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In The Mid S, The Author, Sydney Higgins, Was Living In Rural Suffolk Where He Became Friends With Local Old Men And Women And Spent Hours Listening To Their Songs And Their Fascinating Accounts Of Their Lives And Experiences At The Funeral Of One Of These Elderly Friends, He Realised That His Memories Off The Previous Eighty Years And The Story Of His Life Had Died With Him It Was Then He Decided To Record And Transcribe Some Of His Conversations With His Village Friends It Was Not Then His Intention To Use The Material To Write A Book Decades Later, He Re Read The Transcripts And Became Aware That, Although The Speakers Had Died Years Ago, Their Voices From The Past Were Demanding To Be Heard Sweet Sorrel Records What They Had To Say I received this book for free from the Goodreads first read giveaway This is a short book of rather interesting stories about life in Suffolk, UK in the early 1900 s When I entered the giveaway I thought it was going to be about Suffolk, Virginia Not the most exciting book I have read, but I agree with the author about the importance preserving stories of the way life was in the past The dialect is a little tough at first but I got past that pretty quickly.