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This is the third book in the Alien Huntress series and I really did not like it all that much Compared with the previous two books this one definitely fell solidly into the romance category way too much page space was given to the main characters needing each other, owning each other, and forgetting what they were doing because they weren t together.In this book Mishka rescues Jaxon he appeared as Mia Snow s co worker in the first Alien Huntress novel from torture by Otherworlders Mishka is a Shadow, an assassin that kills Otherworlders to protect humans She is supposed to get information from Jaxon about a virus that a new type of Otherworlder has brought to earth The virus turns humans into flesh eating monsters of a sort Of course, as you might imagine, Mishka and Jaxon hit it off pretty well This is complicated by the fact that Mishka is part machine and her actions are controlled by a computer chip in her brain.The characters from the first two books join Mishka in this novel Eden and Lucuis really do not play a large role Mia Snow plays a slightly larger role than Eden or Lucius but mainly she is a jerk like in the first book It would be helpful to have read the back stories on Mia and Eden, but not necessary to understand the plot of this book The only ray of light in this book for me was Mishka s conversations with her internal computer some of those were a tiny bit funny.There were so many things that I didn t like about this book I am not sure where to start First of all Mishka isn t a strong character She is distracted and whiny and needy almost the whole book the only place she shines is in her kick butt fight scenesbut those are rare Jaxon, who I actually liked in the first book, sheds all his personality in this book and turns into an obsessed possessive character In fact Jaxon is just about absent of any personality outside of his unexplainable obsession with Mishka Why are Jaxon and Mishka attracted to each other This remains a mystery to me I guess we are just supposed to accept that they are.Mishka and Jaxon s obession basically destroys what could be an interesting story line In every scene they are apart or together Mishka and Jaxon can t work because they are thinking about each other The whole thing was pretty intense not in a good way , and pretty boring to read about for 300 pages The plot could have been very interesting with the new alien race and viruses and all The action scenes also weren t as prevalent in this book and were constantly interrupted by Mishka or Jaxon worrying about each other There were a lot of sex scenes and, while they were a bit creative than in Enslave Me Sweetly , they still weren t all that great I also missed the humor in this book Both Mishka and Jaxon were 100% devoid of any humor what so ever and that took a lot away from the story.The main plotline with the virus is never well resolved either I am assuming it continues in Book 4 Seduce the Darkness of this series I own book 4 and will eventually read it, but for now enough is enough There was so much mush and needing owning each other junk in this book that I fear, if the next one follows in this book s path, my eyes will fall out my head from me rolling them so much After reading the first three Alien Huntress books in a row these books are also starting to feel a bit formulaic to me Maybe I just need to clear my head with something a bit substantial before I read another one. I like this series but I m just NOT crazy about it I m not even sure if I would recommend it I mean, it s good, I m having a nice time reading it but it s definitely not one of those reads you ll treasure and try to remember forever This book IMHO wasn t as good as the last one I just never clicked with the two main characters, I was way interested in other things that were going on It was a nice read though, I do like the Aliens theme and the not knowing what will happen next feeling you get because you are dealing with the unknown Still, I feel like this series is lacking on the romance department and a bit on the plot development I still like it though,and will definitely continue reading it I m just NOT gonna rush to get the next one and start it right away. HALF HUMAN, HALF MACHINEALL WOMAN Mishka Le Ace Was Created To Be An Undercover Operativeliterally Her Beautiful Body Has Been Mechanically Augmented To Give Her Superhuman Strength Strength She S Going To Need Her Latest Mission Sends Her To Rescue Alien Investigation And Removal Agent Jaxon Tremain From Torture And Death With Him, She Discovers A Passion Unlike Any Other A Passion She Was Forbidden To Know From The Moment They Meet In A Darkened Cell, Jaxon Craves Her Touch But The Machine Half Of Le Ace Forces Her To Do Things She Doesn T Always Want To Do Even Betray Himand Ultimately Destroy Him Now Jaxon Must Battle The Man Controlling Le Ace, And Even Le Ace Herself, To At Last Claim The Woman He S Come To Love Although this is the third book in Showalter s Alien Huntress series, it was the first I ve read thanks to one of my book sharing bud s Now I m going to have to go back and read the first two because I enjoyed this one SMS is a passionate, you re the one for me type of love story, with steamy enough sex to satisfy even me It s also a fun futuristic paranormal too boot What sets this series apart from some of the other paranormal romances out there is the fact that the protags and baddies are not just magical they re alien s Sci Fi buff that I am, you know I m digging it.Showalter managed to intrigue me with the set of characters this series is based around the AIR Alien Investigation and Removal team They re tight knit and fun to watch together and it s obvious they care about each other Although in this story I was getting a bit ticked with Mia Awaken Me Darkly She rubbed me the wrong way because she just wouldn t back down, even when it was obvious she was wrong about Mishka Jaxon was totally sexy to me and it seemed he made a change from the earlier books I m anxious to see the progression, even though I ll be working it backwards Mishka s own tortured past and the other s obvious dislike of her fascinated me as well, especially after knowing why she did the things she did in her past.Because I started third book in, I can t say for sure that I m in love with this author but there s a definite infatuation I m anxious to see how our relationship progresses after I ve read some by her and I will 4 out of 5 from me I thoroughly enjoyed this the first time I read it I remember liking it a lot, though I don t remember much of what happened.But trying to reread it now is just not happening I ve been desperately skimming and skipping because I m just so fucking bored with it So I wonder if maybe my tastes have changed Or maybe I m just not in the mood I dunno I m not changing my rating, either way. This book didn t really work for me as well as I would have liked I had to push myself through it than I normally do for a Gena Showalter book I think a large part of that was because both Jaxon and Mishka we re presented as one thing and then had their entire personalities reversed as a couple It wasn t even that I didn t want them to get together, but between the instalove and all the other issues it just never seemed to blend well for me Besides all of Jaxon s friends whom I ve liked in other books just plain pissed me off in this one Mia especially Altogether I m curious where the new storyline will go with Nolan s alien race, but glad to move on to other characters. It s been so long since I ve read a Gena Showalter book, that I totally forgot how amazing her world building is I mean, I m totally in awe of this Sci fi world that she created Did I expect a tad bit of our the infamous L ace s books Yes But as a whole the story is strong and sets up an even broad story arc that I have no doubt will hold up until the end of the series I usually don t read sci fi cuz they re not my fav genre but I saw the cover of the book and his title it attract me so I bought it and said what the hack why I don t try it maybe it s gonna turn out to be something good and from the first pages of the book it hooked me the writing style the caracteres and the plot it were all harmonised so well to create this masterpiece tye writing style is so exquisite and make u droll and always wanting for me and windering what it gonna happen next And if we talk about the caractere omg I fell in love with both mains caractere jaxon and miahka l ace and them relationship and when it come to mia I get confused because she was totally a bitch that part of me hated her for that and the other part adored her cuz she was so protective of her friend no matter what the result where and there was devyn with his spirit if sarcasm he was so hilarious I wish that he had space in the story everything he said made me laugh. Okay Where do I begin This book was very deep The dynamic between Jaxon and Mishka was beyond awesome Again all the characters I loved and Hated equally, but that s good Even though I understood Mia s motivation, there were times when even she should not have been allowed to do what she was doing Action was great, Hilarious, and oh so sexy The villians I even loved to hate.It takes a strong soul, man or woman to not only be real honest with themselves, but to do the same for the other person involved This was obviously just one of the many issues that Jaxon and Mishka were facing, but if you were paying attention it was the only one that would have destroyed them if they were not strong enough to not only face it, but overcome it Mishka abused beyond comprehension, broken, has only known the most ugly things life has to offer How can anyone believe in anything else if this is all they have been shown Jaxon, someone born of priviledge has had the Blessing of seeing both sides, even inflicting his own evil on those that did not deserve it his past but he manned up and accepted his role in such things by trying to be a better person, man, friend And to take it a step further, trying to protect those dear to him from such malice In a word Dude Is BAD I mean that in a good way It takes a real man to not be threatned by a woman as strong as Mishka, not just physically, but her mentality She also knew when to let Jaxon be what he needed to be for her and himself These two had a wonderful balance of self and their roles in each others lives, no matter what has happened to them or what was happening around them, or what threatened to pull them apart Even at the expense of letting go of those close to him, Jaxon accepted this and rolled with it I loved how although it ticked her off, Mishka recognized what a sacrifice this would be for him, and despite how she felt, she tried to make the outcome a good one, even within an inch of giving her life The Blessing in this was how quickly they were able to get past their personal hang ups fears Finding and accepting what they both desperately needed in their lives Love each other And to top it all off, it was Believable I highly recommend this one Best in this series so far. This is a reread for me I read it for the first time years ago, and it was the book that introduced me to Gena Showalter My original grade for it was 5 Stars but it seems like my tastes have changed a little over the years because this time around I have to give it 4 Stars If you re reading this series in order and are about to start this one, you should know that this book is written in third person The first two books, Awaken Me Darkly and Enslave Me Sweetly, were written in first person and seemed to be independent of each other Here their characters are tied together, making the books feel connected I, personally, think the series reads better in third person, but if you ve loved the first person setup in the first two books, you might be upset when you get to this one Just an FYI for you all Mishka and Jaxon were great characters I especially liked Mishka Here was a girl who could be just as cold and badass as any guy out there Maybe even so She s killed and she s tortured, all without feeling the need to martyr herself in guilt Seriously, I get so tired of heroines in Romance being cast as incapable of hurting another person, even if it means saving their life But that s not the case with Mishka She may regret having to do it, but she doesn t let her feelings cripple her She was a very strong character I loved that the alien bad guys weren t written as black and white The very nature of their race was so sad How can you not feel for a group of people that behaves like that because that s how nature dictates they have to be I really liked that I, just like the characters, had mixed feelings over how I felt about one of the bad guys There was really no clear cut answer and it was hard not to like him I m also very interested in seeing where the storyline that was left open will take us.The feelings between Mishka and Jaxon developed easily, the only conflict in the relationship came from outside circumstances At times it made it feel a little too easy, but her stories are entertaining so it didn t bug me much As with most of her books, Showalter can write some pretty sexy scenes I felt that Mishka was a little too vulnerable and innocent at times, but overall I really enjoyed watching them come together I found it absolutely hilarious that it was Jaxon who longed to cuddle and discuss their feelings I enjoyed loved that the author flipped that stereotypical role on its head I was not impressed with Jaxon s friends By the end of the book I was wishing that some of them would walk in front of a bus I didn t mind Eden and Lucius, or the hilarious Devyn, but I really, really disliked Dallas and Mia How apt that those two would be best friends Mia s hypocritical attitude toward Jaxon consorting with the enemy grated, considering how her own romance developed The fact that she would ignore his wishes even when he was right there begging her to stop makes her a shitty friend Especially because she was only pushing so hard to hurt Mishka to get revenge, not because she wanted to protect him I was pretty ticked that she was forgiven so easily Dallas was irritating, but I was able to understand where he was coming from He was pretty messed up over the changes to his body and wasn t thinking very clearly, so I made allowances Mia has no excuse other than being an ass.Despite any gripes I had, I really enjoyed rereading this book and am looking forward to continuing on in the series And if I hate one or two characterswell, I ll just ignore them and fantasize about them being hit by said bus Favorite Quote Tell me what s going on in that head of yours Tell me what you re feeling He stiffened Closed his eyes for a moment and moaned Good God I just realized I m Cathy I don t understand He gave a wry shake of his head I ve got a beautiful woman underneath me, and I m asking to discuss our feelings and future Hell, I want to discuss them I m pathetic Do not melt Do not freaking melt. Look, Jaxon, it s not you Okay It s me I can t do relationships Like I haven t heard that one before Like I haven t said it before Shaking his head, he began to withdraw from her For a sneak peek check out my Temtping Teaser on Fiction Vixen