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THE DYING BREATH THE DYING WILL THE DYING HOPE After The Catastrophe Of The Call Of Agon, Ifferon And His Companions Find Themselves In The Unenviable Situation Of Witnessing, And Partaking In, The Death Of Another God This Time Corrias, The Ruler Of The Overworld With Corrias Locked Inside The Corpse Of The Boy Theos, He Suffers A Fate Worse Than The Bonds Of The Beast Agon Yet Hope Is Kindled When The Company Find A Way To Restore The Boy, And Possibly The God, Back To Life The Road To Rebirth Has Many Pitfalls, And There Are Some Who Consider Such Meddling With The Afterlife A Grave Risk The Prize Might Be Life Anew But The Price Might Also Be A Second Death

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    Wilson returns to his fantasy world with a subtle flair that brings everything to life in an even bigger way The plot was tightly woven, with many sub lines throughout I enjoyed the extra complexity that this added to everything I enjoyed the way that Wilson blended what one would expect from a fantasy novel with something very unique to create a novel that was one of a kind and all his own The way that Wilson gives readers insight into his characters was fantastic They may not always agree with one another, heck, I didn t always agree with their actions and reactions but I found that I really came to know and understand them by the end of the novel This varied cast of characters who were thrown together by circumstance definitely come together to build a wildly unique and utterly captivating whole.Wilson has created a complex tale with interweaving storylines that truly kept me on my toes throughout There wasn t a moment of this tale that didn t have me completely captivated Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is the sequeal to the The Childrean of Telm The Call of Agon In the first book, we see that it ends with the death of the god, Corrias in a frightful war Many lives were lost in that battle including the young boy, Theos, whose body was shared by God, Corrias This book begins with the hope that Theos can be resurrected to life and so as the god, Corrias And hence, Ifferon, Delin and others prepare to plan for the same Herr Don, the prince, returned to his kingdom to prove his greatess to his father and finally able to claim the name Herr Don, The Great In the meantime, the ShadowSpirits supporters of Agon, the evil went against Ifferon s and Delin s idea of resurrecting their god and so the battle begins, to stop them from bringing Corrias back to life Ultimately the battle is won, and Corrias, as well as Theos, got a second life and hence the story aptly justifies the title, The Road to Rebirth.Once again Wilson s way of story telling has left me speechless, it s like I lost myself in the story, I always can able to connect with all the characters, maybe it s because the way the author always represents and unfolds every character in his book What I always cherish about reading Wilson s books is that his use of metaphors in every pages of the book, for instance, There is white everywhere before my eyes, yet all I see now is darkness , it makes you think so clearly about the details And no doubt Dean F.Wilson is a master story teller He has managed to create a whole new world with gods and their races, princes and their kingdoms, their indiffrences among the races, so many legends So if you like fantasies and a tale of Gods and their races, grab a copy of The Road to Rebirth now.

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    The rise of an epic This second volume of The Children of Telm immediately starts where the first one, The Call of Agon , left off Ifferon and his companions must come to terms with the fact that they have been playing into the hands of evil when they believed they were fighting against it Ifferon watched as the knight wept and cast aside his pendant, an emblem of Corrias They thought that Corrias, the god s leader, had forsaken them, while it was them who fell short in their duty towards him He, incarnated in the little boy Theos, was with them and they didn t recognise him Now Corrias died with his earthly vessel and thus seems dead the only force in the world Iraldas that could oppose Agon But there is the hope of rebirth by an intricate ritual.Wilson tells his tale in a language rich, colourful, lively It is brimming with metaphors and particularly abundant in comparisons However, the reiterated invocation of as if and like is never tiresome, but it conjures up the imagery that spell binds the reader to the universe and scenery.The pinnacle of artistic creation is the congruity of form that is, language and content, and in this novel they approach ingeniously This convergence winds about the central theme of the work, resurrection Parallel to the ceremony to restore life to Corrias, the companions of The Call of Agon must go through their own labour of rebirth, must fight the anguish that has taken possession of them Highlighted be here the plight of D lin and Herr Don, though all the characters suffer through their own conflict D lin has lost Corrias, but has also lost with Theos whom he felt almost a child of his own I feel like I am loosing than Theos here, D lin confides to Ifferon I feel like I am loosing my will to fight for freedom and honour He confronts an impasse, as there seems to be no middle ground between either calling Corrias or the innocent child Theos back to life This leads to the reflection on the basic moral dilemma behind is it permissible to achieve a greater good by bringing about a lesser evil Herr Don s soul is no less stricken, but in a different way He announces It has all been in vain My part in this tale is done While D lin still believes in fighting for a future, and it is the apparent impossibility of doing it honourably that afflicts him, Herr Don has lost faith in the world, in the future, in fighting He leaves the others and takes on a lonesome road across Iraldas, passing through the places the company had come by in the first volume So it is the heart of the characters that is drained of life force and in the story the struggle for the rebirth of Corrias is, above all, a symbol for the fight for rebirth, to new strength and purpose, of the characters The second death is a recurring topic In its literal meaning in the story, it s the annihilation of a soul already dwelling in the Underworld, Hal s But in it s symbolic sense it s the lapse from the possibility of moral rebirth that still is open to the characters, however narrowly D lin might abandon his faith in honour altogether, Herr Don might never return to a sense of responsibility All the principal characters run the risk of this second death in one sense or another Profound are the questions that Wilson lets his characters face, but he avoids all platitudes by avoiding an answer Why fight if evil ever returns Well, fight for fighting then His heart was comforted, but his mind refused all comfort The great existential problems know no resolution, but existential, demanding, immediate they are The author shows if the answers his characters can find for themselves make them either succumb or rise with new power.Therefore, on the level of content moral rebirth is the central theme and symbolised by the struggle for the God s resurrection A symbol signifies something it is not itself Similarly, a metaphor or comparison brings together two notions that are not identical, the one depicting the meaning of the other Hence it is not accidental that Wilson should illustrate moral rebirth by the actual rebirth of a God and at the same time clad his story content in highly illustrative language This is precisely the sound relation between content and form this novel establishes.Already in the first instalment Wilson chose a densely metaphorical, at points lyrical prose that augmented by archaic expressions the feel for the medieval fantasy background as well as for the legendary frame of the story In the second instalment, further, Wilson links the form of language he has selected to a thematic concentration that works on the same principal, the indirect expression by imagery If, of the two books out by now, The Road to Rebirth appears the less eventful, it is mature, reflective, psychologically elaborate than the first For all that it does not loose grip and tension Finally, it shows a sharpened sense of structural conception by the dependency of form and content The novel is closely integrated, round off and powerful in its artistic achievement.

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    Wilson is at it again, this time continuing the take of Ifferon in The Road to Rebirth, second in the Children of Telm series I am seriously astounded that Wilson is able to create a whole world, complete with a whole new religious and mythological system, and put so much life and vigor into every aspect of his series It took me a while to get back into the story because of the depth put into it, but once I was in I was hooked all over again Wilson s new addition to the Children of Telm series earns itself 4 out of 5 stars from me.As with any book, there are things I liked, and things I didn t like about The Road to Rebirth One of the things I wasn t too fond of was how long it took me to get into the story This isn t because of Wilson s writing or the plot itself, but rather the intense level of detail put into every part of the story Many sci fi and fantasy adventure sagas have timelines, maps, lineages, or other aids to help readers remember important yet complex parts of the story, and I feel like something would have been useful to remember the different races, tribes, and gods Wilson created I also feel like the chapters featuring Melgales and Yavun were particularly difficult to keep track of, owing to their being in two separate places and handling different situations I like how they were combined because of their connection with the Beldarian, although I m not sure the ebook formatted the way Wilson had wanted because there were a few parts in these chapters that were unclear in the shifts from Yavun to Melgales and vice versa.That being said, I have to applaud Wilson for creating a story as vivid and creative as Tolkien s Lord of the Rings He has developed a whole alternate world, complete with a complicated mythological religious background, and that takes immense skill I am a huge fan of mythology, particularly Greek and Roman tales, and Wilson s work only whets my appetite for myths.While I was overly fond of the amazing imagery and scene setting in this book, I was also a bit overwhelmed by the number of poems and songs throughout the chapters They were well placed and added to the culture of Wilson s world, but I think there were just a bit too many for me to truly enjoy as they took me away from the plot itself, and I had to reorient myself to what was occurring.As I mentioned before, Wilson s style of writing hooks the reader, and creates an emotional bridge between reader and character The characters in The Road to Rebirth are realistic in the moral and ethical choices they make in each chapter Nobody is all good or all evil, and each person makes their choices and has to live with the repercussions, be they positive or negative Elithea and Delin share drastically opposing opinions in what is right to do for Theos soul, but because there is naught but gray area, either can be right or wrong How can anyone tell who is truly good or evil in this story, without seeing how the conclusion plays out One of my favorite parts of any book I read is finding quotes that really speak to me, and Dean Wilson is outstanding at making his stories as inspirational as they are entertaining I ll leave you with just a few of my favorites If you draw breath, then this is living The question is do you do than just draw breath The dark night feels very long now, even if there is the hope of dawn There is than hope It is not idealism to think that day will follow night It is a matter of knowing, not hoping Do you yearn for life, even when it is often cruel Yes, because it is often cruel, not always, and when it is not cruel, it is kind beyond any measure, and those moments outweigh the darker ones that precede or follow Even when night comes and smothers day, there are stars up there in the blackness To try and fail is better than to fail to try A flower always tries to bloom, even in the bleakest of winters Often the flowers fail, but sometimes they succeed Sometimes it is best to think less of where you came from, and on where you are going.

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    The sequel isn t usually better than the original in a series, but The Road to Rebirth is certainly an exception to that.This is the second book in Dean F Wilson s series The Children of Telm It picks up right where it left off when all the characters of the first book learned devastating news Now, it s time we learn how they deal with the challenges that have been put before them.The action in The Road to Rebirth is much crisper than the original, likely because there isn t much backstory that Wilson needs to tell to get this story moving While there may be slightly less action than the first, there is going on here with all the characters discovering about themselves as they are tested to their limits.The Road to Rebirth takes many of the characters in different directions than they plan on going, but the different journeys seem important to the quest that lies before them.The writing is also much cleaner, cutting through any unnecessary words, but still allowing Wilson s wonderful prose seeped with rich, lively color to allow the readers to get a full picture of the world he has created.Wilson also shows the characters growth They are all in such different places from when we meet them in the first book until the end of the second After going on a journey through two books with these characters, I feel invested in them and am intrigued to learn how it all plays out Originally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy.

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    A superb sequel Picking up straight from where Call Of Agon ended, this details the struggles both physical and mental of the tight knit band of warriors, desperately trying to keep the shadow realm in check and bring peace back to the land The story is really in depth and focuses personally on the history of the characters and the culture that both strengthens and divides the different clans There are some really touching scenes in this book, as well as some great battles and brief light hearted moments that will captivate you and keep you reading without pause The descriptive narrative helps create your view of the places travelled and the songs scattered throughout add again that bardic quality from the first that adds a mediaeval touch As with the Tolkien comparisons, there are faint nods to Greek mythology too, although I m sure many will find something familiar that strikes a chord all whilst still staying in the unique world of Dean F Wilson s creation Book 3 beckons..

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    Dean F Wilson sweeps us back into the fantasy world he has created from the ground up in The Road to Rebirth as the cleric Ifferon and his group reel from battle, the ruler of the Overworld, Corrias has been trapped within the corpse of the young boy he had inhabited Unable to escape or sustain himself, Corrias will die Is there a way to bring life back to the boy and hopefully restore life to Corrias The Road to Rebirth will be filled with doubt, strife, deceit and those opposed to the resurrection, but Ifferon is determined to prevail Is the risk of changing to life span of these two a danger that should not be attempted No one knows what will happen to their spirits during rebirth or even if it will succeed Welcome back to Ifferon s journey as he uncovers truths, about himself and the world around him.I won t detail the entire journey we take alongside Ifferon, there is far too much going on, but truly, if you are thinking about trying a truly epic escape from reality, I would recommend this series.Any fan of epic fantasy will tell you it s the world created the mental images the author sends to his readers and really feeling what is happening, not just reading about new lands, new religions, customs and the people within the tale, but being a part of it Dean F Wilson has pulled me into his tale, shown me the faults of his characters and sometimes the folly of their quest, but never once did I want to leave Intermingling phrases or thoughts that resound with truths for any age and time, we are invited to witness the turmoil that is part of life, even if in another land, far beyond any world we will ever visit Mr Wilson also handles the concurrent events well, and out of the chaos of a world in a battle of good versus evil there come reason and order as simultaneous events unfold Settle back and prepare to be taken from reality into Dean F Wilson s world and experience true fantasy from the mind of a gifted author.I received this copy from Dean F Wilson in exchange for my honest review.Series The Children of Telm Book 2Publication Date January 28, 2014Publisher Dioscuri PressGenre Epic Fantasy ScifiPrint Length 324 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleReviewed for

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    A Saga Sustained The second volume of the trilogy The Children of Telm must be welcomed As well as learning of the history of this singular world, we continue to follow the exploits of Ifferon and Herr Don Prince of Boror And a fantastic adventure it is too Once started, the book is difficult to put aside, being head and shoulders above similar works in this genre The Road to Rebirth is written with craft and care Our author has a natural gift for pacing and knows exactly when to introduce the dramatic pause Descriptions are not only lyrical, but potent and memorable The author s love of trees and all nature is revealed in some intensely written passages.The names Geldirana of the Garigut, the Molokran ring out like the frequent clash of swords in the story Above all, the characters have a life upon the page, and Wilson obviously cares deeply about them Daralus the Crown Poisoner, although only playing a minor part in the story, is particularly well drawn.The theme of restoring golden youth hence the title of the book is entwined with an eternal struggle for power Men, and women, struggle to dominate each other in a universe of awesome dimensions There are masterly passages of true horror, and blood and battle is never far away That said, there is never an air of the gratuitous, or a tiresome obsession with gore Every incident is there for a purpose, one often profound A debate upon the thin veil between life and death, the nature of gods and magic, the very essence of creation itself, runs in a constant thread through the story.Questions are asked What is the significance of The Scroll of Mestalarin Has Theos died in vain these are but two examples In this way, puzzles continually sustain the reader s attention It would obviously be unfair to author and reader alike to reveal any answers, let us simply state that the outcome of the tale is never predictableParticularly pleasing are the songs which occur frequently, but never obtrusively, in the text Even the melancholy airs add another dimension of timeless legend to the saga Some too are of impressive length, always well composed, never drifting into mere doggerel An attractive map as a frontispiece also gives added pleasure to reading this always engaging narrative o00o

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    From little acorns, than just great oaks can grow.I ve been waiting for this Since the last page of Dean F Wilson s Call of Agon l have waited for the second book in the series There was a brief respite as I finally read the long awaited sequel Closing this second volume, The Road to Rebirth, I realised I was no better off and now await the third it would seem Mr Wilson is master of the cliffhanger.Above all else Dean Wilson is a storyteller A reporter of a world he must see and feel vividly His characters speak with their own voices and their wisdom and folly is natural and credible, drawing the reader into their world and minds Some you cannot help but like, others are frustrating as you watch them turn from the heights and wander lost within their own blindness Those like Ifferon and Herr Don are many facetted and complex some, like Granny with her spoons, are almost cameos Much like the real world and therein lies the magic.The tale is set in a world of gods and spells, where races do not truly understand one another and beliefs conflict Symbols understood by one culture, misunderstood by another the fantasy world not only mirrors but illuminates our own.The reader who picks up the book looking for an enthralling story will find one The reader who seeks something deeper and who reads from the perspective of Wilson s magical books will find something else The story looks at our hopes of survival after death of rebirth, renewal and the clinging to the life we know In hope and fear the characters must face these questions written in the hearts of all of us Is death the end or the beginning or a new beginning And how long must we wait for the sequel.

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    At least the task of the company of adventurers is straightforward than the one they had in first book of this series, The Call of Agon However, the end of the world feel and the grimness and despair still pervade much of The Road to Rebirth.The boy Th os, who was also the reincarnation of the god Corrias, has been killed by the machinations of the false priest, Teron The knight D lin, who had been serving as his protector, is grief stricken and anxious to return the boy to life even before he learns that he was also Corrias When it comes out that the acorn that the boy, as an Al Ferian, carries might be used to bring him back to life, D lin jumps at the chance Elith a, however, sees this as a desecration of the right use of the acorn, which would be to plant it to grow a tree through which he would live on So there is a philosophical debate about the morality of trying to bring Th os back to life, and Elith a vows to hunt them down when they insist on going ahead with their plan In addition, there is some question whether it would be Th os or Corrias who would be brought back if the procedure is successful Even D lin is unsure which he would prefer to come back.Herr Don elects to give up the whole struggle and return to Boror.Meanwhile, none of the other problems that currently beset Iraldas has gone away All of them travel over hostile, devastated lands, and when Ifferon, D lin, and Thalla, with the body of Th os, reach Alimror, another battle follows them there.In the course of the story, we meet up with several people who appeared to have died in The Call of Agon Some of them, for example, the ghost of Belnavar who appears to Herr Don on his way back, are actually dead In the case of some of the others, it is not so clear one way or the other And in the end, the only thing that appears certain is that the story is not over even yet.