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Simply amazing I am speechless so touching story.Great writing I would definitaly recommend this book to other readers. T.S Krupa captures you within the first three pages You ll find yourself not wanting to put the novel down as you meet Jill in the midst of a sudden tragedy and follow her, sympathetically, as she sorts through her young husband Jay s affairs Throughout the next year Jill relies on those closest to her her best friends as she is no stranger to the loss of a loved one to dire circumstance On her journey she discovers her husband was not the man she thought he was for secrets will be revealed However, you ll find that if you jump to your own conclusions, it s not what you were thinking The love, loss, anger, excitement, and hope are true.Congratulations on your first novel T.S Krupa Safe Sound was an exciting page turner that I found myself not wanting to set down You not only gave your character Jill hope in her widowed life, you also gave the word novel a new hope as it was far from the clich romance novel I look forward to reading your future work Loved this story I couldn t stop reading but didn t want it to end at the same time I still want to know what happens next for all the characters A great read The story grabs you right from the beginning, I couldn t put it down You really feel the emotions of the main character and are easily drawn into the story. arc received in exchange for an honest review to be honest I m a bit on the fence with this story , I felt it was somewhat interesting and whilst it was a good read it had a lot of emotion, I loved the strength that came in Lanie and Stella for Jill, I think it lingered in grief than recovery for a little too long maybe that s just me its a weird one I guess because if I lost my other half grief would be never ending I just don t know if I like it in books , all in all a good read though so I give 4 stars A tragedy landed unexpectedly, Jill lost her husband after two years of marriage She had no idea that her husband had a pretty successful investment and left her 23 millions of assets Moving to the beach house her husband bought as a surprise gift, Jill expected to have a change in life and move on And that was where she met Ross, a musician who had a glamorous past as a award winning singer and song writer Losing his mum cause his career come to a halt Somehow they are bonded by the fact they both have lost someone important in life and that brings the sparks in their relationship Now they managed to move on knowing they have each other Great story Jill s last moment with her brain dead husband makes my heart ache and the unconditional love and help from her friends warms up my heart again With the love from friends and Ross, Jill gets to move on safe and sound Hope is truly the greatest gift we are granted. Loved it A tremendous read that morphs you right into the life of Jill Greenfield, who is the most down to Earth character You just can t help but feel for her and share all of her emotions as you experiences her story together Such a great read that I couldn t put down I recommend it to everyone of all ages A Must Read I couldn t put the book down The story was compelling from start to finish I would love to see a follow up to see what happens to the characters I felt all the emotions from the start of the book. I have never felt the tremendous pain that the loss of a significant other brings on one s life, but T.S Krupa s newest novel, Safe and Sound, transported me right into the life of Jill Greenfield an elementary school teacher who lost her husband in a tragic accident I felt the loss, joy, resentment, and excitement of every character in a story that will appeal to any reader From page one, I was drawn into the novel This book is about much than the loss of a loved one It is a story of finding oneself in the midst of great tragedy and the overcoming of that grief only to find a new person, a new you, waiting on the other side Jill Greenfield s experience is made into your experience as you watch her story unfold with mystery, suspense, and unexpected love I found myself not being able to put the book down Every page brought about unexpected twists and turns that kept my attention throughout the entire novel Just when I believed I had a character or a situation figured out, I was quickly made to realize I had no idea what was really at play Since I finished the book, I cannot stop raving about it I have never posted a review of any novel on a public forum However, I could not let this opportunity pass by Safe and Sound deserves to be read by everyone Its relatable story line and emotionally raw characters gave me a chance to escape from the busyness of everyday life and get lost in a great book I would recommend this to any and everyone who appreciates a story that needs to be told Buy this book You will not be disappointed. When Jill Met Jay Greenfield She Knew She Had Found Her Forever Love She Was A Kindergarten Teacher, He Was A High Powered Attorney And Their Lives Were Perfect But When A Tragic Accident Takes Jay S Life, This Young Bride Is Left To Pick Up The PiecesJill Finds Herself A Young Widow Facing Multiple Decisions She Thought She Had A Lifetime To Decide With Support From Her Childhood Best Friends, Lanie And Stella, Jill Attempts To Piece Her Life Back Together With Nightmares Plaguing Her Dreams And The Struggles Of Constant Grief Over Jay S Passing, Stella And Lanie Keep Near Constant Vigilance Over HerIn The Process Of Settling The Estate, Jill Learns That Her Husband Was Not Quite The Man She Thought He Was She Finds Herself Transported To The Small Beach Town Of Oak Island, North Carolina But The Fairy Tale Ending She Envisioned No Longer Exists She Must Face The Reality That Jay Is Gone As She Finds Herself Having A Chance At Love One TimeSafe And Sound Follows A Yearlong Journey Of Love, Loss, Friendship, And Conquering The Unexpected