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Wise Sheep Among The WolvesAll Christian Disciples Have One Thing In Common As They Carry The Gospel Across The Ocean And Across The Street, Persecution Will Become The Norm For Those Who Choose To Follow Jesus How Believers Respond In The Face Of Persecution Reveals Everything About Their Level Of Faith And Obedience The Insanity Of Obedience Is A Bold Challenge To Global Discipleship Nik Ripken Exposes The Danger Of Safe Christianity And Calls Readers To Something Greater The Insanity Of Obedience Challenges Christians In The Same, Provocative Way That Jesus Did This Book Dares You And Prepares You To Cross The Street And The Oceans With The Good News Of Jesus ChristSome Of Jesus Instructions Sound Uncomfortable And Are Potentially Dangerous We May Be Initially Encouraged By His Declaration, I Am Sending You Out But How Are We To Respond When He Then Tells Us That He Is Sending Us Out Like Sheep Among Wolves In Light Of The Words Of Jesus, How Can Modern Day Believers Rest Comfortably In The Status Quo How Can We Embrace Casual Faith In Light Of The Radical Commands Of Jesus Which Are Anything But Casual Ripken Brings Decades Of Ministry Experience In Some Of The Most Persecuted Areas Of The World To Bear On Our Understanding Of Faith In Jesus The Insanity Of Obedience Is A Call To Roll Up Your Sleeves And To Follow And Partner With Jesus In The Toughest Places On This Planet We Have The High Privilege Of Answering Jesus Call To Go, Ripken Says But Let Us Be Clear About This We Go On His Terms, Not Ours If We Go At All, We Go As Sheep Among Wolves Jesus Gives Us Himself And He Gives Us The Tools Necessary For Those Who Dare To Journey With Him

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    I really, really, REALLY wish I had read this book four years ago before I got on a plane and said goodbye to America There is so much practical advice I could have learned here instead of slowly through mistakes and trial and error during my time in Turkey I can t tell you how often I a light bulb went on where I was like Oh, that s why this works or often, Duh Why didn t I realize that No wonder I ve been moving in circles getting nowhere This book is primarily a manual for those who are serving God overseas in difficult places It is most certainly not, however, a book exclusively for them us Anyone who has a heart to help be a sender or an intercessor please, we need of you for those who have gone could greatly benefit from this as well It will help give a better understanding of what is going through the heart of both those sent ones and the church that is living under persecution It can help people pray wiser, targeted prayers.There are two small things I was not really a fan of, however in this otherwise excellent book 1 Ripken is a much bigger fan of numbered lists and boxed up order I feel that sometimes he is trying to fit dissimilar experiences or interview results together so that everything can fall nicely into his list of seven or 9, or 13, or Sometimes he also does this with scripture Ripken is sharing a valid and true point, but then he includes an illustration or application from scripture that doesn t quite fit the context or lesson that scripture story is meant to share Examples from Abraham and the story of the Ethiopian eunuch come to mind, but the biggest of these for me was his use of the terms Pre pentecostal, Pentecostal, and post Pentecostal churches While what he is saying is valid, the use of these terms in my opinion completely distorts what Pentecost is and what it means for the church today.In all, this is an excellent book that I believe everyone would benefit from reading, but it should also be mandatory reading for anyone who feels God s call to serve Him within the 10 40 window.

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    If Nik Ripkin s The Insanity of God got us to open our eyes to God s movement and the amazing faith of those living in places of severe persecution, then The Insanity of Obedience is its natural follow up It is basically a practical primer about how to actually go forth and live and do God s work in such places Awareness followed by action.Ripkin refers to some of the stories he laid out in detail in The Insanity of God, but uses them mainly to illustrate other concepts like setting organizational priorities, how to create the most functional overseas mission team, and the importance of native language, culture and leaders to truly create disciples in persecuted areas.At first glance, it may seem as though only those considering going on overseas missions should read this book however, I don t think that s necessarily true This book gives a perspective not often heard in the West about doing foreign missions, which makes me rethink the structures in place in my own church as well as our approach All that being said, I do believe that there is room for other perspectives when discussing global missions Ripkin by no means puts out his insights as definitive, and we should avoid the temptation to take them that way.

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    This is a second book by Nik Ripkin, the first one The Insanity of God I read both by audio which was done by Joe Geoffrey whose cadence and voice was perfect for this documented his journey as a Missionary from the darkest days in Somalia, where he and his family almost broke It continued to his travels of visiting and interviewing those in the persecuted church to find out if God was still moving, and what he found changed his life God is still moving in ways that we in our first world countries have forgotten This book The Insanity of Obedience readdresses those same things, but goes further and asks the questions, hard, thought provoking, soul deep questions Nik talks about culture, ours and others, finances, faith, and the struggles of ministering and giving the word in difficult environments, our fear for those missionaries we send out, the agony of those accepting Jesus in countries hostile to Christians He offers these subjects, the questions generated, and some things to consider not as This is how you have to do it but as the beginning of conversation to everyone This is not based in denomination but addresses all Christians regardless of background to talk about it, discuss and strive to think differently, to approach the great commission differently not with a western based thinking but culturally based For example what one would to in Afghanistan would be different in India.Nik states it is about relationships, and not about who is in charge in fact if we control everything it may be detrimental God is God calls us to go out, but He doesn t promise we ll come back Not everyone is called to go overseas, or to the hard places, but we if you are Christian are to do our part no matter where we are in our own way It s about modeling behavior, talking with others, building relationships naturally, not forced Can we obey Is God worth it That is what you have to answer I wish I could do justice as to this book The words of this book echo in my head and I am still thinking of it.I learned a few things from this book and the first one 1 God is NOT waiting on man 2 It is not about us, but about God 3 God is moving in powerful ways.Here are a few things it is not This is not accusatory It is not about forcing ANYONE to listen or to believe Which is good, because even I wince at that I highly recommend this book Yes, I am Christian, but these books changed my perception of the world, God, and my life It s like I am on the cusp of something, but I can t quite see it but I feel it, like a thought or an answer to a problem I ve been trying to solve just out of reach It s not about Nik, but I thank him for telling this story, for ASKING the hard questions, and showing God moving But it s about how I go on from here Is God worth it

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    This book was a hard read It was not what I was expecting After reading The Insanity of God, I was expecting of the same kind of stories This book, however, was of an instruction manual The blurb on the back cover said, as they carry the gospel across the ocean and across the street So I was expecting a two fold challenge a challenge to go on missions and a challenge to share the gospel at home It was much a book about missions I would highly recommend this book to anyone planning on going to the mission field That is why I will be passing this book on to Krystle Leach if she is interested This book was very challenging to the Western Christian to rethink about the way we do missions.

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    This book was tough to digest, and the author acknowledged that up front It challenges commonly accepted missions strategies and cultural perspectives I m not sure if I agree with all his points, but it definitely raised a few issues worth pondering

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    There are many fantastic lessons in this book, however in so many places the authors come up with their own ideas instead of simply looking to see what the Bible says I wish they would take all the lessons from every chapter and do a careful study Then they would have a book with authority.As just one example they list 5 qualities of someone who should be descipled as a future church leader It turns out that these 5 are part of the qualifications of elders listed in 1 Timothy and Titus Why not use God s list and call the leader in training an elder candidate It s because the authors, although seeking to be true to the Bible, haven t really understood that man does not live by bread alone but by EVERY Word that proceeds from the mouth of God They think worship is a type of meeting instead of declaring God s worth to Him They have never thought about the Lord s request to be remembered every Lord s Day.Similarly, through their research, they almost came to understand a NT church structure, church planting, etc, but having not compared scripture they make new recommendations instead of Biblical recommendations.So in my assessment with Scripture, this book gets 3 of 5 I can only recommend it to those who are already solid in God s Word, not to those who are main line denomination tradition minded like the authors.I do pray a revised and solid version would be printed That would be a great book.

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    Convicting and thought provoking Much theoretical than the first book, the Insanity of God, which is the backstory Read the other first, for sure.

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    This book is interesting but for me a bit too opinionated I disagree with some of the authors ideas As someone who lives in a Muslim country and also sees the obstacles both workers and national believers face I think the author would have done better to not seem so insistent and careful to not make his opinions or those of national believers seem to be the only possible answer I work around many workers who use some of these ideas They are our friends I read this book in hopes of understanding their philosophy better As he said in the book, every place is different One would be wise not to take this book as a how to manual.

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    I was not a fan of this book The writer made it seem like following Jesus is all about world missions I can certainly appreciate that view point but God has not called everyone into world missions We are to support the spread of the gospel and the making of disciples but I was hoping this book would speak about what the life of obedience looks like from the perspective of faith and lifestyle vs vocation I was very disappointed as I had heard many great things about this book and author.

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    This book has a lot of missiological theories, many of which are quite interesting At times it feels a bit unfocused, as it s unclear who the target audience is missionaries, American Christians in general and what the author would like readers to do with these ideas.