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After an argument with her mother Lizzie McCoy runs away and joins a circus – but instead of travelling to different towns she soon finds that this particular circus moves between worlds In her new role as wiredancer Lizzie sees magic dragons and predatory horses and finds that the Ringmaster Jack is running than just a show

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    This was a very original well thought out story for both young and not so young adults Mixing fantasy and science with some very believably awkward teenage moments it was a wonderful blend of genres that proved entertaining throughout I liked the diversity of the characters and the pacing of the action and dialogue throughout The ending left a good setup for a seuel as well so I'd be glad to see of where this story is going

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    OKThe uestion did I enjoy the book? Short answer Yes Yes I did as evidenced by the five star reviewLong answer yes though between the British style English and the teenage girl protagonist I will be honest and say that I was often at a loss as to how to identify with the main characterThe world is well thought out interesting with compelling charactersThere are things in it that I didn't agree with but that is not to say that they were wrong It goes hand in hand with my not being a good fit to put myself in the shoes of the main character There were a number of times in the story that if I was there I would have broken my hands on peoples faces and oddly the teenage girl had much restraint than I might have had at that age and under those circumstances Crazy yes?Also of note is that this is the first book in a series A lot of it probably close to two thirds at least is setup for the rest of the series It is good It is interesting It is well written It is however sometimes a lot to take in and I did once or twice find myself skimming for the next conflict portion of the story Not fighting necessarily but character conflict of one sort or anotherTerribly clever people here on Goodreads might make the connection between the art on the cover of her book being done by the same illustrator that I use Let me assure you two things before you make any assumptionsFirst I am far and away to ornery a bastard to bother to shine anybody on If I say I like something I do If I say it is crap I think it is crap This isn't crapSecond if you find yourself confused about my motivations please vigorously apply a claw hammer to your skull for at least three minutes and then refer back to number one Repeat as often as needed for best results

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    I knew nothing about Spider Circus before I read this and little about Alice Nuttall other than she was a student at the university where I work and I had pu her profile on the web When Diana Wynne Jones died she left a hole in the fantasy book world but I think just maybe that hole might be being filled This is the story of Lizzie a girl from our own world who meets Jack discovers that she is a Jumper and escapes her life to run away with the Spider Circus In her ordinary unsatisfactory life Lizzie has the kind of disfunctional family that reminds you of Polly in Fire Hemlock Then as she jumps through the worlds you think of Homeward Bounders Howl's Moving Castle but with Jack ever present as some Chrestomanci type of character but where you don't know exactly what side Jack is going to come out on if indeed he is on any side other than his ownI draw these comparisons with Diana Wynne Jones but that is not say that this book is anything other than original It's just brilliant imaginative and compulsive reading Alice Nuttall is a young force to be reconned with in the fantasy world