Prime Unchained Melanie –

Melanie Finds Herself Single Again After Years Of Being One Half Of A Couple Her Friends Predict Loneliness, Frustration, And Disaster But Melanie Is Overwhelmingly Excited To Be Able To Do Her Own Thing She Plans A Program Of Behaving Badly, After A Lifetime Of Behaving Properly This was quite an enjoyable read A woman faced with the all too common situation of being on her own after her husband left her for another and much younger woman and her daughter moved out to go to college This book is a story about a woman reinventing herself when her life is turned on its head beyond her control Nothing deep and meaningful, but a nice read with a cup of tea and maybe a cat sitting on your lap. Melanie finds herself single again after years of being one half of a couple But Melanie is overwhelmingly excited to be able to do her own thing she plans a programme of behaving badly, after a lifetime of behaving properly But is the single life quite all it s cracked up to be An entertaining read better than average chick lit. It was a good, fun and light read I enjoyed it I got invested in it as I got to the second half, as the progress was really slow Also, I didn t get why Melanie s car was stolen and then returned unharmed It was unnecessary if it didn t tie up in the end Otherwise the end was good.