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Cameron Wolfe S Life Gets Very Complicated When He Falls For His Brother S Girlfriend In This Winning, Wise Novel From The Dynamic Author Of FIGHTING RUBEN WOLFECameron Wolfe Is The Quiet One In His Family, Not A Soccer Star Like His Brother Steve Or A Charming Fighter With A New Girl Every Week Like His Brother Rube Cam Would Give Anything To Be Near One Of Those Girls, To Love Her And Treat Her Right He Especially Likes Rube S Latest, Octavia, With Her Brilliant Ideas And Bright Green Eyes But What Woman Like That Would Want A Loser Like Him Maybe Octavia Would, Cam Discovers Maybe He D Even Have Something To Say And Those Maybes Change Everything Winning, Loving, Losing, The Wolfe Brothers, And Cameron Himself You get what you get when a teenage boy is the narrator Very candid sex thoughts every third sentence Kinda makes me worried about the fact I have sons Anyway There are some definite similarities in the writing with Book Thief ie poetic flowiness , but I don t think Zusak hit his come together moment as a writer until Book Thief There is no comparison between the two Since there isn t, I ll try and be fair Its a coming of age story with an awkward boy lost in his own family not to mention lost in his own hormones It didn t feel real I don t say that in a bad way It was dreamy Like a story told through emotion instead of the realities of situations I enjoyed it the way you enjoy your dreams with a kind of floaty wistfulness But no way does a boy this thoughtful exist If he did, I think he would get on my nerves after a bit. 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The second and third books in Zusak s Underdog series were basically a left jab right hook straight in the feels Fighting Ruben Wolfe and When Dogs Cry aka Getting The Girl are stronger books than The Underdog Both novels are still primarily character driven, but they read cohesively and the writing feels developed, closer to the style associated with Zusak s later work While I enjoyed The Underdog, it s in the next two books that I feel Zusak really hits his stride, settling into the rhythm of his rugged yet lyrical prose But it s what he writes about that really gets to me not just Cameron s aching hunger but the entire Wolfe family and the way they fit together as one tough, endearing unit It might seem unlikely for such small stories, where some characters only have scant dialogue, but I felt like I knew these people They have such presence in these pages their faults and emotions and bonds laid bare, warts and all raw and vital and alive in the story Zusak conveys so much about the relationships in this family without having to spell it out The brotherhood between Ruben and Cameron, which takes centre stage in Fighting Ruben Wolfe, is painfully real and complex Even when they re at their worst yes, I m looking at you especially Ruben , I couldn t help but love these characters All three novels are fairly blunt about what life is like in working class, urban Australia don t expect an abundance of political correctness here But it s authentic Zusak portrays a cross section of society with incisiveness, laying open the reality of the Wolfe s world without romanticising or embellishing it It s evident that this is familiar ground for Zusak in the astute, yet matter of fact, way he writes about it I m not going to lie I cried while reading the last book Again, it s subtle, but so much goes on under the surface of the words Particularly in the relationship between the brothers, and Cameron s fight for his place, and who he is There are so many small, quiet moments in this story, heavy with significance, yet never overplayed With a short scene or a terse exchange between characters, Zusak manages to articulate the emotion that underpin the novels, and inject this story with so much heart and honesty These aren t perfect books They probably won t be everyone s cup of tea.But I bloody love them I m not crying, it s just raining on my face. ,. I always have to think awhile after closing a Zusak book He gets me so hard in the gut it s hard to formulate a coherent review of the experience Getting the Girl is a continuation of the story of the Wolfe brothers begun in Fighting Ruben Wolfe Zusak writes close to the bone, exposing the marrow of what love is between a boy and a girl, and between brothers It s also about Cameron defining himself, as he is ripped away from all the safe places he used to hide, including his identity as Ruben s inferior brother.And once again, Zusak takes artistic risks with his story which could easily go horribly awry This time, he includes Cameron s stumbling and raw words as he puts who he is on paper, foreshadowing this almost mute boy s emergence as a writer poet These sections work, thank God, because Zusak doesn t try to underwrite them He lets Cameron be over the top and angsty and poetical so his words read like the rough drafts of poetry before it s shaped by time and practice They sound wincingly authentic, of the sort you d want to hide if only they didn t demand such attention for their pure gutsy ness and flashes of stabbingly accurate emotional insight.The rest of the story is unflinching, too, as no one gets anyone Instead, we wrestle with the dual meaning of get 1 to obtain or take and 2 to understand When we love someone, which is it And most brilliantly, even though the book is a slim, short read, and we may think we already know we can t truly have another person, Zusak takes us on a long, slow walk through the conflicting desires that make it so difficult to let go of that need, so we can, like Cameron, chose how to love with open eyes. . The Wolfe family has moved into my heart Reading the first of the books that Boys feel just as insecure getting girls as girls do getting boys I just love that Although if this had been a woman author I would have written off her sensitive boy as unrealistic, but since the author is male, I give him leeway with emotions I d like to think rather than being chauvinistic, I m taking a man s word for it since us women can only guess Literature about finding love is normally the sappy girl s perspective and here you get insight into a boy so anxious to give love and find approval that he s hungry, but can t show it The industry needs male authors.The main character, Cameron, is somewhat of a loser with no social life and yet he is a deeply feeling, attentive, and pensive boy, emotionally mature beyond his outwardly charming brothers I found myself relating him to my closed off brother whom my family often writes off as immature and irresponsible, when he has his moments of glory where you do get a glimpse of him, particularly how devoted and sweet he his to his girlfriend It is those quiet shy boys, the nice guys who finish last, who are the ones worth waiting for.As always, Zusak is poetry to read Each chapter ends with Cameron s insights The last is my favorite There are so many moments to remember and sometimes I think that maybe we re not really people at all Maybe moments are what we are Sometimes I just survive But sometimes I stand on the rooftop of my existence, arms stretched out, begging for It s an extremely quick read I read it over a few hours but it s not an empty mindless read Admist all the paranormal fantasy out there with unrealistic male love interests, it s nice to read young adult about a real guy including his adolescent thoughts on sex I adored Cameron and his vulnerability.ETA I met Zusak at a book signing He was everything I thought he would be I asked him how much Cameron was based off his own adolescent years and he said very much so I could see that in him Is it possible that I adore Zusak than I did before meeting him This was the first Zusak book I read and I think it s under rated Zusak has a way with characters I literally ached for Cameron and his desire to have a girlfriend But what I loved most about the book was the depiction of Cameron s relationships with his family and the way in which Cameron is finally able to find himself.