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I Am A Collection Of Oddities, A Circus Of Neurons And Electrons My Heart Is The Ringmaster, My Soul Is The Trapeze Artist, And The World Is My Audience It Sounds Strange Because It Is, And It Is, Because I Am StrangeAfter The Sudden Collapse Of Her Family, Mim Malone Is Dragged From Her Home In Northern Ohio To The Wastelands Of Mississippi, Where She Lives In A Medicated Milieu With Her Dad And New Stepmom Before The Dust Has A Chance To Settle, She Learns Her Mother Is Sick Back In ClevelandSo She Ditches Her New Life And Hops Aboard A Northbound Greyhound Bus To Her Real Home And Her Real Mother, Meeting A Quirky Cast Of Fellow Travelers Along The Way But When Her Thousand Mile Journey Takes A Few Turns She Could Never See Coming, Mim Must Confront Her Own Demons, Redefining Her Notions Of Love, Loyalty, And What It Means To Be SaneTold In An Unforgettable, Kaleidoscopic Voice, Mosquitoland Is A Modern American Odyssey, As Hilarious As It Is Heartbreaking

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    I am a collection of oddities, a circus of neurons and electrons my heart is the ringmaster, my soul is the trapeze artist, and the world is my audience It sounds strange because it is, and it is, because I am strange Before anyone wants to tell me yes, I know that John Green did not invent a new style of book But he is well known enough that he s good to use in comparisons.So I d say you would like this if you enjoy John Green s books, particularly TFiOS This is the kind of book where the extremely philosophically minded teen protagonist pauses at least once a paragraph to ruminate on the nature of the universe, people, and her own tumultuous emotions But, for me, this didn t feel like a story It felt like a collection of thoughts and conversations that are all meant to show how smart, deep and expertly snarky the narrator is Everything that happens to her from nearly getting sexually assaulted to going to eat at a gas station diner has a message behind it And it feels like it too Nothing feels natural Emotions feel like plot tools or an excuse for a dally into a pretty writing exercise Conversations feel like another opportunity for the author to show how witty and snarky Mim is.I ve read a number of reviews since finishing this book that all say something like I liked it but just didn t connect for some reason or It s well written but there s something I can t put my finger on I felt the same way, except I m pretty sure I know what it is On a technical level, the book is well written and it deals with some serious subject matter But I never felt any emotional connection Mim is a flat cardboard cutout used as a mouthpiece for the author s philosophy and snark.I said the characters in The Fault in Our Stars didn t feel like teenagers and some people got pissy because I was implying that teens weren t smart wise etc., but I m starting to think that s not what I mean anyway It s not that these characters don t feel like teenagers, it s that they don t feel like people, period They feel like a commentary on the world or on literature or on philosophy Or science They feel like an author trying too hard to be clever.But I guess that s just me Many people seem to love these kind of books.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest

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    3.5 still not sure how I feel about this one yet

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    I really enjoyed this book for what it was a book about a girl going on a journey to find herself, both physically and mentally Mim is such an interesting character because she is crazy in the most indescribable way, yet she s relatable and rational and witty and intelligent and a perfect main character Watching her journey is addicting and you grow to love her, even though you can blatantly tell she has her flaws I was in love with this book because the writing was incredible It takes a lot for me to notice an author s writing style, but Arnald definitely gets two thumbs up from me It was so intricate that I found myself putting down the audiobook and picking up my physical copy because it was a much enjoyable experience to let the words sink in Overall, I though the storyline was great and the inclusion of a disabled side character was a unique and gratifying addition Although I felt like the end of this was just a little bit anti climactic and as far as road trip books go, this was slightly unrealistic, the book s writing and characters make up for it I can totally see how this is making it to some people s Top of 2015 list.

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    100 out of 5 stars I have no words right now to capture how I feel about this book, but damn, I almost cried at the end when I realized my time with these characters was over David Arnold is The Real Deal.

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    3.5 stars Writing reviews for contemporaries are the hardest for me, especially the ones that involve Important Topics About Life Mosquitoland is such a novel, so if this review seems lacking, it s because of my inability to properly convey thoughts But I ll humor you.The running motto of Mosquitoland is Mim is not okay, and she really isn t She s a hot mess, if I m being perfectly honest The girl has had a rough life, one that many teens her age have to deal with she s watched her family crumble and it, ultimately, led to her parents divorcing, her dad remarrying a month later and moving from Ohio to Mississippi So when Mim learns her mom is sick, she steals her stepmom s tin can filled with 800 and purchases a Greyhound ticket Along the way, she runs into an interesting and strange cast of characters that leave significant impressions on Mim.The strongest part of Mosquitoland, and the part that immediately impressed me, was the writing style and Mim s voice The novel is narrated two ways What s actually happening to Mim on her trip and diary entries that form a letter to a character named Iz The latter tells of her life prior to the move and allows the reader to see what happened to her family This coupled with a few flashbacks from Mim from time to time, paints a picture of the life she desperately misses with her mom She also gives a List of Reasons for why she is embarking on the journey in the first place Many of them range from seemingly pointless her war paint on that later to the obvious her mom may be dying The two narrations never felt jarring and worked well to compliment each other Together they pieced together Mim s life without resorting to the dreaded info dumping that commonly plagues many YA novels.Mim is also very pretentious, in my opinion, but not annoyingly so like a John Green novel Simply put, she has a very realistic and fresh voice She s witty, and while she doesn t always make the best decisions because let s be honest, her entire trip to Ohio was probably a bad idea in hindsight she learns and grows a lot.But back to the writing because I just realized I completely dropped that teaser and moved on See, I told you I m terrible at this Reviewing Contemporaries thing The best thing I could say about Mosquitoland in this regard is that I just wanted to quote the hell out of it Beautiful, beautiful writing galore.I ll take this time to fill this spot with a few of my favorite quotes.I think about how quickly things have changed for me But that s the personality of change, isn t it When it s slow, it s called growth when it s fast, it s change And God, how things change some things, nothings, anythings, everything all the things change.You spend you life roaming the hillsides, scouring the four corners of the earth, searching desperately for just one persons to fucking get you And I m thinking, if you can find that, you ve found home.I swear, the older I get, the I value bad examples over the good ones It s a good thing, too, because most people are egotistical, neurotic, self absorbed peons, insistent on wearing near sighted glasses in a far sighted world And it s this exact sort of myopic ignorance that has led to my groundbreaking new theory I call it Mim s Theorem of Monkey See Monkey Don t, and what it boils down to is this it is my belief that there are some people whose sole purpose of existence is to show the rest of us how not to act.So those are some things I loved about Mosquitoland and because this is a review, regardless of its Blog Tour Status, I must mention to you some of the negatives and possibly confusing qualities of the novel There s a little controversy surrounding the trailer.Mim has this thing she does when shit gets really rough she takes out a tube of lipstick her war paint and paints her face in the tradition of Native Americans, mostly in secret and never in public on purpose Now, to be fair, Mim is partly Native American I say partly because her mom s mom is part Cherokee Mim herself acknowledges that this makes her one sixtieth Cherokee, but it never stops her from continuing to play up the Native American whenever she feels like it Anyway, the point I m trying to make here is that Mim was not raised knowing much of anything about her Native American heritage.But even today, there are times most notably when I wear my war paint when I really feel that Cherokee blood coursing through my veins, no matter its percentage of purity So from whatever minutia of my heart that pumps authentic Cherokee blood, I pass this phrase along to you have a vision, unclouded by fear.So from what I gather, her war paint is a way for her to feel strong in situations that are tough What s even interesting, for lack of a proper word, is that she does seem to know this is wrong and potentially problematic I wonder What would it be like if she walked in the room right now If she found me painting my face life some politically incorrect Cherokee chieftess What would I tell her The truth, I hope That in my longing for originality and relational honesty and a hundred other I don t know whats, this action, while strange and socially awkward, makes sense that just about anything else in the world And even though it s cryptic and than a little odd, sometimes cryptic and odd are better than lying down for the Man Maybe I would tell her how the war paint helped get me through a time when I felt like no one else cared about what I wanted, or who I was Maybe I could muster the courage to speak those words so few people are able to say I don t know why I do the things I do It s like that sometimes.This might not be an adequate explanation for some readers, and I don t blame them It s puzzling and I still don t think I get why she chose to use the lipstick as war paint of all things and a good deal of me would have preferred that she didn t do that at all However, it makes me question if that was the point Did Arnold include this to make us question Mim and her actions I will now take you back to good from Mosquitoland We also have a fascinating cast of characters, none of which are completely good or evil Walt, a teen boy with Down Syndrome Beck, and older college boy who Mim crushes on Kathy, Mim s stepmother who Mim chooses to label as The Bad Guy and Mim s Dad who believes she is mentally ill They all serve purposes that are woven into Mim s journey to Ohio, allowing Arnold to touch on a variety of topics such as mental illness, personal accountability and even rape.There s a lot of that goes on in Mosquitoland and it s pretty much impossible for me to go into it all without writing my own book, and I ve already written so much about it than I thought I had in me, so I ll just leave you with this Read it for yourself It s certainly readable, enjoyable and will definitely make you question a multitude of things It s deep and layered, one of those books that might make you consider reading it a second time to pick up on the things you missed the first time around But there s one thing I do know I ll be watching David Arnold for future books in a totally non stalkerish way, I assure you and you should, too.Win a copy here.Finish copy was provided by the publisher for review No monies or favors were exchanged for a positive review More reviews and other fantastical stuff at Cuddlebuggery.

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    UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH What have I done to deserve this, universe I m a decent person I take short showers I preserve water I eat healthy I donate to charities I floss every night Dearest David Arnold,I understand the attractiveness of becoming the next John Green Writing powerful stories that touch the hearts of thousands, nay, millions of readers between the ages of honey boo boo and betty white Your books being adapted into films, those films starring up and coming actors, those actors becoming your new posse, your posse inviting you to the most extravagant hollywood parties, and let s not forget money money money and money While I applaud your attempt at trying to be as devastatingly intelligent witty as the great Green Giant, it is evident that you are trying way too hard Not every paragraph has include some wild tangent to prove your quirky personality and OMG HOW DID HE WHAT HOW DOES HIS BRAIN WORK LIKE THAT thought process Stop trying to be sooo intelligent, sooo witty, and sooo profound, cause, newsflash I m not buying it I admire your determination to write the next TFIOS, but if I may, I suggest you stop writing to appeal to YA audiences and start writing to appeal to yourself Make sense Sincerely, a very peeved, very tired, and very hungry, J reezy PS your depiction of a teenage girl makes me personally insulted PSS I am always going to refer to this book as a knockoff John Green novel PSSS road trips don t work like that.

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    What a weird yet kind of wonderful little book.It is a coming of age story dealing with broken homes and medicated minds Of running away only to find out you are running home Of facing a society with many dangerous perils, but where a few genuine diamonds in the rough than make up for it.Sometimes it felt like the book was trying to be too whatever it was trying to be, but I think the characters you meet and the experiences they have than make up for it.If you love YA If you love road trips Give this one a go.Side note I loved the chapter about the Cincinnati skyline I grew up near there and it was a perfect description

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    I don t even know where to begin This book is as weird, wonderful, and unforgettable as its title Mim is such perfectly drawn teenager whip smart, hilariously observant, and almost heartbreakingly vulnerable Her voice is irresistible, and it will be singing in your head for weeks months years after you finish this ridiculously awesome book One of my all time favorites.

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    Find all of my reviews at look, it s a book everyone else is rating 4 or 5 Stars That means I ll love it, right I guess I missed the memo that stated orange is no longer the new black Apparently orange has been replaced with mental illness Mosquitoland was unintentionally the third book I ve read in two weeks that tried to tackle the crazy Yeah However, there is one thing that seems to always earn a 5 Star rating from me Road Trip I love road trips Unapologetically Add on to that a bunch of Chicago Cubs references and I was thinking does it even get any better Sadly, it does It gets a lot better than Mosquitoland The writing wasn t awful and I read the entire book in three hours, but it was just so meh I didn t like Mim, the plot was completely predictable, heck I was almost begging for a bit of instalove in order to add some kind of depth to Mim and Beck s relationship For me, this book was the equivalent of eating unbuttered toast it s probably not going to make you chuck in a bucket, but you don t really enjoy it either Everyone else seems to love it, though, so maybe it s just me

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    If we judge the quality and success of novels by how completely they allow us to temporarily step outside ourselves and inhabit a new skin, then MOSQUITOLAND is an incredible book and a tremendous success I loved every minute of my time dwelling in the consciousness of Mary Iris Malone, MOSQUITOLAND s compulsively puking, half blind, world judging, odyssey going, often infuriating, wounded, vulnerable, precocious, hilariously quirky heroine I loved learning her private vocabulary and seeing the world through her left eye Living in her mind was the best sort of fever dream We read books to experience this sort of wondrous, fractured, manic, magical madness When we re done, we lament that our time is finished, while at once thanking our lucky stars that this condition is something we can remove like a piece of clothing.Mim is a Huckleberry Finn for the age of the Greyhound bus with unnervingly sticky seats, traversing America s blacktop rivers She s a Holden Caulfield for the era of chlorpromazine, thioridazine, and mesoridazine WHERE THINGS COME BACK by John Corey Whaley, LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green, A SNICKER OF MAGIC by Natalie Lloyd, and THE SECRET HISTORY by Donna Tartt all spring to mind as debut novels that heralded the arrival of a fully formed writer into the world MOSQUITOLAND merits a place in this company It is a satisfying journey indeed.