Brain Matters in Business Prime –

good Editing and design very interesting book. Neuroscience Research Is Producing An Almost Constant Stream Of New Discoveries That Are Unlocking The Secrets Of How Our Brains Work For Those Of Us Directly Involved In This Research Of The Human Brain, It Is A Very Exciting Time However, Very Few People Outside Of The Neuroscience Community Understand These Discoveries Well Enough To Take Advantage Of Them Or Apply Them To Their Own Lives In A Way That Gets Meaningful Results I See A Need For Simple, Clear, Accessible Explanations Of How To Apply Brain Based Practices To Greatly Improve How We Work And Conduct Business, So That Everyone Can Benefit From Use These Discoveries A Few Years Ago, I Was Invited To Write A Series Of Articles For Publication, With Exactly That Goal This Book Is A Collection Of Those Articles In Addition To Being Supported By Recent Research Of The Human Brain In The Western World, The Articles In This Book Are Also Influenced By My Knowledge Of Mindfulness And Other Ancient Practices From The Eastern World Interestingly, Much Of The Recent Neuroscience Research Confirms That Many Of These Ancient Eastern Practices Do Result In Greatly Improved Brain Functioning The East West Synthesis Evident In These Articles Reflects My Many Years Of Work And Study On Both Sides Of The Pacific Ocean, And My Lifelong Interest In How To Improve The Human Brain