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First Time Entrepreneurs Face A Daunting Challenge In Identifying All Of The Issues That Must Be Addressed And Mastered When Starting A New Business If Any Item Slips Through The Cracks, Or Is Handled Improperly, It Could Bring A New Company Crashing To The Ground Entrepreneur S Guide To Starting A Business Helps You Meet That Challenge By Walking You Through All Of The Important Aspects Of Successfully Launching Your Own BusinessWhen You Finish Reading This Book, Not Alone Will You Know The Step By Step Process Needed To Turn Your Business Idea And Vision Into A Successful Reality, But You Ll Also Have A Wealth Of Practical Knowledge About Corporate Structures, Business Marketing Plans, E Commerce, Hiring Staff External Advisors, Finding Commercial Property, Sales Marketing, Legal Financial Matters, Tax And MuchComprehensive Overview Of All Major Aspects Of Starting A New BusinessCovers Every Stage Of The Process, From Writing Your Business Plan To Marketing And Selling Your New ProductPlain English Descriptions Of Complex Subject MattersReal World Case Study Showing You How Things Play Out In An Actual New Business Environment Brief Table Of Contents The Start Up Landscape A Hard Look In The Mirror What S My Line Drawing A Blueprint For Success Making It Legal Let S Get Incorporated Build Or Buy Priming The Pump Pulling A Team Together Staffing Up A Commercial Lease On Life Hitting The Target Market Site Specifics Closing The Deal Intangible Value By The Numbers Taxing Situations Legal Matters

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    If your thinking of starting your own small business in the US, this is the book to start with Its full ofof practical knowledge about corporate structures, business marketing plans, e commerce, hiring staff external advisors, finding commercial property, sales marketing, legal financial matters, tax and much .Towards the end of each chapter the author builds on its real world case study of a start up company It starts with an idea and the company gradually builds throughout the book, this is of incredible value While the chapters tell you the information, the case studies actually show you it in practice, something other books in this field have failed to capture Overall, this is invaluable for anyone starting a new business without prior experience or if they had a business that previously failed This book is written by lawyers and successful business owners so you do get the inside track.

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    This book will take you step by step through the process of setting up a new business You ll learn about corporate structures, sales marketing, e commerce, hiring staff, commercial property, legal financial matters, tax and For detail visit

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    This provides an excellent step by step process of the requirements needed to get a business up and running Unlike other books, It builds a fantastic case study throughout each chapter to really ensure the reader knows what steps to take Excellent read.