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I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book In fact, I really thought that I wouldn t at all, but was really curious about it I ended up getting completely immersed in the story, and very involved in their eventual come on, it s romance so that is not a spoiler happy ending. Cute. Leita McLain Runs A Small Solo Asteroid Mining Outfit At The Ass End Of The Centauri Solar System She S Had No Luck In Getting A Man To Stay With Her So She Decides To Buy A Companion , The Very Latest In Cybernetic Sex Slaves Pierce Branson Is A Man Addicted To Adventure But When He Finds Himself With A Bounty On His Head For A Crime He Didn T Commit, He Knows He S Got Problems During A Shootout In The Companion Factory, Pierce Hides In One Of The Packing Crates Next Thing He Knows He S Waking Up In Leita S Bedroom And Starting His New Life As A Sex Slave But He Doesn T Count On Falling In Love With His New Mistress Or On Playing The Part Of Her Master When Leita Decides She Wants To Explore Her Kinky Side Now Both Leita And Pierce Have Some Choices To Make Leita Knows She Shouldn T Let Herself Fall For A Cybernetic Sex Slave And Pierce Knows He Ought To Tell Her The Truth But It May Be Too Late For Him To Come Clean Even Though Everything He Does Is For Her Pleasure Great hot book. The space smut keeps getting better I really enjoyed this one, most definitely for the tongue in cheek humor with which Anderson writes Lonely Leita lives with her talking cat mining ore from asteroids in the galactic version of BFE On a whim, she orders a sexdroid from For Her Pleasure catalog, and accidently gets the upgraded version, a smuggler on the run with a bounty on his head Pierce is than happy to go along with the mistake, and things quickly heat up in Leita s little life pod An excellent short, including the lovely turn around ending. I ve loved everything Evangeline Anderson has written so far and this book than meet my expectations I knew going into it that this book would be a short read and I wasn t wrong I read it in one day and in one sitting Still so far my favorite book by Evangeline Anderson is still Broken Boundaries , but For Her Pleasure wasn t that bad There are plenty of hot and steamy sex scenes in this book, my favorite were the parts that left me out right laughing The scenarios she paints with her righting helped me visualize it enough to make me laugh loud and hard I couldn t help it and I know anyone who reads this book will too.This book was hot and steamy from the very beginning and kept on going right till the end The characters don t give a lot of back story, but the small amount they give is enough I d give this book a solid two thumbs up and I know anyone who reads it will too. A quick, fun read with smut and a mistaken identity Pierce is hiding from a deal gone bad and ends up as a Companion 2000 at Leita s place.Leita lives alone, working at her mining outfit in the middle of nowhere, so she buys herself a Companion just to have someone to keep her company and stay without robbing her As always with Evangeline Anderson, the smut is smexin and their interaction was great. Leita orders herself a man since she out in the middle of nowhere with only a pet Instead she got Pierce who is on the run pretending to be her Companion 2000 Great story, but then again I haven t come across a story by Evangleine Anderson I didn t like The only fault I could find with this story was I was not ready for it to end. This was a quick fun read It has light BDSM Several places where you will LOL The sex is hot and it even has a little action in it Can t go wrong with this read. I loved this so much It s such a funny book, and I loved Pierce, Leita, and even Schneider The ending was hilarious Very hot read.