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A fantasy well grounded in flesh and blood reality a thriller full of subtly chilling, sustained tension and a romance that travels along two seemingly incompatible courses, Atancia defies definition as a whole and steadily exceeds expectation from chapter to chapter In this first of two books, the dialogue is deceptively simple, while the atmospheric descriptions are rich and entrancing Initially, Atancia s inner monologue is what encourages us to follow her down a rabbit hole, leaving dozens of unanswered questions as she haltingly tramps alongs vast terrains of time, space and emotion.We meet Atancia at a particularly vulnerable time Having only recently graduated from high school, Atancia is struggling to stay afloat during a period of heightened uncertainty, vulnerability and curiosity about the world beyond her suburban Miami neighborhood While initially devoted almost exclusively to her adoptive grandmother and best friend Lizzie as family and her college coursework as occupation, Atancia s curiosity about her past, present and future diverts her attention enough to coax her onto an entirely new and uncharacteristically unplanned path As her life begins to tilt on its own axes, spinning into unfamiliar and discomforting terrain, following the beat of her heart becomes a new focus for her, one that has both life saving and transformative consequences The competing influences of new friends and lifelong connections rock Atancia s world to its core, revealing a profound intuition, capacity for love, personal power and familial responsibilities beyond her wildest imaginings and, in certain key cases, her worst nightmares Her growing need to understand and assimilate matters intimate and historical, supernatural and organic, benign and menacing helps sustain and steady her as she navigates dark paths and discovers even darker truths Her natural curiosity and preternatural intuition provide Atancia with the motivational fuel necessary to overcome her fear and self doubt rather than become paralyzed by the swiftly shifting sands of truth.It is literally the beat of Atancia s own heart which proves to be her most reliable compass, but learning to trust herself is the most difficult of the manifold challenges she confronts Conquering her panic attacks with a simple breathing technique is as critical as believing in her growing phyisical abilities Within the context of her self doubt, we as readers are given the opportunity to see ourselves and our own struggles mirrored in this ultimately empowering series of events Atacia s character proves strong enough to enlighten lives far beyond her own.Luckily, this singular journey has reached neither it apex nor its conclusion As you read the final pages of Book 1, I suggest taking your own pulse before deciding whether to take a U turn to the beginning or forge ahead into Book 2 For Atancia Whichever path you choose, I encourage you to eventually follow Atancia as far as she will guide you As her enigmatic and elusive mother advises Find those who can teach you about the stars What you seek will be near. After Watching A Young Boy Die, College Freshman Atancia Clark Begins To Have Panic Attacks Her Heart Flutters, Her Breath Catches And She Can T Control Her Emotions The Way She Always Has She Wants To Be Strong, But Lately She Just Hasn T Been Living Up To Her Own Expectations When She Meets Ben Althaus, Her Breath Starts Catching For Entirely Different Reasons He Helps Atancia Discover The Cause For Her Odd Emotional Reactions And The History She Thought Was Lost When Her Mother Left Her Atancia Has Power Beyond That Of An Average Girl, And Ben Is By No Means Ordinary He Wants To Help Her Hone Her Talents, But Her Focus Is Threatened By Life Altering Events Add Ben S Entrancing Brother, Matthew, To The Mix, And Atancia S Lack Of Clarity Could Lead Her Down A Destructive PathAtancia Is A Paranormal Romance Novel For Young Adults It Is The First Book Of The Durand Duology Book Two Coming Summer Thank you to Wren for providing me a copy to review, although this didn t alter my review in any way Atancia begins with our protagonist, Atty, experiencing inexplicable heart palpitations They seem like panic attacks, but a key piece of information about her long lost mother sends Atty searching for answers Atty doesn t know much about her mother and, from what she does know, it looks like her mother was in some kind of trouble Atty s search for answers leads her to a boy an Australian boy woot woot To balance my praise for this, I should point out that Atty is Latina called Ben This sets up an intriguing story that beckons you to keep reading to unravel Atty s mystery, and to uncover whether Ben s presence was maybe a little too convenientAtancia was a very easy, enjoyable read I felt that some chapters may have benefited from a faster pace, though The book is fairly long, so perhaps a few extra cuts could have solved this The beginning was also a little slow and I wasn t always sure that every part being written about was contributing to the overall story Atty is golden She has a hint of relatable awkwardness that makes her believable, endearing and sincere Ben is of a conundrum And Matty, well, what a cutie Before we know it, Atty is diving headfirst into the world of the Durand a group of immortal beings who live among humans and live forever by transferring energy from other living things to themselves The Durand grow like human children until about twenty years old, when they begin feeling the flows of energy all around them and their bodies switch to a system of consuming raw energy to survive rather than food The world actually sounds pretty beautiful imaging seeing and feeling the flows of energy in everything around you but there s a dark side, too Atancia is a refreshing take on the Vampire analogy, with plot twists a plenty There is a nice amount of romance that first kiss is a doozy and a cheeky cliffhanger What the Looks like it s time to grab a copy of book 2 4 stars This review was originally posted on IndieYAYA at Today, I am reviewing the Paranormal Romance story Atancia by Wren Figueiro This is a medium ish book of about 100k words that describes a race of immortals known as Durands who feed off of the energy from living things The protagonist, Atancia Atty to her friends learns that she is one of these beings when Ben, a very handsome, urbane, and mature Durand walks into her life.I give this book a 4.5 5 Here is my breakdown.Characters 5 5 Holy hell Figueiro does a fantastic job of creating interesting and rich characters I could feel Atty s nervousness, Nana s caring and concern, the electric attraction between her and Ben, Matt s fumbling it was all amazingly well done The characters drive this story, and they do a bang up job at it.Plot Storyline 5 5 When a book is this good, sometimes you feel worried that you re overdoing the praise but it just really was this good The last half of the story which is part of a duology, by the way had me paging through as fast as my eyes could take in the words There was a sense of compelling action without what most people would consider action This links back to the Characters section if Figueiro hadn t done such an amazing job of creating the people and making us care about them, the story may have stuttered and fallen flat It did not.Flow 5 5 Onward and onward and onward with nary a dull moment Never did I consider that the descriptions were too long, or too wordy, or that there were better things to do I was wrapped up in the story and it took me wherever it chose.Spelling Grammar 3.5 5 Ah This is what kept Atancia from achieving the first perfect 5 star rating I have ever given There were spelling and grammar mistakes sprinkled throughout not tremendous, not onerous, not my god what is wrong with you but they were there, and I noticed them Another proofread since this is an e book would definitely be advised.Overall 4.5 5 Yes Wren Figueiro is a prime example of how independent authors can do excellent work This is her debut novel, and, if the next in the duology can even keep up with this one, I think she has the potential for a splendid career. The premise of this book is quite interesting The characters are multidimensional, and you can empathize with them All in all an enjoyable read. I got this book from the author through Goodreads in exchange for my honest review.Atancia is a great story about a fantastic supernatural world hidden in our very own I usually don t care for urban fantasies, but it worked in this scenario However, for some reason, I wasn t engrossed by it Let me try to explain Pros I really like Atancia Atty She is very relatable, intelligent and kind and I think her misgivings just make me like her She is not the strong and powerful kind of heroin, but she struggles to be the best she can despite her almost pathological shyness She mostly makes smart choices and trusts her instincts, and there were no moments where I rolled my eyes in despair over how cliche or egotistical the teenager was She is honest about her feelings and level headed, and that is very refreshing I also love that she has such a positive parent figure in Nana, because that is very rare in YA The other characters, for the most part, are also likable and well developed The premiss is really interesting, and the mystery around Atancia s background got me interested throughout the whole story, making me pick it up every chance I got This was a very easy book to read and there were no major plot errors or unnerving twists There were wonderful depictions of Australia, but not so much I was diverted from the fantasy Cons There was only one, but it s an important one for me I could t really FEEL the story, and I think that has to do with how it was told This book is written in Atancia s POV, as if she is relating a past story So it made me feel like a friend was telling me something that has taken place in her life as in I was interested, but not excited I didn t feel like I was there, but like I was hearing about it from afar She explained every feeling, every conversation, and even every uneventful detail that happened between the eventful ones And that made scenes that should have been thrilling seem lukewarm It hurt the pace of the story and it prevented me from putting my heart into it And it all just tied up so very neatly in a bow Her mother s clues, things with Ben, other things later that I don t want to spoil It s not bad, but it just didn t make my heart pound.That being said, I will read the next book if I have the chance It is a nice, light read, that got me very interested in how it ends. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I have very mixed feelings about this book On the one hand I really loved it the world creation and concept was great But then it really annoyed me too, it was quite a long book and don t feel like much happened stuff did happen it was just very gradual.The concept of the Durand and taking energy was really cool and interesting I haven t come across that sort of storyline before The immortality and great long breaks between all the kids added something too I found the kid thing quite humorous.Atty s character was really mature although I feel almost as though she was too rigid I found it hard to like her some times, and empathise with her as she s just a bit to, well, boring I think I loved her sense of morality though and the issues she faced.The relationship s are something I m a little 50 50 on I loved Ben and Atty mostly this makes sense once you ve read it They were really good together and he balanced out her character a lot she changed a lot with him in good ways, his protectiveness of her annoyed me a little at first but it did eventually make sense I didn t like her infatuation with Matt though Just because he has a pretty face Either she is getting with him or staying with Ben.My big problem with this book is definitely it s length I have nothing wrong with long books but for this one I think there was a lot of unnecessary perhaps even repetitive stuff happening Considering the story I would have liked it to have been a little fast paced view spoiler she spends about a quarter of the book just doing those clues her mum left her, kinda boring hide spoiler In a nut shell Shy and kind hearted Atancia has her logical world turned on its head the night Ben walks into it Hit hard with an utterly life altering revelation, she s faced with major adjustments to make and a puzzle to solve Her journey into her new life among the immortal Durand effectively pulled me in, learning and experiencing right alongside her.The pace and tone flowed gently, yet still managed to pack a punch what it lacked in kick ass action, it than made up for in plot jolts The romance was beautifully handled and very believable I could easily relate to Atancia s initial awkwardness and insecurity, as could I follow her growth in confidence as their romance progressed Though she and Ben did get together early on in the story, it didn t feel rushed I appreciated the hold off on declarations of love.Lack of self awareness, slight gullibility, poor sense of direction and embarrassing social skills are all traits I share with Atancia, and she did feel very much like a real girl down to earth and emotionally driven Though, the fact that when folk told her she was special, they meant it as an actual compliment rather than a poorly veiled insult did have me resenting her just a tad.Ben was initially well developed but once his big secret is outed, I was left wondering how much of that early development could be trusted There seemed little further development for him from that point on And, considering the swerve the story takes, I figure this was purposefully done.Matt, on the other hand, felt fully bared to me Open, honest and caring I loved his special skill and he sounded incredibly hot who could say no to a tall, dark, sexy as hell musician Seriously.A lovely character driven story with a fresh and well developed take on the immortal species living among human kind Looking forward to book 2. Read the original review here at Wren Figueiro, first book in the Durand duology series Atancia I was really surprised by this book It was very hard for me at first to read it, because it had a very long beginning, but after a few chapters it started to get interesting Atancia lives with her adoptive grandmother whom she calls Nana, she has been the one taking care of her after her mother left Atancia doesn t remember her mother, she was only one month when she left behind by her mother Well Atancia is a very shy person, but was invited to a New Year s Eve party by a almost kinda friend She met Benjamin at this party and they hit it off right from the start, ok maybe after he broke her shyness Atancia has started to get these heart thumps after she saw a young boy die So that s odd But what s even odd is that she was giving a message by Nana from her mother, something about seeking light to find the pease After that the exiting things began Wren did gave away a little hint in the beginning of the book, first I did take it as well just thoughts and conversation, but as the book progressed I found out that it actually was a hint so really read between the lines and keep an eye on the conversation, it may hold leads Wren has a natural gift for weaving plots and twists into his story, and it really amazed me Great book from a really great writer. I thought this book was fantastic I think it s the best paranormal romance book I ve read since Twilight and the first several Sookie Stackhouse books I hope I m not scaring away the Twilight haters by saying this This book has no sparkly vampires So no worries there.The book is about energy vampires Instead of taking blood, they take energy A lot of the book takes place in Australia Since I love Australia, I loved that I m afraid to say much about the book I don t want to give anything away Maybe it s okay if I say this The book has great twists and turns But there s enough subtle foreshadowinghints So it doesn t seem like anything is coming out of left field.