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I had some thrills with this one, the 5th in a series of 12 A mysterious death of a hated Manhattan art critic is judged as caused by internal heating, and a cloven hoof print and bit of brimstone at the scene raise the specter of the Devil s work FBI agent Prendergast and police liaison Sergeant D Agosta make a team similar to Holmes and Watson The victim s guests and telephone calls made the night of his death have overtones of a man who has made a pact with the Devil fearful of payback time A second grisly death gets the public worried, fanned by a doomsday preachers A scholar they contact has identified a temporal pattern in history including the volcanic explosion behind the myth of Atlantis and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah that predicts the end times in this year of 2004 You know the good guys will deflate all this spooky, mystical fluff and dispel the nightmare in favor of some fiendish, but human, criminal enterprise And it s kind of fun to follow the steps they take to get there from small clues Eventually, after a number of dead ends and narrow escapes, they are led to Florence I was quite disappointed how our fearless duo never succeed in preventing the deaths that are part of a pattern and how most of the mysteries of the murders are revealed to them by the bad guy when finally cornered Yet Prendergast claims he knew much about the motivation from a horse hair found at one crime scene I liked this one better than its successor, Dance of Death , but not quite as well Cabinet of Curiosities For escapist fare, they satisfy my periodic craving for slightly absurd, somewhat Gothic thrillers where heroic brain and brawn are challenged to the max. Another great book in the Pendergast series I ve been really impressed with this series and the writers Preston Child have tackled lots of different plots and they have all worked so far.This book in the series, Brimstone starts off with a charred body found in a Long Island estate The questions about the death seem to involve evil forces with the smell of brimstone in the air and a hoofprint scorched into the floor.Did Satan really kill this man Well, read this book to find out.This book travels from Long Island to New York City and then to the historic and ancient city of Florence, Italy I loved all the details of the city of Florence along with the art and history references.I enjoyed where the authors took the character of Vincent D Agosta in this book along with giving family history on Aloysius Pendergast Laura Hayward from Reliquary was also in the book I really love this character and hope to see of her in the future If you enjoy thrillers, horror or suspense, then this book and series is right up your wheelhouse I highly recommend it Review RevisitedThis is a fabulous series Brimstone is somewhat different from its predecessors It s Agatha Christie than Michael Crichton this time round A little bit less horror a little mystery The authors appear to be paying tribute to a number of literary classics and conventions in this novel For one thing, one of the characters is lifted exactly out of The Woman in White Aloysius Pendergast has always been decidedly Sherlock Holmes like, but it s taken to the next level here, with Vincent D Agosta acting out the Dr Watson parts Heck, I even detected a bit of Ian Fleming So, it s a bit of a mish mash of sorts, but it s all good In fact, it s really, really good It s clear that the authors have been consciously trying to prevent the series from becoming too formulaic and predictable Every novel brings a new dimension to the table and Brimstone is no exception Think you can predict what s going on Think again Some things have remained constant though, such as the thrills and suspense we have come to expect Recalling Mbwun from Relic, the surgeon from The Cabinet of Curiosities, and let s not even talk about the oh so atmospheric Still Life with Crows, I can t help but wonder when these guys are going to start running out of ideas, or variety Fortunately, with Brimstone it hasn t happened yet.Brimstone is the first in the Diogenes trilogy and we are fleetingly introduced to a creepy fellow now you see him, now you don t who may or may not be Pendergast s evil brother, Diogenes As such, the novel ends on a bit of a cliffhanger You ll want Dance of Death close at hand.It s exciting stuff I can t recommend this series enough. Pendergast for President I love this character and this series Pendergast is the real deal. While dead men tell no tales, their corpses often speak volumes Opening with one of the most intriguing mystery starters ever, Brimstone makes it seem like the devil himself has come to settle scores Like many other Pendergast novels, sometimes it seems like the story is Paranormally focused, but by the end that s not always the case I won t say whether it is or isn t this time around, just like Relic and Still Life with Crows, things are usually than they initially seem, even if what they initially seem is already downright fascinating without adding plot point brownie points on top.The creepy atmosphere is well maintained, although it dwindles down into of a whodunnit Finally at the end it almost feels like a spy action adventure novel The authors are excellent at weaving up interesting, complex storylines that borrow a little of this and that from various genres Even Pendergast himself feels little like James Bond Really there isn t anyone else out there like him, which makes the stories seem even unique, but you can pick up other far out there traits shared with other detectives While the book starts strong, it stays fascinating, but the ending is a little weak in comparison to the rest of the book Usually the endings of these are showstoppers, so this was a little surprising.Pendergast doesn t go as far out into Super Pendergast territory as some of his previous novels, and we get returning characters such as Vincent D Agosta This was a treat since I always loved the guy, although he s now had major changes in his life and has to deal with demotion, depression, and self doubt It was interesting seeing him deal with his issues and getting a new lease on life, thanks to the supportive friendliness of our pale crusader While the fifth in a series, it s also the first of a trilogy focusing on the mystery of Pendergast s long lost and apparently twisted, evil brother Diogenes.Overall another psychologically gripping story, but in this case I kind of wish of a supernatural bend would have come into play Outstanding characters, well placed tension, and groovy atmosphere support it up against any weight of plot pitfalls though, so this is another one highly recommended in the long running series. First name The Diogenes cycle with the Pendergast series is my favorite section This one takes place in Italy And true to its name has religious connotations Not my favorite of the three, but still quite a baffling mystery to the very end. 4.5 stars What can I say Another stellar Pendergast adventure from Preston Child. There are not enough stars in the world for Preston and Child Dark mystery and intrigue Forces of good and evil collide Satan come forth from hell to take the souls of sinners Every chapter is interesting with a question answered or a new one raised Every few pages, another cliffhanger Each challenge presented seemingly impossible to overcome.If you like mysteries, thrillers, horror, dark humor, crime drama, etc Basically if you like unstoppable excitement from page one that goes on for book after book, then you need the Pendergast series in your life. When FBI Special Agent Pendergast Discovers A Murder In The Attic Of A Long Island Estate, A Scorched Claw Print Leads Him Down A Dark Trail Of Unspeakable Terror A Body Is Found In The Attic Of A Fabulous Long Island EstateThere Is A Claw Print Scorched Into The Wall, And The Stench Of Sulfur Chokes The AirWhen FBI Special Agent Pendergast Investigates The Gruesome Crime, He Discovers That Thirty Years Ago Four Men Conjured Something UnspeakableHas The Devil Come To Claim His Due Some Things Can T Be Undone