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Become A Kitchen Whiz With The Cookbook For Teens Even The World S Top Chefs Had To Start Somewhere The Cookbook For Teens Is The Perfect Introduction To The Art Of Cooking, Even For Teenagers Who Have Never Cooked Than A Slice Of Toast The Cookbook For Teens Will Guide You Through Introductory Preparation And Cooking Techniques, How To Read Recipes, And How To Shop For Groceries Once You Are Comfortable In The Kitchen, You Will Learn How To Make Your Own Easy Dishes, With Simple Cookbook For Teens Recipes For Appetizers, Entrees, And Snacks After You Have Mastered The Fundamentals, The Cookbook For Teens Will Walk You Through Preparing A Three Course Meal That Will Completely Wow Your Friends And Family The Cookbook For Teens Makes The Kitchen Accessible For Any Teenager Interested In The Culinary Arts, WithEasy To Follow Cookbook For Teens Recipes, Such As Bacon And Cheese Risotto, Deep Dish Spaghetti Pizza, And Southwestern SaladBasic Cooking Techniques To Make You A Kitchen ProEssential Kitchen Tools The Cookbook For Teens Guide To Grocery Shopping On Your OwnKey Safety Tips For Everything From Chopping To Baking, From The Editors Of The Cookbook For Teens With Easy Directions And Delicious Recipes, The Cookbook For Teens Is The Perfect Resource For Anyone Who Wants To Start Getting Creative In The Kitchen

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    Overly simplistic This book seemed overly simplistic My 10 year old did not like many of the recipes nor did she find them challenging or interesting to make You are better of searching Pinterest for some ideas.

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    If you have a child heading off to college or moving out on their own, this book is a terrific resource for them I highly recommend buying this book for both males and females moving out of their parents home and starting to live their own lives, or better yet, buy it before they move and work through this book together 4.5 Stars

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    I bought this for my teens because they like to cook They have really enjoyed making the recipes from this book It is easy to understand and the meals are tasty.