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Reuel CO Is Tall, Dark, And Infinitely Dangerous His Is The Face That Launched A Million Flyers He Is The First Of His Kind, The First Cyborg To Go Rogue, The Leader Of All Who D Come After Him, And The Only Rogue Nobody Has Ever Come Close To Catching From The Moment Dalia First Sets Eyes On Him, She Knows She Is Lost She Can No Resist His Dark Allure Than She Can Cease To Breathe

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    You are my Eve, Dalia, my curse and my salvation Finally, the book about the most interesting cyborg so far Reuel His story will be unique like him and it is the story of the first cyborg pregnancy Yes, apparently cyborgs have evolved enough and now they can breed Reuel besides being a great male specimen, he is also a dreamer He is thirsty for a new safe world for cyborgs And he wants to save as many as posssible from the heartless human who created them.Dalia will be Reuel s anchor But she does not realise it She is a cyborg hunter and she will be thrown in this situation without realising it She will be confused and lonely at first and in denial When she needs a friend the most, Pierce will appear again in her life Can Reuel, Dalia and Pierce learn how to communicate and form a family unit This will be the distinct second part of the book.I loved the memories manipulation concept that I have seen in several sci fi films and this is definitely a concept that it can be exploited further in the next books.Lastly, although I missed the humorous parts of the previous two books, this book has touched him at an emotional level You couldn t love me and hurt me like that You couldn t love me and not forgive me How do you know he asked quietly, following her step for step Because I just do I know that when you love someone you don t expect them to be perfect and you love them in spite of their mistakes He shrugged I don t know I never had loved before I never felt love before You ll have to teach me

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    4 Cyborg Panty Melting Stars Reuel, Panty Melting Machine, Rouge Cyborg Badass, Leader of all Cyborgs I am not a machine This flesh feels This body desires This mind wants So, unless you want to discover what it is like to spread your legs for a cyborg, I would advise you to stop rubbing your very tantalizing little body against mine I might decide to fuck you until no human man will ever do for you again I fell in love with Reuel in The Awakening and couldn t wait to read his love story As I predicted, it was Sexxy Hot and very intense Reuel s the leader of the rouge cyborgs and he is ALWAYS a step ahead of the rest He is a genius at war strategy and is breathtakingly beautiful Reuel is trying to find a peaceful home for his people and doesn t need the complication of a woman The problem is, Reuel has fallen hard He doesn t just crave Dalia s body he is head over heels in love Emotion is not a gift It is a curse, a weakness we would have been better without You are my Eve, Dalia, my curse and my salvation DaliaDalia was once a Rouge Hunter, but now she is on the run from the government Rouge cyborgs are to be terminated on site and she is determined to survive She decides to use Reuel, and is willing to barter her body to escape Dalia just doesn t understand the insane attraction she feels for Reuel She can t seam to keep her hands off of him.There s a major unexpected twist in the plot that I didn t see coming As rouge cyborgs are rescued, an old, very attractive friend, by the name of Pierce is among them Pierce, Rouge Hunter, Cyborg PerfectionPierce was in Dalia s training class and was not only her best friend He was madly in love with her Rouge hunters were never allowed to date but now that they are free, Pierce is determined to make Dalia his I ve been crazy in love with you, Dally, since the first time I saw you Pierce is beautiful and women can t get enough But he has only ever loved Dalia So what if Reuel wants her too Pierce is willing to fight for her.Surprise There are two love stories in this book and they both revolve around Dalia I was NOT expecting this, but I should have suspected it after reading book 1 of this series, The Awakening This series apparently focuses on menages and multiple partner relationships I was so wrapped up in Reuel and Dalia, that I was completed thrown off kilter when Pierce showed up I enjoy menage romances, so it wasn t a deal breaker for me and it was pretty Freakin Kinky when they all explored one another There was absolutely NO m m Dalia was the focus of pleasure and I was a tad bit envious.My Cyberevolution reviews The AwakeningTotal RecalAbiogenesisCyborgIlluminationCyborg Nation

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    This book was first published around 2005, and I first read it about that time I think this is the third time I ve read it I wasn t aware of Goodreads at that time if it was around then , so keeping up with stuff isn t an exact science with me.This time I am reading the series in the new series order and all at once, not as they were being published.This book is serious than the first two There isn t much ditzy ruminating by the h There isn t much POV from the two Hs trying to figure out what in the hell is going on There isn t the funny arguing between the guys and only minimal scuffles Basically, there are two guys, but they aren t a cohesive unit In short, most of my favorite attributes of a Kaitlyn O Connor book are absent here It s not humorous, but that s not saying the story isn t pretty good The part about the baby care is pretty funny, though.There are several inconsistencies between this book and Book 2, Total Recall , and even between this and Book 1, The Awakening Obviously, this book takes place a few years after Total Recall , and none of the previous characters in those books appear in this one.I thought the most glaring problem was the set up of Reuel s life In the beginning of the book, he s spacing around the universe, doing all sorts of things such as rescuing capturing cyborgs, getting his DNA surreptitiously implanted into Dalia, setting up ambushes, and so forth Still military as in the previous books Then he gets back to the homeworld, and that all goes away and he s a planter Huh yet they are just now coming up with the Contract stuff It seemed to me that there was something about the number designations in their names that didn t jive with the military designations in their names in the earlier books There s no mention of how most of the earlier cyborgs were mostly soldiers.I can understand some of this because these books weren t originally written in the same series order that the author s website now says is the correct order, and at times they seem a little out of sync, but sometimes also better in sync, if that makes sense I guess I just think that a writer who says a group of books are a series should storyboard the whole thing or outline it, or whatever like they do with movies so that it s consistent across the books That way nitpickers like me don t bring up the fact that things are inconsistent There were a couple of other niggly things I noticed, too, but I primarily read on a Kindle Voyage easier on the eyes , so unless I highlight something or make a note on paper, it s a pain in the butt to go back to find something that s the only good thing about print vs e, imho The original series order still seems to be the one Fictfact is using, and I think that is how I originally read them It causes problems, though, between the book about kidnapping the lady doctor and this book where they have no OB expertise yet at their clinic In several aspects I see that the original publication order isn t the most intuitive order.Anyhooooo, I ll likely read this again in a few years, but I reduced my rating by 1 star this time around.05 21 2019 Read Again.Boosted the rating 1 star.

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    2nd reading Love this book The cover makes you think this book is about a kick ass heroine in the jungle Actually, it s about betrayal and misunderstandings and learning and finding love Fantastic read even the 2nd time around Previous review 06 24 11 Terrible cover fantastic book I am and impressed by this author with every book I read This one has Dahlia, a cyborg hunter, waking from a medical eval with a med tech about to give her a shot She can tell he s nervous and when she grabs the needle and gives it to him, she knows they were trying to kill her She s now on the run and going to the people she once killed for help This one was funny with a lot of melancholy I would recommend this author.

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    I do love this series, see my reviews for Cyborg and Cyborg Nation for the back story.This is actually the first story of this series I read it backwards and still loved it the story of Reuel and Dalia The Cyborgs are trying to create their own civilization and Dalia is now pregnant with the first Cyborg offspring The Cyborgs were bred with no feelings, and the Hunters were cyborgs given artificial memories to make them believe they were human When Dalia finds out she s really not human and has been killing her own kind, she s devastated Then she s scared of what may be gestating within her What if she can t learn maternal feelings What kind of offspring is it Nobody knows as it s never been done How can she choose between Reuel, the father DNA donor of her offspring, and Pierce, her buddy and friend from her earlier life And with the uneven male female ratio of the Cyborg Nation, will she have to choose I really do love this series The scenes of labor and delivery are hysterical and are alone worth the cost of the book And how Dalia contrives to share offspring duties and lovemaking duties is a treat of Solomonic proportions Don t miss this fascinating seriesyou may even want to read them in order I plan to go back in a couple of months and do so

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    This is futuristic sci fi erotica, but it surprised me how entertaining I found it I say surprised me because yes the sex and language is graphic but the author did some world building Lots of internalized narrative from the characters as well which actually sorta brought the book down for me made the heroine feel wishy washy.But all in all a fun read

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    I really wanted to like this book, as it was recommended to me, but I just couldn t quite bring myself to enjoy it The premise was interesting, although I wouldn t necessarily say original it felt very much like an X rated version of Blade Runner, with much poorer characterization and dialogue Where the book really lost me though was in its almost tacit condonement of rape While there was never a textbook definition of rape in the terms of unwelcome sexual conduct, it seems a thin veneer to hide behind when you basically have a female character purposefully impregnated without her consent by the hero , who then proceeds to capitalize on her burgeoning Stockholm Syndrome and eventually treat her as little better than a literal baby making machine I wanted to like the characters, especially after the opening sequence where Dalia came across as such a strong, kickass womanand then Reuel entered the picture and she wilted like the awful flower she was named after At no point did Reuel ever prove to me that he was a sympathetic hero I should become invested in, for the most part he treats Dalia horribly and admits he doesn t even understand the basics of love or forgiveness I did like Pierce a great deal, and would have much rather read about him as the primary hero, but alas he was introduced far to late for us to enjoy his company long And Dalia interacting with Pierce just angered me he was a convenient tool for her purposes, and she seemed to have no qualms about first ignoring him and then unabashedly manipulating him.At points I also felt as if the author was insulting her own character s intelligence did it really take them until Dalia pointed it out for the other cyborgs to figure out that all the women were named for flowers, and all the men president s OverallI really thought that the basic germ the author started with was a good idea, and I liked the setup of the struggle between the cyborgs and the humans for autonomy The sex scenes were well written and enjoyable, although the bar for threesomes for me shall forever be set by Laurell K Hamilton before she went off the deep endher scenes with Anita, Jean Clause and Asher.HOOO I just couldn t stomach what felt like misogynistic overtones to the whole book, and I think the characters needed about 100 pages of fleshing out.

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    3 1 2 stars A nice story from KO C This one explained a lot of the background of the cyborg world It was not one of her funny ones I felt it could have benefited from explanation and scenes to lead the reader to believe strongly in the developing feeling between the 3 protagonists It seemed like the scenes were there but they should have been longer and developed For example in the hold on the way to the cyborg planet there is a woman who everyone knows is crazy and the heroine, Dahlia, is certain that the woman hates her and will attack her As Dahlia is pregnant she knows she will not be able to defend herself Poofta she sees an old flame whom she hopes will protect her They ve been in this hold for weeks and she only notices him now And then after all this build up, the cyborgs take the bad girl away before she can attack Dahlia That just seems a weak plotting choice after all the build up Anyway it was pretty good all around and I liked how the two cyborgs were jealous of each other in the marriage The book seemed fairly telly instead of showy especially at the end But all in all I liked it.Thanks Carolyn F for the loan.

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    2.5 5 3 stars B The cover is horrible and has nothing to do with the story Why do they do that Otherwise, this story was not noteworthy in any way.The writing was ok and the author was consistent than in Awakening, which made me scratch my head It reminded me very much of Laurann Dohner s Cyborg series but I liked Dohner s books Meh.

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    Pretty good as a start to the series Cyborgs are damn hot Loved Reuel and Pierce and Dahlia was very kick ass The premise was interesting and drew a sad portrayal of a futuristic earth It seemed, though, that as soon as we got to the MFM part of the story, it was over I needed detailsbut I do plan to continue reading.