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I m with Annie Spiders are not my favourite That little monkey though What a key player Peanut is also adorable. I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Jack and Annie got to the other side of the river in the rainforest I did not like this book because I do not like crocodiles, jaguars, and monkeys. Jack And Annie Are Ready For Their Next Fantasy Adventure In The Bestselling Middle Grade Series The Magic Tree House Vampire Bats And Killer Ants That S What Jack And Annie Are About To Run Into When The Magic Tree House Whisks Them Away To The River It S Not Long Before They Get Hopelessly Lost Will They Be Able To Find Their Way Back To The Tree House Or Are Jack And Annie Stuck Forever In The Rain Forest Visit The Magic Tree House Website MagicTreeHouse My favorite part about it was the piranhas and crocodile And the silly monkey that kept throwing food at them The ninja one is still my favorite. Man these kids an t gettin any smarter. Jack Annie are still on their quest to find 4 things in order to break the spell that the enchantress Morgan le Fey is under This time, the object needs to be found in the depths of the Jungle Danger lurks around every corner Jack Annie encounter Snakes, Marching Army Ants, Jaguars and many other creatures along the way Will they find the second object Will anyone help them this time This book is full of adventure and danger A msut read for all Magic Tree House readers. My six year old daughter loves this series and is reading it aloud to me. Read this with my third grade guided reading group They LOVED it and so did I I will definitely read from this series. I said in my review of Sunset of the Sabertooth that I loathe these books, so I m not going to say it again here Logan actually didn t like this one so much as it fed his already growing fear of dangerous wildlife And I find that a lackluster story interspersed with a wooden main character reading aloud from a reference book isn t really the way I want Logan to get his facts In a 67 page story, here is what we got The rainforest is hot steamy, has a lot of plants, and is made up of three layers the floor, the understory and the canopy When an animal blends into its surroundings, that s camouflage Flesh eating army ants march in hordes and eat flesh The river is over 4000 miles long Piranhas will eat anything, even people seriously, that s all the info we got Green snakes look like vines No name for the snake though The jaguar is the biggest predator in the Western hemisphere Vampire bats suck blood at night Again, that s all we got Only the scary part Mangos taste like peaches.These facts are so random, short, and without context that they aren t really than memorizing trivia Yep I m not too impressed with these books. It spun faster and faster then everything was still Absolutely still