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In Captive One House, Three Women And Ten Years Of Hell, Allan Hall Reconstructs One Of The Most Shocking Cases Of Abuse In Modern TimesHall Reveals The Dark Obsessions That Drove The Cleveland Abductor, Ariel Castro, To Kidnap And Enslave Three Young Women Using Interviews With Witnesses, Psychologists, Family, Friends And The Police, He Shows How These Girls Remained Undetected For Ten Years In A Home Just Three Miles From The Block Where They All Went Missing, And The Extraordinary Moment When They Triumphed Over Their Tormentor

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    Too repetitive and long winded Poorly written book It gave me a feeling that this book was written without a proper interview with the victims But was written based on newspaper clippings and Google search.

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    This book is why true crime gets such a bad rap Gratuitous, pointlessly sordid actually, just pointless There is nothing here that is not already widely available on line or in the media, save for a few interviews with the author of the book hmmmyou mean you with very minor players in the saga There are no references, notes or any indications as to the sources of the information The reader is expected to just take Hall s word for it Hall had written two books prior about other pedophiles who kept sex slaves and uses every opportunity to crow bar in needless comparisons with those offenders A lot of high school level pop psychology and it all boils down to two reactions one that the people who knew Castro thought he was weird and creepy before they found out what he did or two that they thought he was a nice guy and were fooled by him Please save your time and money.

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    This was another book about the Cleveland Kidnappings written by journalist Allan Hall, detailing the horrible atrocities that the three victims had to endure We get an insight into the mind and personality of the monster who perpetrated these terrible crimes and tortured and abused these women for years as well as the women themselves Just like when I read Michelle Knight s book about her abuse at the hands of this monster, I struggled to comprehend that one human being could do these things to not one but three women and continue doing it for a decade, without any detection I can t say I enjoyed this book but it certainly was an eyeopening read.

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    A great book by a man who has become something of an authority on abducted women I read his others Girl in the Cellar and Monster and think this is the best, even though Castro is, in the author s words, low rent than the other criminals he has written about Hall has a good eye for detail and a reporter s nose for the truth It is a very good read that should appeal to all lovers of the genre ie, the monsters who live among us Excellent.

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    I have read and followed everything about Cleveland kidnappings Was excited to read thiswas bummedthis was information gathered from news.

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    Well written organized I took away a star because the authour plugs his other books a lot lol I understand self promotion, but you need to use sources other than yourself.

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    A look at the Cleveland Abductions from an author who has obviously studied this case and other similar cases pretty extensively Of course this is a case that made headlines, and even in Australia we knew the basic facts, but there were many things that happened during the escape and after that I did not know All of the background information made for an interesting read, and the author simply presents the facts without going too much into the mind of Castro while that would have been interesting too, at the printing of this book I believe it would have been harder to make a complete analysis.I don t know why I occasionally delve back into crime books I m not sure if was the presence of them in shelves around my house growing up, or a reminder of the monsters out there I always get so sad, thinking of the victims of these crimes, but at the same time don t want their stories to be forgotten While not a subject everyone will want to read, I nevertheless felt like this is a book crime readers will enjoy for the bald facts and lack of opinion presented Four out of Five stars.

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    Very poor treatment of this story, could have been written by a high school kid with some basic research skills No particular insight, story telling skills, journalistic integrity just a repetitive mish mash of emotive writing Pity, it is a terrible and fascinating story that I d like to know about, but the writing was too bad to endure and I quit early

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    I remember so clearly seeing this case on TV as it made enormous headlines here in SA about how the girls eventually managed to escape I also remember saying, a book will be released and I will be at the bookstore to buy it Traumatic but fantastic read Cannot wait for Michelle Knights book to be released, called Finding Me.

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    Really wasn t a whole lot in here that I didn t read in the news But it was good.