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“A complete crochet course presented as a series of workshopsthat cover not only standard crochet but also Tunisian broomstick and hairpin crochet Each workshop features an illustrative project full color illustrations of techniues and step by step instructionsPublic libraries will want to add this title to their short list of essential crochet books”— Library Journal

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    Not a book to read but of a textbook to learn from A comprehensive book to walk through projects increasing in difficulty Fully illustrated with photos and diagrams Creates opportunity for successful outcomes

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    A good intro to crochet including relatively simple patterns drawings of actual working of stitches and basic techniues I appreciated the instructions for interpreting written patterns as well as stitch diagrams

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    I've been crocheting for decades since my step mother Stella taught me In the past few years though I have taken to crocheting for others making gifts and such I picked up this book at my local library Rochambeau when I spotted it on the shelfIt covers a wide variety of stitches that I personally don't see very often such as Afghan stitch Broomstick Lace Tunisian and Filet If it weren't so easy to access from my library I would purchase this book for my collectionThere are lovely and well explained patterns for a variety of items including mittens hats bags pillows and a lovely camisoleThere are lots of color images as well as examples of graphed patterns and sketched designs and how to follow them There are also plenty of line drawings showing hand position for stitches for both right and left handed crochetingIt's a very useful stitch guide for crocheters who are just beginning on up to those of use who are old pros at basic stitching and want to try something new and different

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    I think this book needs a LOT pictures of what's going on with your hook and the thread As I went through I found myself asking a lot of uestions and didn't know how to find answers in the book In some cases it would also refer to things it had not yet defined somethings I'm not sure if they ever were I don't think this is a great source to teach yourself how to crochet However it looks like it has a lot of good info for someone who already has rudimentary crocheting knowledge so I'm unwilling to give it just one star Maybe I'll come back to this once I know the basics and try using it again

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    This is a really good crochet book The styles are a little dated and color photos would have improved it but the techniues and stitches are still valid I had the honor of taking Polish Star crochet course from Ms Turner She knows her fiber arts and is happy to share them and stories with all that are interested

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    I checked this one out at the library and really like it It is a good reference books as well as a good book of projects to try out I wish it had pictures of projects in progress though as that would have been helpful when trying projects for the first time

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    A great book for learning how to crochet I haven't crocheted very much I am mostly a knitter but I have definitely referred to this book when the need arises

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    Not necessary a good beginners book

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    Reading this until I finish my afghan

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    The best book for learning crochet Easy instructions and great graphics