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It S The First Thing They Teach You When You Start School But They Don T Need To Your Parents Tell You When You Re First Learning How To Say Your Name It S Drummed Into You Whilst You Re Taking Your First Stumbling Steps It S Your Lullaby From The Moment It First Appears, You Don T Tell Anyone The Name On Your WristIn Corin S World, Your Carpinomen The Name Of Your Soul Mate, Marked Indelibly On Your Wrist From The Age Of Two Or Three Is Everything It S Your Most Preciously Guarded Secret A Piece Of Knowledge That Can Give Another Person Ultimate Power Over You People Spend Years, Even Decades, Searching For The One They Re Supposed To Be WithBut What If You Never Find That Person Or You Do, But You Just Don T Love Them What If You Fall For Someone Else Someone Other Than The Name On Your Wrist And What If Like Corin The Last Thing In The World You Want Is To Be Found The Gripping Debut Novel From The Winner Of The Inaugural Sony Young Movellist Award

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Random House Childrens Publishers UK, and Netgalley 19 year old Corin lives in a society where everyone has a name on the skin on the inside of their forearm This name is the name of their soul mate, and they must find this person and marry them The name must always be kept covered though, and you re not supposed to show it or discuss it with anyone.Corin still hasn t found her soul mate, but she s not really bothered by this it seems, whilst her sister is constantly being admitted to the psych ward over an incident to do with her soul mate s name.Then a boy called Colton starts to show an interest in Corin, and they become friends.Is Colton the name on Corin s wrist What happened to her sister And will Corin ever find where she belongs This was an okay story, but there were loads of plot holes, and I got bored, which was really disappointing cause I was really looking forward to this book Corin was a character that was difficult to really connect with She dated boys with a certain name to fool people into thinking that that was the name on her wrist She claimed not to have a problem with the whole soul mate thing, and was really shocked when she learned that two people who she knew who were married weren t really soul mates, but then at other times totally disparaged the whole thing I really wished that even if she couldn t tell anyone, the reader could have had of a clue as to her direction, as she was so hot and cold that just started to annoy me.The storyline in this sounded good on paper, but in practice I just didn t buy it Girls always gossip and chat, and talk about who they like and who they think they re going to marry etc., and it seemed totally unbelievable that people wouldn t share the name on their wrist with their best friend, or their sister or someone I mean I would have totally told my best friend, without a shadow of a doubt, so I found this quite difficult to swallow.Then there were other issues, for example, if you only date people called Dan , then it would be pretty obvious that that was the name on your wrist In practice I don t think you d be able to keep it quiet for long Then there was the marriage issue, why make it illegal to marry someone who isn t your soul mate, yet not make people show the names on their wrists when they get married Wouldn t that be an easy way to police people marrying illegally Why do you still wear your name guard after you re married Wouldn t it be better to just show the name when you re obviously married to the person And there were little things like this that just left big plot holes in my opinion Including a database that listed how many people there were with each name, and how long it would take to find a soul mate wouldn t they just use this to find each other So much easier And why do the names only have a first name Wouldn t a full name have been a lot easier Why doesn t the government aid you in your search if you re only allowed to marry your soul mate Why should you assume that your soul mate lives in the same place as you, or is the same age as you, or speaks the same language as you, or is even heterosexual Then there was the ending I m still not 100% sure exactly what happened, but by that point I was seriously annoyed and bored, and I do know that I didn t like it Corin basically took the easy way out, and annoyed me to no end I really wasn t impressed, and it totally cemented how much I didn t enjoy this book.Overall too many plot holes, and annoying in places.4.5 out of 10.

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    Imagine that your soul mate, your carpinomen , knew who you were and vice versa Helen Hiorns has created a world were this is possible, each person has a name on their wrist of their soul mate, it is only known to them and remains covered at all times Corin is the protagonist in The Name on Your Wrist, as far as everyone is concerned her carpinomen is Thomas, or a variation of the name Colton is a fellow pupil that attends some of Corin s classes I didn t initially like him, putting him in the group of jocks, or self obsessed people, but when he helps Corin I did begin to change my mind about him, but the he is in Corin s life the I saw a different side to him, and I quickly began to warm towards him.Corin doesn t have an easy life, her sister Jacinta isn t exactly stable and is constantly being rushed into hospital, because of this they don t move her up in school, which then affects Corin who is unable to move up and be a higher level than her older sister Her Mum also packed up their home after her Father s death, and move the three of them to a different house Both of these incidents are something that Corin hasn t fully recovered from or forgiven.The first thing that drew me in about The Name on Your Wrist was the idea behind having someone s name on your wrist, knowing that there is someone out there for you, someone destined to be with you, but that also comes with consequences, if you date a few people knowing they aren t your carpinomen then you look bad to others and will be looked down upon The Name on Your Wrist was an intriguing book that constantly kept me on my toes, just when I thought I had figured Corin out something else is thrown into the situation that had me rethinking my ideas When I got towards the final pages of the book I was shocked, shocked by the name on her wrist, shocked by the name on his wrist, and shocked by the name on Jacinta s wrist When Jacinta s story is actually explained my heart broke for her, she tried to be there for Corin in her own way that just didn t work for Corin She wanted to protect her from what she went through but she just went the wrong way about it and then Corin ended up being mixed up in it The ending of The Name on Your Wrist has me wanting and I hope there will be a sequel at some point to see what comes from these revelations.

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    It s a rare treasure when you find a book with such a unique concept that it captures your interest immediately and doesn t let go Until the conclusion that is but I ll get to that later.I ve said it before, and I ll say it again dystopias are hit or miss for me I m still making my mind up about this book in general, but I can t doubt that the world was beautifully created Everything that you needed was well explained, in order to look at its consequences for the characters That s also where this book is different from others while dystopias like The Hunger Games and Divergent are written in trilogies allowing time for an oppressed protagonist to change the world , The Name on Your Wrist is a standalone where it s only the main character s outlook on her world which changes.Corin is a cynic through and through, with good reason as we learn through the novel the girl s been through a lot Her voice was fresh and interesting with plenty of character and hilarious witty comebacks I m one of those people who love to read them, even though I suck at retorts myself and only think of something clever hours after the conversation when my brain is hyperactive before going to sleep She manages to raise questions that didn t just reflect to her life but made me think about our world right now, and it s one of those great reads that makes you question everything even when you ve turned the last page Should humanity have a choice The immediate answer is yes, but there s always an exception and this book explores that.The Name on Your Wrist had one downfall the ending It simply didn t work for me The revelation made sense, but in a way it still didn t Okay I m not explaining clearly It was like when you give your money at the checkout but the change doesn t look enough so you hand it back, they double recount and everything s there but you re still not happy Basically it fell short and for that it lost a star in my rating.Overall though, a very enjoyable read that s worth checking out for the enjoyment factor alone.Posted on

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    Trigger warnings suicide, self harm, mental health, car accident, death of a parent Look, I m not going to lie I picked this one up solely because it s basically a soulmate fan fic And I m trash for a good soulmate fic However, this turned out to be dystopian story than anything Basically, at some point in childhood, a name is tattooed on your wrist It s taboo to show the name to anyone, but it s common knowledge that it s the name of your soulmate Once you re of age, you can start looking for your soulmate Corin is incredibly cynical about all of this She s dated a string of boys simply because it s frowned upon to do so She spends hours cultivating relationships online just to get hold of forbidden books and movies And she has very little motivation in life I liked the last 20ish pages than I liked the other 250 pages of the book The ending was surprising and gave a whole new level of depth to the world The rest of the story, however, waskind of disjointed There s insufficient worldbuilding There are plenty of holes in the story, as well as some moderately icky stuff about how it s totally acceptable for LGBTQIA people to acknowledge that they re LGBTQIA and have a platonic soulmate relationship with a member of the opposite sex, but it s hella taboo to have a sexual soulmate relationship with someone of the same sex Which, WTF So yeah The ending was pretty surprising The rest of it wastoo romance heavy and occasionally dull So basically, it s a 2.5 star book with a bonus half star for the ending.

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    I met Helen last year at the Sony Young Movellist award ceremony because she won , and we were lucky enough to bump into each other while she was having some very swishy meetings and I was at work experience at Movellas HQ I couldn t wait to get my teeth into her book but somehow I never got around to reading it until this week, and I was so glad that I finally got around to it I think this is going to be my top read through 2014 The blurb immediately fascinated me Ever since I was younger and was surrounded my Disney movies where the princess had one true love and was destined to marry him I have been interested in the idea of soul mates and fate One thing that Helen s book did was separate the romance from the idea of a soul mate I had always failed to see the negative side to the whole fiasco one that involved suicide, heartbreak and government intervention to the highest degree There was an inescapable sense of helplessness throughout the story as I realised that Corin knew how her future was going to turn out, and had long ago accepted that there was nothing she could do to change it Whenever I read dystopian fiction, there is always a sense of dread lingering in the pit of my stomach as I come to experience a world in which society seems to be going backwards The oppressive government has returned Individual freedom has been snatched away There are dangers lurking in almost every decision you make in life decisions that can make or break you in Corin s case, the decision she has to make in The Name on Your Wrist is most likely to break her Helen makes it abundantly clear in the book that the idea of soul mates isn t what is usually presented in romantic literature, but something much darker Corin is a complex character, someone who I had mixed feelings about in the beginning, but grew to love her because of her witty mind, courageous nature and her hope for something better The unique thing about Corin is that she sees an alternative, at least that was what I had gathered from the book By setting out on a mission to deceive the world around her telling everyone that the name of her carpinomen is Thomas Corin is breaking away from the encouraged image of a teenage girl, and therefore fighting the inevitability of her future that hangs over her like an omen Corin s rebellion suggests to the reader a small beacon of hope, which carries on for the entirety of the book.Helen carefully crafts characters so that the way they react with the protagonist makes for an entirely riveting read Right from the beginning, when we are introduced to the third Tom, I knew that the characters I would be introduced to throughout the story would reveal to me the reason why Helen is such a successful writer By avoiding the classic mistake of YA fiction, uselessly inventing characters to make the story interesting, Helen used the strength of her protagonist to bounce off her other characters, and reinforce the excellence of her story Hidden within a dystopian, Helen also infuses many other issues and important questions into the book Suicide, depression, self harm and questioning of identity come into play continuously, not only elevating the novel itself but making it current for teenage readers and adults alike.The ending, although unbearably cruel for an addictive reader for myself as it ended on too big a cliffhanger was perfect in it s own way and really drew together the main point of the story that Helen was trying to bring out Sometimes, it s not about who you think you love, or rebelling against the system just because Family loyalty, and your own identity is often the way to start to put things right.I have been given confirmation from Helen that she is working on a sequel, so hopefully we won t be kept in suspense for long

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    I was sent a link to an eGalley widget to this book, saw that it was about soulmates, and downloaded it assuming that it would be a nice, sweet story about forever teenage love I probably wouldn t have downloaded it if I d realised that it s nothing of the sort that, in fact, it s one of the bleakest and most uncompromising Dystopian novels I ve ever come across but that would have been my loss I m glad I read it, even if it did leave me wanting to curl up under a blankie with a cup of hot chocolate and have a good cry.This is a really remarkable debut from a very talented writer I ve never come across a PoV character quite like this, or a narrative voice that struck me in quite the same way The writer walks a razor edge between prose that truly does read like the self obsessed, angsty journal rantings of an emotionally broken teenage girl, and prose which has the emotional clarity and power required to carry a full length book The main character, Corin, is one of the least immediately likeable and therefore perhaps most realistic female characters I ve read in ages, calling up definite echoes of Cat Clarke s unforgettable Grace in her debut Entangled She s strong and yet feeble, angry yet vulnerable, and she s got everything and everyone all figured out right from the start, while simultaneously managing to be wrong about all the most important things.I love the ideas in this book It creates a Dystopian future which rather than seeming outlandish and shocking feels shockingly plausible to the point of being bland A future in which people in power really do seek to keep everyone safe by making them comfortable, appealing to their laziness and desire to fit in, and making all their choices for them Each plot and subplot is there to challenge our idealisation of romantic love as the only love that really matters, presenting a world where everyone has a soulmate, where everyone knows the name of the true love whom they will eventually find and it s a complete nightmare.This book s only real weakness is its ending There s a brilliant twist, but sadly the way it s unveiled and the main character s reaction to it rather works against the messages that we ve absorbed from the story up to that point It needed further unpacking and resolving to make it as strong as it should have been But regardless, I really admired the author of this book for making so many daring choices, and for managing to surprise me Recommended.

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    I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review This was a good read, but had a few plot holes and lacked explanations.Keeping the name on your wrist to yourself is the biggest secret you will have.This is why i found it difficult to understand why you d get branded with a name at the age of three.Surely, if it s meant to be top secret, you wouldn t get your name until you re old enough to fully understand how big of a deal it is Corin s opinions about soul mates kept on changing, which was really annoying.One minute, she d think that the soul mate thing didn t really work Though, the next minute, she d be utterly shocked that someone she knew, knew someone who went against it, and chose their own partner.The whole marriage aspect in the book got me stumped Not knowing if that s YOUR Tom Or whatever name it may be before you get married is stupid They say that having a match, has better odds of a marriage working out than choosing your own partner How is that true, when you could be marrying the wrong person entirely, just because they have the same name The marriage would defiantly have of a chance in working out, if they found out they re getting married to the right person, before the vows were exchanged.Either that, or the names could include the last names too.Would make it a lot easier, and would include a lot less heartbreak I wanted of an explanation for the Two child max thing While it s not a hard concept to grasp It s obvious they can t have than two kids , i just wanted to know what would happen if they had .If they had one child, but then had twins, what would happen Would they need to put one into care, or abort one while it was in the womb The ending was quite confusing, and rushed.Overall, the plot was good, but lack of explanations slightly ruined it.

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    I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Random House Children s Publishers UK and Helen Hiorns The name on your wrist is set in England in a future where the name of your soul mate is tattooed on your wrist.I liked Corin the main character despite her aggressive personality She was flawed and self destructive, a result of her father s death.The characters and setting were all very well developed and believable The storyline was never dull and there were a couple of twists that I didn t see coming.This is a fantastic book that everyone should read.

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    Review posted August 28th on I received a copy of The Name on Your Wrist via Netgalley in exchange for my review.Corin lives in a futuristic England where everything is decided for you, your job, your education, your home, your food intake, everything, even down to your soulmate At a young age all children are imprinted with a name on their wrist, the name of the person they ll be happiest with, but they are never to tell anyone until they find their soulmate But Corin has her doubts about the system and its legitimacy, and when she starts being befriended by Colton, and whether she likes it or not they start falling for each other, leading to some telling choicesLink to GoodreadsLink to Wow This is one of those books that has almost left me speechless, I started it this morning, went to work, came home and finished it before 5, which should really give you an idea of just how good this book is The way that Hiorns crafts her world is fantastic, at first I was wondering what genre I would actually put this book in, but then as the story progressed it became clearer and clearer to me that it definitely had all of the hallmarks needed for a dystopia In fact the world was possibly one of the severe ones that I have seen, particularly for those based in the UK.I absolutely loved the way that, despite the first person narrative, Hiorns managed to keep the suspense and mystery alive as to whose name was on Corin s wrist, I went through several possible names in my head And the mystery was the same for Colton and all the other characters, there were actually very few wrists exposed throughout the novel One thing I couldn t quite wrap my head round though was the concept of wrist script, well not the concept per say but what it looks like Corin describes it as looking like the print that physical old books are written in mentioned examples include Les Mis rables and Shakespeare s plays , whereas in my head it was much swirly and like this Lucida Handwriting if you want to know I think that was just something about my imagination though rather than the text being unclear One thing that really confused me, and it took quite a bit of time before I found the answer, was how old Corin is in the story the answer is 19, making her sister 21 , though in most young adult dystopias I tend to imagine the female characters being similar to my age range 18 to 21 , probably something to do with them being relatable anyway Other than that I didn t feel that Corin fit with the stereotypical dystopian heroine, she seemed a lot skeptical about how things worked right from the beginning, and though she didn t actively do much, she did pursue illegal books, including some well known titles including The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Some people can get annoyed at references to popular culture in novels, but I thought that this worked well, no reason for it not to After all dystopias are supposed to represent the potential future of our current society Unusually I felt, though very relevant in a story where the dystopia is partly based on love, The Name on Your Wrist does deal with same sex relationships, and not in a prejudiced way Basically society fully accepted people being gay, but in that case it tended to be gay away from their soulmate, who could turn out just to be a good and close friend Admittedly this does seem like a little bit of a strange concept particularly if, like me, you believe that soulmates are soulmates regardless of what kind of gender coupling they are, i.e a same sex couple can still be soulmates in my mind , but it was good to see that though the rest of society had gone down the drainpipe, acceptance of sexuality was still there Speaking of love and romanticism, I really liked the pairing of Corin and Colton, I thought that the way that they interacted and progressed in relationship was really down to earth, and they complimented each other perfectly as characters, I m eager to find out what becomes of them now Even interesting to me to find out is the consequences of Corin s decision Personally I wasn t surprised which option she went for after all we d been in her head for nearly a whole book by that point , but it is still going to be interesting to see what happens next, and what she tells Colton Saying this, first I have to hope that there is a second book I really, really enjoyed The Name on Your Wrist, it was fast paced, interesting, different and all of the characters were far from perfect, which to me made them than perfect Well worth a read

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    Once an avid reader, in recent years I have fallen out of the loop with up and coming authors, instead preferring to stick to my favourite authors until now that is.Sitting down after a particularly tiring shift at work, I wanted nothing than to read for half an hour then sleep However, once I had started this book, I could not put it down And roughly three hours later with no breaks not even toilet breaks I have finished it and am thirsty for .The Name Upon Your Wrist is fresh and new, whilst giving the reader an almost nostalgic feel for the characters, almost as though they are an old friend or a cousin one has lost touch with For that is clearly Hiorn s strong point, she writes in such a way that the reader feels as though they are not merely a spectator, instead that they are part of the book, living and breathing with the characters.Initially the protagonist, Corin seems nothing than a moody teenage girl trying to rebel against everything life throws at her However, as the novel progresses, many layers of her character are cleverly revealed making the reader root for her to make the right decision regarding her carpinomen Alongside the character progression, the plot twists are near enough impossible to guess, a rarity in books these days.The questions regarding morality and love that this novel raises have definitely got me thinking and after all, isn t that the sign of a good book One that leaves you thinking about it for days, if not weeks, after And The Name On Your Wrist will certainly do that.If I were to describe this book in one sentence, it would be this Thought provoking, intelligent and most importantly, an absolute pleasure to read.