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The basics of crochet are very uick to master but feeling confident about how to move beyond the basics and create a stylish professional finish for all your crochet projects is a common dilemma faced by many crocheters Presented in an easy to use format arranged by topic and cross referenced so you can dip in and out as needed for advice this book offers hundreds of answers fixes insider tips and secrets to help you along the way Divided into sections that cover a multitude of topics such as choosing the right hook for you putting gauge measurements to work fool proof ways of turning uick fixes for uneven edges shaping with increases and decreases how to make neat corners marking essentials dealing with yarn ends choosing the right seam and even how to look after crochet garments 200 Crochet Tips Techniues Trade Secrets contains a wealth of technical knowledge and handy tips Aimed at all crocheters from the beginner to the experienced this book is a valuable addition to any craft library

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    Pretty much what the title indicates; you'll find no patterns here It would be a great book to own to refer back to as you started in on a pattern or if you're wondering about a particular toolstitchwhatever On its own it is not particularly helpful although I did use it to try out a trellis lace stitch and a filet swatch which was new and interesting I'd say it would be great for a beginner but only in conjunction with an actual project Otherwise it's sort of like reading a dictionary without needing to look up any words which I have also done and find it to be not nearly as satifying as when I have a specific intention

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    So many good ideas This is a valuable book for a library

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    Useful and interesting

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    I'm undecided about the usefulness of this book It's a good reference book for a number of skills and techniues but not nearly as comprehensive as I would like However there are a few tutorials that expand on the information in two of her other pattern books that would have been helpful to have when I needed them ie I don't like the idea of having to have a SECOND book to help me with concepts that should have been included in the pattern bookThere is some information regarding reading crochet symbols including a lot of uncommon ones eg bobbles clusters popcorn and puff stitch patterns However I much preferred Blueprint Crochet Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter for a complete and logical treatment of how to read crochet symbols

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    To ualify my two star rating I'm sure that this book would be very helpful for an intermediate or advanced crocheter First it is a bit odd because it simultaneously relies on you already being very comfortable with crochet and also explains to you how to read patterns what kind of hook to choose etc Secondly it's frustrating that there are no patterns for all the beautiful projects portrayed Perhaps this book is better in tandem with her other book 200 crochet blocks which does contain patternsI'll say this it's beautifully photographed and definitely has a lot of useful material Just don't rely on it as your primary bookAlso it costs 30 way than it's worth Get it used or from the library

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    This is possibly one of the best books about crochet that I've ever read It's got photos with instructions for the stitches and lots of good tips about how to deal with crochet problems and projects It doesn't include patterns but it does show how to work those basic and less common stitches you might run across

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    This is a great book for beginning crocheters like me The pictures and explanations were very helpful The arrangement was a bit odd but it's supposed to be a reference book not a read from front to back book which is how I read it I am sure I'll use this book every time I attempt to do some crochet

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    Nice reminder resource for basics in garment details eg pockets shaping Curious lack of techniue in designing garments but does have basics for shawls mittens Particularly liked the Fix it tips for different issues though not sure I'd buy the book as it's pretty heavy in basics of doing stitches which I wouldn't expect from the title

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    I didn't find the description of the difficult crochet stitches very helpful I was trying to this book as a reference to learn cdch but found the pattern explained it way better The order of the whole book seemed confusing too and it's definitely geared towards people who crochet clothes I suppose it'd be helpful for that but I really don't need to know about pockets or zippers

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    Nothing like wet cold dark winter days to bring out the crocheter in me this winter I found a wealth of books at my local library to aid me in my stash busting resolution This book is chock full of interesting clever and helpful tips for crocheters at all skill levels