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I found this very interesting, and couldn t wait to finish reading it I m also a big columbo fan also, and I d definitely read this again. The funny stuff Reliving it Putting it on paper Peter FalkPeter Falk, best known for his portrayal of Lieutenant Columbo on the long running TV series, has written a biography that made me feel like I was sitting with him in a restaurant, just listening to story after entertaining story Falk was one of those fortunate people whose take home from almost any situation is a funny story, and his autobiography is a fine collection of humor and behind the scenes revelations about how things happen in Hollywood How many people could lose an eye to cancer while still a child and emerge with nothing but hilarious recollections about what it s like to have a glass eye Falk was a late bloomer in many respects, getting into acting after years of trying other professions discovering a love of sketching even later in life Had he simply become a star performer right out of college, his autobiography would still have been interesting, but we wouldn t have all those great stories about his years in the merchant marine or trying unsuccessfully to land a government job during the McCarthy era He invested himself heavily in every role, choosing his own wardrobe for many of them including the iconic raincoat , suggesting and even writing scenes, always coming up with a memorable character.And his many acquaintances come to vivid life, usually through a telling anecdote his wife Shera, Frank Capra, Marlon Brando, John Cassavetes, Jonathan Winers, Alan Arkin If anyone is the butt of a joke or looks a little ridiculous in any of these reminiscences, Falk makes sure it is himself In an era of tell all, get even, and get rich first person narratives, this book was as refreshing as it was entertaining. The Award Winning Actor Takes Us Behind The Scenes Into His Professional And Private LifeIn Just One More Thing, Peter Falk Takes Us On An Acting Journey That Begins Not In Hollywood But In Hartford, Where He Worked As A Management Analyst For The Connecticut State Budget Bureau His Time There Was No Successful Than An Earlier Attempt To Find Work With The Central Intelligence Agency At Loose Ends, Falk Turned To An Old College Interest Acting He Came To Prominence As An Actor In In The Highly Successful Off Broadway Revival Of The Iceman Cometh With Jason Robards Although He Worked Continuously For The Next Three Years, Bouncing From One Off Broadway Theater To The Next, A Theatrical Agent Advised Him Not To Expect Much Work In Motion Pictures Because Of His Glass Eye Surgeons Had Removed His Right Eye, Along With A Malignant Tumor, When He Was Three Years Old But In , The Actor Made The Jump To Hollywood, Where He Landed His First Movie, Murder Incorporated, And Was Nominated For An Oscar Next Came Frank Capra S A Pocketful Of Miracles Starring Bette Davis, Which Garnered Falk His Second Oscar Nomination Falk Was A Favorite Among Moviegoers During The S, Admired For His Roles In Classic Comedies Such As It S A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World And The Great Race However, It Was Through His Collaboration With Filmmaker John Cassavetes That Falk Entered Into His Most Creative Period In Motion Pictures Such As Husbands And A Woman Under The Influence Helped Launch The Independent Film Movement Nevertheless, Falk Continued To Act In Light Film Comedies, Including The In Laws And Neil Simon S The Cheap Detective And Murder By Death, Among Others Yet It Was Through Television That Falk Reached His Widest Audience He Has Portrayed The Beloved Lt Columbo Since The S, Winning Four Emmys The Series Was So Successful That Ten Years After It S Demise, Columbo Was Re Launched, Bringing Falk To A New Generation Of ViewersJust One More Thing Also Chronicles The Author S Later Work, Such As Movie Appearances In A Shark S Tale And Paul Reiser S The Thing About My Folks, As Well Stories Of Growing Up In New York, Hollywood And Broadway Luminaries, And The Author S Accomplished Passion For Drawing And Painting The best book I have ever read Hilariously funny, insightful and intelligent, reading this is like having a private chat with the man himself I suppose, you have to know Peter Falk or likely Columbo to care which limits the appeal of this however, I ve never found a book enjoyable and just for its charming tone everyone should try it.Best categorised as the ramblings of a man who only has half his mind on the world in front of him, Falk presents himself through loosely linked uproariously entertaining vignettes of his life An autobiography with the boring bits left out would sum this up nicely How could you not love a book with chapter titles such as Thinking about Faye Dunaway whilst driving or I have never been arrested in the United States but I have been arrested in Falk was a genius I only wish I could read this again for the first time. Being a very big fan of Columbo it isn t realistically possible for me to do an unbiased review This is not a memoir or autobiography as much as a series of reminiscences of movies made This is my third reading having purchased the book several years ago I have no doubt there will be a fourth, fifth etc. NOTE TO THE READER By now you should know what I like short stories that can be read in ten minutes that are designed for people like me, who pick up a book when they get into bed, read for 12 minutes, and doze off, hopefully with a smile on their lips So says Falk on page 15.Well, this book is exactly that Perfect for dipping into, with really short chapters Perfect bedtime reading for someone like me.It is not as he is careful to tell us an autobiography It is a series of anecdotes But what it is, is a very interesting read I never realised he had done quite so many movies.I loved him in Columbo, and in Princess Bride, but I don t think I ve seen him in anything else.I get the impression he wasn t the easiest to work with He freely admits he was awkward about his salary and the size of his roles Yet his talent meant his was in demand I feel like I want to check out some of his movies now. I really enjoyed this book I enjoyed reading about Peter s acting career I like the fact that the chapters are quite short and snappy, therefore making the book pretty easy to read There s also plenty of pictures in here of himself and people he has worked with over the years.The only thing I was slightly disappointed in is the fact that he didn t really talk much about Columbo, which is what he is most well known for Still, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it. He was right short and sweet It did have its funny parts I jolted every time they kept referring to him as Peter Columbo We all know him forever as Columbo The book reads like Columbo wrote it It has anecdotes with unexpected punchlines The understatement is deceptively intelligent There are signature illustrations that show talent in the visual arts Falk has traveled widely and has had many unique adventures.As an actor Falk liked to develop his character along with writers and directors He tells how he re wrote lines and found ad libs that worked better than the writers He s rejected jobs because the character wasn t real, and he got enthusiastic about scripts with a well constructed character He named the talented actors and directors he s enjoyed working with and writes some interesting vignettes about Brando never heard this before , Dunaway, DiLaurentis and others Columbo, as we iconize him, is Falk s creation from the crumpled coat to the battered Peugeot.The reader will enjoy this time with Falk, but won t learn much about him personally His childhood is represented by a few high school tales He talks fondly of two wives, the first one just vanishes from the text You learn he has 2 daughters through a photo.But we learn that Falk is an adventurer, with a positive attitude who makes long term friends The book does not purport to be an autobiography, merely a set of stories, and in this, it meets its goal. I was so looking forward to reading this when I found out Peter Falk had written a memoir I loved his acting in movies and most especially his role of Lieutenant Columbo Reading the book I realized that he was a good actor and a not so good writer The book is like a bunch of 3x5 index cards of ideas for chapters or themes The book doesn t feel cohesive nor does it flow in anything other than rambling about one s life late at night over a few drinks.There are fun snippets here and there and I learned a few things about Mr Falk and about Columbo However, some of the stuff I learned about Falk wasn t what I expected He s kind of egotistical and self centered Maybe that s expected from someone who writes a memoir, but I kind of got turned off by his self promotion after awhile.If you like Peter Falk or just Columbo , I recommend watching his performances to enjoy him rather than reading this book But that s just my opinion.