated and I was feeling light headed Finally he says Take one , deeper than any other, and as you breathe in, stand up and stretch as far as you can and as hard as you can I remember I did this, and as I stood, I stretched and suddenly everything was going dark then wham I hit the dirt, fainted I had never fainted before As I awoke, I noticed EVERYONE IN THIS 70 THOUSAND SEAT STADIUM WAS ON THE GROUND having also fainted He was indeed a prankster Hippies if you want to know why what it was REALLY like to be around hippies constantly read this. I Looked Around And People S Faces Were Distortedlights Were Flashing Everywherethe Screen At The End Of The Room Had Three Or Four Different Films On It At Once, And The Strobe Light Was Flashing Faster Than It Had Beenthe Band Was Playing But I Couldn T Hear The Musicpeople Were Dancingsomeone Came Up To Me And I Shut My Eyes And With A Machine He Projected Images On The Back Of My Eye LidsI Sought Out A Person I Trusted And He Laughed And Told Me That The Kool Aid Had Been Spiked And That I Was Beginning My First LSD Experience On the bus or off the bus The trolley glided along the tracks Hovering, floating, flying The ticket checker, his name tag read Mitchell, had the head of a warthog Feed the bee , he said What Jeff seemed trapped in a powerful time space vortex His hands looked rubbery, like Plastic Plastic Man But drawn by a meth freak A bunny, half gold, half silver, Day Glo halo, blood dripping from its fangs Feed the bee , she said Feed it now It s hungry Jeff turned to the other passengers I just want to grok , he thought, but the passengers turned toward him Sensing his thoughts They started to howl Are they howling because they re pixilated, speckled like a Seurat You should have tried the strawberry Kool Aid You have choices CONTROL CONTROOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL Outside the trolley, flying monkeys were flinging sugar cubes at MaPaBuddySis Paul is dead Just go with the flow Dog plaster was oozing from the roof It was red and slimy Slimy Cassady is there Played by Nick Nolte He s juggling a toaster He s the oracle He s the big, eye on top of the pyramid.More than half of this book was written like a faux LSD trip This kind of rambling prose is about as thrilling and contemporary as a Peter Max drawing or a Nehru jacket If you can get past this it s challenging and you re interested in the transition from unwashed Beatnick to unwashed Hippie, which is facilitated by Ken Kesey via psychedelic drugs, then this is the book for you Groove to acid tests, self absorbed hippies, squalor for the sake of squalor soundtrack provided by The Grateful Dead don t get me started on them.Wolfe s archness, think The Right Stuff or The Painted Word infinitely better books takes a beating after about thirty pages of this stuff He might have been the Daddy to New Journalism but he was Hunter S Thompson s bitch.Also, Wolfe like a young Norman Mailer, doesn t know how to spell the word fug.On the bus or off the bus I ll drive my car, thanks, but first a good de lousing.Recommended listening For a fun psychedelic album and kids there aren t many The Small Faces Ogden s Nut Gone FlakeFor an album that skewers the hippies The Mothers of Invention We re Only in it for the Money This book was a huge disappointment It s hard to believe that a book that included so many interesting people, Ken Kesey, Allen Ginsbergh and Neal Cassady just to name a few, could be so tedious and uninteresting Wolfe s descriptions are clunky and monotonous This is a guy who is about as square and straight as they come attempting to describe to his readers what it was like for Kesey and the merry pranksters to be high on acid and most of it reads like a hollow impersonation of Jack Kerouac The poems at the beginning of some of the chapters are particularly nauseating The book lacks substance as well The further I got into it the I began to feel that I was not getting the whole story but rather a romanticized version of what the hippie acid culture was really like I m not sure if Tom Wolfe set out to write an objective journalistic piece covering a time and a place in American history or to write an interesting and exciting non fiction novel, but he failed on both ends. What we are, we re going to wail with on this whole trip What Ken Kesey is is a prick, so let s not get any delusions about that But most great leaders are pricks, and the case Wolfe is making in this masterful biography is that Kesey, in his way, was a great leader His early days on the Furthur bus, discovering LSD and inventing the psychedelic movement, come off like Stanley or Shackleton explorers in new lands, leading a ragtag but brave band of adventurers into dangerous frontier territory The middle part makes you feel like Kesey was really on the edge of something new or at least that he really, really wanted to be placing him among prophets remembered and failed The final partwell, you know how this arc goes Hubris and overreaching It s a standard rise and fall plot if you ve seen The Doors, you get the idea but I ve never seen it done better.I don t come out of this book caring much for Kesey But I do have a new respect for Neal Cassady, now the muse of two counterculture movements in a row I came out of On The Road feeling sorry for Cassady, who seemed like a mentally unstable person taken advantage of by Kerouac and his crew But the fact that he managed to become a central, trusted, key figure once again, in this movement alsodude had to know what he was doing I mean, other than killing himself.I can t believe Gus Van Sant is sitting on the rights to this because he doesn t know how to film it For Pete s sake, dude, just cast Robert Downey Jr and turn a camera on.You may be reminded a few times that it is super boring to listen to someone describe their acid trip You may disagree with the philosophy getting chased here You may not like Ken Kesey at all You may think the whole thing is mostly bullshit But you will enjoy hearing Kesey wail with the whole trip. I love anything to do with the hippie movement I m looking at the era through idealist eyes but it was such a time of great change, great music, great clothes and freedom After my midterm on Tuesday I was lucky enough to find an old 68 edition of this book being given away for free at the student trade shelf, and it was excellent Bizarre, funny, interesting and unforgettable, The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test is one of the strangest things I ve ever read but also one of the most addictive stories I ve found in a long time. I enjoyed this book I grew up partially on the peninsula with a father who was pretty involved in the counter culture I ran around at 12 in a black corduroy cape with a sparkly Mylar dot on my forehead and when Ken Kesey s bus pulled up in our driveway in Barron Park and he and the Pranksters melted out I thought the circus had arrived.I read Electric Kool Aid Acid Test soon after it came out and I thought Tom Wolfe really captured the feeling of the times It was exciting for me to read because I felt pretty immersed in the times through my dad I was young and precocious and I thought Kesey was about as handsome as could be I had read his books and loved One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest a lot He was a larger than life figure and I circled around he and my father as they sat at the work table in our garage eyeing his muscular bicep under his black tee shirt from behind my fathers print dryer. I think this should have been half the length Most pages seemed as though A mega doozy A unique fauxdopey emblem of hippie Americana that blows angelic trumpets in your face with the celebration of a dadaesque topsy turvy rover s lifestyle So, oh so VERY unique Is it all nonfiction Really Or is it a horror film in disguise no, no, no, just hear me out wherein body snatchers captivate the fragile minds of the youth, ensnaring them in major LSD consumption, intersubjectivity, codependent thinking and a fantastical creation of genuine communal attachment The hippies were a group that s just if not , at the time self aware as conceited as all of them are All about the me Once the novel is one fourth over, it finally becomes accessible, cracking open like some golden egg And what pours out of the almost mystical experience following a group of misfits who grok over the long roads ever expanding horizons of the motherland is something unforgettable, unattainable for any other writer than this one, the overly ambitious writer of Bonfire of the Vanities, Mr Tom Wolfe Reading The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test is like following the Pied Piper into some sweet oblivion, acting as stupid foolish children, except that your parents will never find out nor be sad about your departure You re either on the bus or off the bus Yup, there are life lessons aplenty to be harvested from this utmost jewel, this crystallized ruby, as important to historians as it is for creative writers.This one requires your utmost attention, reader Bring it into your own personal movie, which plays out in a singular, long, mystifying strip of Day Glo Highlighter acid lemon green R.I.P Tom Wolfe