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Jude s husband runs a ski school and is delayed in returning home It s up to her to get things up and going I m a homemaker, too, and the thought of going into unknown territory to keep things going would scare me to death Jude didn t let fear stop her she plunged in and went for it What I really enjoyed about this novella is the way that it sets things up The reader is introduced to the key characters and gets to know a little bit about each one I felt that this was the perfect setup for the future books in the series I already have a few characters that stand out as favorites and I m excited to see where this series will go.Content Clean. Winter Arrives by Roz Marshall is the first installment about a ski school in Scotland When Jude s husband decides to ditch her for the winter just as skiing season is starting, she barely keeps from panicking Jude has next to no experience managing a ski resort and needs help Jude needs a manager who actually knows what they re doing, and five instructors by next Tuesday Luckily, Mike, a wandering ski instructor, is willing to help out.Even though Mike planned to stay for only a few weeks to ski for the first time in Scotland, and he had only been planning to work at White Cairns for a few weeks, he agrees to stay for the season when Jude s husband leaves her hanging With his help, they are able to hire six new instructors for the season, and Jude gets enough confidence to fax a proposal to a private school looking for ski lessons, and gets a new major client Even though the school is facing bankruptcy and the owner is away, Jude has hope of making it all work as the snow starts to fall.I liked this story It was quick and entertaining It played out in my head like a movie, especially the part where the new ski instructors were introduced There was plenty of showing and not a lot of telling, which I prefer, and for the most part the characters were interesting There were a few things that were predictable though, like when they were choosing the new ski instructors It was obvious that Debbie, the girl with self confidence issues was going to be picked, and that Pamela was going to get cut I also figured that Colin wasn t going to be gone for good And, considering that this is the first installment of a series, I think there is a little too much development of the sexual tension and relationships There s not a lot of guessing as to who is going to end up with whom.But I liked it for what it is an entertaining read I would even be willing to look into the sequels to see how it all plays out I think this is a good book for anyone who likes dramas, and I think teenagers would enjoy this book, especially those in favor of Glee, Degrassi, and Gossip Girl if you re looking for ways to get your kid to read An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereEverybody Has Something To HideJude Winters Is Confident In One Thing She Has No Idea How To Run A Ski School But A Missing Husband And Mounting Bills Mean She S Going To Have To Find Out Fast The Hard WayMike Cole Has Skied Nearly Everywhere In The World Now It S Time To Tick Scotland Off His List, Before He Kicks The Snow From His Boots And Carries On With His Kiwi Version Of WalkaboutBut Things Aren T Always What They Seem And Even Wanderlust Can Sometimes Be Sated Winter Arrives Is The First Novella From The Secrets In The Snow Series About A Scottish Snowsports School Episodes And Short Stories Are Also Available The Series Will Complete In With Episode So, having a serendipitous meeting with the author on line, I wanted to read some of her work.Despite the fact that I m not a fan of novellas, and this wouldn t be the type of story I d usually read, and don t ski this is not boding well for a good review, but stick with me I rather enjoyed it Whilst I would agree with an earlier review about the odd sentence being too long, I really got involved I want to see how the characters develop am still not sure how I feel about Jude, putting aside the obvious sympathy for the Allan situation , and how the season pans out.and whether the snow will stick Am looking forward to the next one Winter Arrives is the first part of a series of books that make up Roz s White Cairns Ski School collection The story is about Jude, who is left to run her ski school on her own for the first time This annoyed me There s supposed bombshells dropped left and right you re never really told what happens , Jude has a bit of a sniffle and whine about things and then surprise surprise something or someone appears to fix it I hate that Jude appears to be so dependent on her husband and while he s away she can t seem to do even the most basic things like open the business mail.The synopsis pretty much sums up the entirety of the book, it s all there for you Let s move onto the writing.It s not the worst I ve seen, that s for sure And the general writing was typo free, it just didn t sit right I think it d benefit from a cull of superfluous words and repetition I wanted the story to progress faster, but it didn t I also wanted something to actually happen but it didn t.I won t be continuing on with the series It just didn t hold my attention enough Sorry Roz Note I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review. Dickens did it Stephen King has done it So I understand that the serial, an episodic series with the full story released a small chunk at a time has a long history and is making a comeback, at least in part because the economics of the ebook market make it viable than with paper books.I m not a fan of the serial for a few reasons One is a tendency for cliffhanging endings Thankfully, that s not the case with Winter Arrives Another complaint I have is that although each episode tends to have a story arc of its own, whatever conflict is brought to a conclusion in a particular episode usually pales in comparison to other story threads that are left unresolved, leaving me wanting and, if I m reading the episodes as they re released, leaves me frustrated.However, not all readers are the same I m sure some enjoy the anticipation of the release of the next installment For those readers or someone like me, after the full series is out , Winter Arrives is a promising start The main character, Jude, is someone I like and want to see things work out for her The setting, a ski school in a winter resort town, is unique with many qualities that make for interesting characters and situations In this episode Jude is thrown into a tough situation, having to hire employees and get the ski school ready to open for the season Her husband has always done this, but he s working out of the country and can t get back in time This episode takes Jude through this experience, up to when the first flakes of snow start falling Thus far, it s a good story with how Jude manages to get the school ready to open as the big conflict while setting up additional conflicts what s really going on with her husband anyway Originally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy. Roz Marshall s debut work is the first in a series about White Cairns Ski School, set in the fictional village of White Cairns in the wintery wilds of Scotland.Within the pages I was taken back to my childhood where we would go on skiing holidays to Avie in Scotland I say that because personally I was of a sledging age, my dad was unable to even stand on skiis and my mum able to do little than stand upright I feel they might have benefited from an encounter with the characters in this book It was wonderful and nostalgic for me and it has already prompted me to look into booking a holiday there something I d sincerely recommend if you are able to, and hopefully this entertaining little read will whet your appetite Give it a try.Anyway, we are introduced to a whole host of characters within this first instalment of the series Marshall writes in a beautifully descriptive way without being overly flowery, with succinct language that flows beautifully, conveying the story and the characters within perfectly without a surplus of language and information It serves to introduce but not over describe, and as such left me wanting to read the next story immediately.I d sincerely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a well written short read, and for those who don t mind being sucked straight into a series you will want to read of Immediately. This is an intriguing episode in what I assume will be an ongoing series, with each subsequent novella centring on different characters involved in the White Cairns Ski School I have to be honest and say that I found central character extremely irritating until the final 10% of the story, when I started to develop some sympathy for her whether that s misplaced or notwell I guess I ll have to read the next instalment to find out All in all a nice little read not sure that the technical detail on the skiing and boarding added to the story, but it s hard to say when it s the first part of a series Certainly worth a read and I will be reading of Roz Marshall s work. Do you really have any idea of what you are truly capable of doing Do any of us There can be little doubt that we all have our own unique comfort zones and loathe the idea of stepping outside of them However, what if we are not given a choice Will we step up to the challenge or sink back into the familiar shadows In her short story, Winter Arrives Secrets in the Snow, Roz Marshall presents just such a conundrum If you are a fan of the underdog, then this book may be a great fit for you Essentially, the story begins by introducing the main character, Jude, whose husband has left her home alone in Scotland as he pursues work in New Zealand The real problem however is that he has seemed to disappear and has not been depositing money into their bank account The bills are mounting and the debt collectors are starting to gather To make things worse, the ski season is set to begin and without her husband to run their family ski school, Jude is faced with a huge predicament She is a graphic artist and knows nothing about managing and operating a ski school Further, she lacks the confidence and self esteem to believe that she could ever be capable of performing such a task However, with the bill collectors at the door, her back is literally against the wall Will she rise to the occasion and discover an inner strength which she did not know existed Or will this all end in complete folly and disaster Winter Arrives is an episodic series, so be forewarned if this is not your type of reading preference The author certainly does have a great command of the written language and the story has a very nice flow to it The plot is well laid out and believable for the most part Although some parts do tend to be a bit on the predictable side The theme of overcoming one s own fears and self doubt is a powerful motif however and runs throughout the novella.It is often said that a story is only as good as its characters Whether that is actually true or not is debateable However, Roz Marshall does present an interesting crew of characters The main character, Jude is quite believable as the underappreciated and underestimated housewife Also, the stranger Mike who comes in to literally save the day, begins to develop as an empathetic and strong secondary player There are distinct sparks between the two which become all that obvious when a glimpse into the true personality of Jude s husband is presented A call from out of the blue shows him to be unsympathetic, selfish and patronizing all at the same time The other host of characters come in the form of the new ski instructors Although many of them seem interesting and have potential, not enough time is devoted to their development to truly engage the reader.Winter Arrives has all the main elements of a top notch story Descriptive writing which flows, an interesting plot, and intriguing characters However, it was all a bit too abrupt for me personally I did not find myself fully able to engage particularly with the characters I also found bits of the plot such as the disappearance of Jude s husband and paycheque without even a call to the authorities to be unrealistic and predictable More time developing the plot and characters would have greatly enhanced the book considering all the elements of a solid story exist This can be one of the downfalls of episodic stories They can build up for the next story but leave the reader feeling somehow left out in the current one Overall, the novella is quite suitable for any age group It would seem to fit particularly well with the Young Adult range of reader and up.3 Snowy Stars for this one I picked this book up for a language arts assignment, and it ended up turning out to be than just an assignment I really enjoyed reading this book, and I am excited to read of the White Cairns Ski School books As I was looking for a fiction novel about skiing, I realized how few books there are on skiing So, when I found this one, I was very happy.Although it was a quick read, I felt as though I wanted to keep reading, and I couldn t put it down For a new author, Marshall did an excellent job crafting this novel.For those of you who love to ski, as I do, I would highly recommend this novel And even if you don t know anything about skiing, you should still read it, because you would love it