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When Klein Divided The Supernatural Community And Threw The Gauntlet Down, Liz And Crew Warned Everyone They Watched And Did Their Best To Protect The World No One Could Have Counted On The Sadistic Vampire S Plan, And No One Could Be Ready For It Now, The World Is Drowning In The Vile Hela Poison Supers Are Panicking In The Streets, Old Forgotten Legends Have Reemerged Expecting The End Of The World, And The Long Dreaded End Might Be Upon All Of Us Liz Is Finally Together With The Tortured Vincent, And They Re Genuinely Happy But The Two May Never Know True Bliss The Great Lie, The World Behind The Veil, Might Be Revealed If That Happens, Not Even Michael, Nature S Favorite Werewolf, May Be Able To Restore The Balance But There Is Something Else That Is Emerging From The Mask Of Mystery Two Ancient Enemy Forces Are About To Fight A War Their Battleground Earth Itself

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    The third installment of the series comes to life The journey continues as the stakes get upped This time, Liz, Michael, Vincent and Mary must deal with the upcoming power shifts in the supernatural world All the while, they are trying to save the world from crooked supers, ancient legends, and even the ancient protectors themselves

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    Omg I ve been reading the last half of the book for hours I couldn t put it down until I finished it I cannot wait for Book 4 to be released

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    SOME SLIGHT SPOILERS I am a long time fan of OL Ramos, but I must say that this is his best book yet OL Ramos has really stepped up his game in this book Vincent is the most amazing book boyfriend, especially if you love sarcastic, angsty kinda fellas Michael is amazing too, but in this book, he shows of his darker side with all of the destruction that is happening The fight scenes and the descriptiveness of the demons and characters are superb and imaginative Sariel is a new character, an Archangel, and he is incredible Cain has been brought back into this one with a much larger role and shares his words of wisdom All of these superb characters fit together like a well greased wheel.And let s not forget about the love scenes If you want a love scene that curls your toes, but yet is passionate and soft, then you MUST read this book Liz is finally getting the chance to become a woman in so many ways.I have to admit, I am on the edge of my seat for the fourth one to get here Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us Mr Ramos Bravo

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    I loved Awakening so much and decided to give this series a chance and I have to say I am very happy I did All the series is full of action, drama and a spark of romance that grabs your attention from the very first pages but I have to say that even though the first 2 books were awesome the 3 is the BEST 3Vincent and Lizzy are the best couple and I am glad to say even though the fighting is a key point the romance is still on scene Vincent is still the sarcastic and annoying guy that you cant help but love and Lizzy well they are perfect for each other and you cant help but want to read about them In this book your curiosity arises as you turn the pages and loose yourself in the fighting scenes and romantic moments but there is so much Suddenly you realize somethings arent always what they seem when Michael starts to show a flash of his dark side Get really for a TOTAL PAGE TURNER that would have you on the edge of your seat and I assure you once you are done you will want MORE AMAZING work OL RAMOS

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    Breath taking The PASSION between Vincent and Izzy is amazing When reading the love scenes it made my heart race and my breathing increased it was just amazing This book had so many unexpected twist and turns you couldnt put it down I have always been a believer in the supernatural and paranormal but when the new TWIST came out it shook me to the core and I started thinking about the paranormal in a new way You Have to read this book

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    The Keeper Series is amazing If u haven t read this book or the two before it then do it Trust me you ll love them OL Ramos is an awesome writer and I m amazed at his writing ability I m currently reading this series again anxiously waiting for book 4 I give this book two very enthusiastic thumbs way up

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    Michael and Mary, and Vincent and Liz have others added to their family group and are tasked with much greater tasks to save the world A traitor is realized and clan members disappear The Ironskins will hopefully prevail.

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    OMG If you are following the series you will be gratefully surprise at the new twist and turns the story takes and the surprises in store for our favorite keepers , wolf vampire family

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    The day I had waited for finally had arrived I had my own copy of Rebirth to read and I could not wait any longer As I began I knew that my anticipation and anxiety were high as were my expectations The first two novels in The Keeper Series were awesome I only hoped that it had carried on to the third novel I cautiously began reading in hopes that my heart nor my dreams of this book would be smashed I continued reading and my pace and pulse quickened I had to know the whole story I had to make it to the end I had to know if any or all of my questions had been answered I finally finished and as I tuned off my ereader I realized that I had been blown away yet again by OL Ramos Rebirth was everything I hoped it would be and a thousand time than I expected I was so excited for Lizzy and Vincent and of course Michael and Mary The characters were just as lovable as before and I could not have wrote them any better if I tried Vincent still held fast to my heart and Michael was like coming home to an old friend always excited to see you As for Lizzy well she was still as spunky as ever she had a tale of her own still yet to weave Mary was and will always be truly beautiful inside and out Each scene only made me want to read and love the book that much This story was nail biting grab you by the seat of your pants thrill riding fun Battles were fought ferociously and truths were revealed that could break and ruin it all and yet I pondered would balance be restored would the world finally be saved and had my questions been answered or was there to this story yet to be told I can t answer that for you as you must find out for yourself I will say this though if there is to this story to be told bring it on Mr Ramos I m ready, willing, and able to take it on

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    I received this book as an ARC from the author O.L Ramos.In exchange for my honest opinion And let me tell you this is MY HONEST opinion of the book This book is book 3 in the series it can be read as a stand alone or in the series.However in order to follow what is happening I suggest that you read as a series Now to the nitty gritty We have been following Liz, Vincent, Micheal, Mary and a bunch of others during the last the two books In this books we meet some one new Seriel He is an well I am gonna let you find out about him At any rate , in this Rebirth there are alot twist and turns than ever before Liz is finally with her love Vincent Now the question is for how long There is rebellion on earth can Micheal and the rest stop it in time Can they bring back balance on earth Hmm for this you will need to read the book my darlings. I rate this book a 40 star, Mr Ramos has truly out done himself in this one He has step up his writing and imagination all together The characters, scenes, everything about the book is so real I TELL YA GO GET YOUR COPY NOW YOU WON T REGRET IT AT ALL