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Oh Danica and Gene are going to be fun This installment wasn t nearly as intense or angsty as the others, but I have a feeling Danica and Gene will be lol I think it was a good break from the raw edge the books normally have We are intro d to a new race They give birth to liters hehe I do think Blackie got off a bit easy for being rapey. Disappointing The story felt rushed and disconnected Also mixing a sort of new species meets cyborg in th story just felt wrong on so many levels I was interested in the secondary story of Danica and Gene Eve and Blackie s story felt incomplete I am a huge fan of Ms Dohner s work but this fell flat, giving it two stars was being than generous. Eve S Mission Is To Rescue Cyborgs From Termination Centers On Earth In Exchange, She And Her Sisters Will Go With Them When They Flee The Planet She Is Blindsided By The Overwhelming Attraction That Draws Her To One Of Them He S Handsome, Sexy, And She Wants Him, Craves His Touch As She Has No Other She Must Send Him To Freedom But She Makes Him Promise To Wait For HerBlackie Cannot Forget The Courageous Woman Who Saved Him He Never Learned Whether She Died During The Rebellion Or Just Changed Her Mind About Leaving With Him But He Holds Her Within His Lonely Heart He Exists To Serve The Cyborg Council And To Protect The New World Cyborgs Have Created But That All Changes When He Discovers The Woman Who Haunts His Dreams Is Alive And The Cyborg Leaders Left Her Behind To Die He Ll Never Lose Her Again And He Ll Fight His Own Kind To Avenge Her And Keep Her By His Side I continue to be a fan but I ve got to say that I was pretty disappointed with this one The insta love was overwhelming There was absolutely no character development at all These two had only met for about 10 minutes 50 years or ago and I ll buy that they remembered each other with fondness and regret for what might have been But that their relationship picked up as if they had been lovers for years and had only been separated months was a bit much to swallow They were so totally in love so immediately I was left thinking hey Where d my romance go Aren t romances supposed to be about a couple falling in love So what was left to tell Well there was some stuff about bad guys trying to keep them from reaching the cyborg planet and trying to kill the girl view spoiler who was a new species we haven t seen before This was a classic example of an author who seems to be running out of ideas so they think up a new race or new special ability that had never even been hinted at before If you re out of ideas, just quit hide spoiler 2.5 to 3 StarsThis started off strong and then got boring really fast I felt that Blackie and Eve had no chemistry and no connection And the plot was really weak This was definitely my least favorite of the series and inherently forgettable Hopefully Danica s story will be better. Really enjoyed this one too I had to just forget the Blackie I knew from the past because I REALLY hated him and just read this one on its face Aside from one pet peeve, I loved the totally acceptance of their mating from the first moment I also loved that he fought hard for justice for her people It was a great addition to the series.Safety Gang view spoiler Eve is a canine hybrid I am just not into dog women Especially ones bred to be subservient.She is a virgin Blackie is definitely NOT They met on earth many, many years ago She instantly bonded to him but circumstances separated them and he thought her dead They only met briefly so I do not call this a second chance hide spoiler Laurann Dohner is one of my all time favorite authors so of course I pre ordered this one the second I could and I waited up till it downloaded and started it the second I could Laurann Dohner has the ability to transport me to the worlds she creates, she always writes books that I finish too soon and then I have to sit and wait for another This book was no exception, Mrs Dohner made a character that I and I m sure everyone else couldn t stand not only likable but loved I loved the twists she added to this series, and the progression of this series hasn t slowed or dragged, but has only gotten better.Blackie was saved by a woman he never forgot they had planned to meet up again but she never showed and he never saw her again Now years later Blackie isn t the cyborg she saved Eve risked everything to help the cyborgs escape and she was punished dearly, all of the cyborgs mattered to her but there was one who was special and she planned to spend the rest of her life with him but when she met at there designated spot the shuttle had left.Neither Blackie nor Eve are the same Eve and her sister are bounty hunters that only have one another, on one of their missions they are attached by pirates, they try their best to defeat the pirates but are boarded, and Eve gets the surprise of her life when she see s blackie Now that they are together neither wants to be apart no matter what but the cyborg counsel has been keeping a secret one that they don t ever want out and Eve is a threat that they can t let live Now Blackie will risk everything so that he and Eve can stay together and keep the happiness they have found together one which neither thought possible.I really liked this book the twists were great and the characters even better We get old characters from previous books and new ones that make me want book 9 now Blackie was a great hero Eve WAS IT for him and I loved that neither of them had a problem making their feeling plain towards the other there was no beeting around the bush with them and that was refreshing I love a possessive hero and Blackie defiantly was possessive but I absolutely loved how possessive Eve was towards Blackie she was willing to kill to not only keep him but to keep him safe and I loved her for that, she was all around a great heroine.This books leaves off at a great spot making us want , giving us a glimpse into book 9 but not torturing us with any cliffhangers and for that I really appreciate Mrs Dohner I know most are fans of the New Species series which love but I must admit that I love this series just as much Laurann Dohner is one of the authors that I will buy anything she writes when it is release all other books will sit on the back burner and I adjust my reading according to her releases Finishing this book made me want to read this series again, and hope that we get book nine very soon. 4 Haunting Blackie StarsI liked hearing about how the Cyborg s escaped Earth in the last 2 books Blackie wasn t a character I was really looking forward to but his story most defiantly needed to be told Eve and her sister helped Cyborg s escape and in return, they lost a lot So I don t know maybe because of that I was surprised at how much trust Eve had in the Cyborgs but her sister had a healthy dose of what the heck Blackie and Eve had the connection from the get go, their relationship bloomed fast and bright I was happy for them but I want to know about the sister now Or even Sky But it doesn t look that there books are coming any time soon and that s ok I guess On to the next Again Mindy is awesome for this series she does a fabulous job with these characters You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it. More Cyborg Hottness Wicked,Horny Blackie finds love Finally Blackie EveCyborgs meet New Species.Eve and her sister Danica are traveling in space They are hiding the fact that they are canine hybrids They are the only two left from their littermates after they helped the Cyborgs escape The Cyborgs abandoned them and their sisters were terminated This happened a long time ago, but Eve has never forgotten Blackie, the last Cyborg she saved.Blackie and his fellow Cyborgs will rescue the two sisters from the space pirates Blackie will recognize Eve who all these years he thought she was dead But Blackie is Eve s true mate and she will not let him go, ever again.because canine hybrids mate for life.Lots of misunderstanding, some hot scenes between Blackie and Eve although the sex scenes were less than the previous books and the expose of a huge betrayal Some Cyborgs have to pay for their wrong choices and Blackie needs to get a promotion.I really enjoyed the book and I hope Danica and Gene s story will come soon.